Friday, 26 September 2014

Current go to Palette - Urban Decay Naked 3

Hi Guys!
Hope your all well.
Today I wanted to chat about my current go to eye palette.
Urban Decay's naked pallettes are something that are so popular in the beauty world and untill this year I was yet to try one out.
As beautiful as the UD Naked 1 & 2 Palettes are they are very alike to other palettes I already own so when the Naked 3 was realesed I was really excited to try it.
This pallete is full of beautiful pink tones and is just uber femine and the packaging is just devine,the rose gold detailing really just complements the shadows.
Even though I was eager to buy it after reading and listening to lots of reviews on this palette I suddenly wasn't so sure.
People were saying it wasn't worth the price and it didn't work for them.
But as someone who trys not to let reviews influence them I still wanted it so in May my husband brought it for me as an anniversary gift.

The colours honestly are so beautiful and compliment my fair skin and blue eyes so well.
The only downside is some of the colours really can kind of murge together - not good!
That said though I find if you use contrasting shadows you'll have no issue.

The pallette also contains a shade that I find so intresting.
As you can see the pallette is full of pinks and golds and a few bronzey shades but at the end we have Blackheart.
A beautiful black shadow with red glitter in it!
It can be difficult to work with but if used over a base (I use the black Colour Tattoo) the red glitter pops but isn't in your face,it really is an intresting shade.

Talking of colour tattoo's when using this pallete I often like to use this colour tattoo in pink gold as a base to really mae the shadows pop & last.
Overall I love this pallette but will admit that it took me a while to bring myself to keep reaching for it but after a few weeks of using only this palette I honestly have to say this is my go to pallette currently & I couldn't recomend it enough!
Which pallete should I get next?
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

MAC's Syrup Lipstick - Review

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
I feel its been way overdue that I shared a beauty post with you all.
I am still waiting on our wedding photo's so I can share my wedding makeup properlly with you but for know here is a review of my wedding day lippy - MAC'S Syrup
When talking to Danielle my makeup artist at the trial I told her I wear bright lips all the time so I wanted to wear something natural while not giving that 'concealor lip' look.
I naturally have very pigmented lips this mixed with my pale skin super light pinks look hideous on me so I can struggle with finding a nude which is pink based and not brown.

Syrup is described by MAC as 'Cloudy Pink' but I would say it is a muted pink/plum shade.
I fell in love with it before Danielle had even applied it.
I like that Syrup is a lustre so it isn't matte but neither is it glossy,it has the finish of say a balm.
Which is perfect for wedding photos as it gives a natural finish - but we did add a little bit of gloss over the top on the day.

On the left you can see without the flash its pinky neutral tones,but when the flash hits it it has a much more plum tone to it with a beautiful lustre finish.
On the lips though it is the most perfect shade.
It isn't over the top but at the same time makes all the different to a look.
Having played around with it,I do prefer it without gloss (like in the top 2 images).
Overall this shade seems very underated,very unfairly too!
It is stunning and am on the look out for a similar matte shade if anyone can recommend one?
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

Autumnal Walk.

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
Yesterday Me & Gareth took a walk to The Lodge.
You may remember a post I did a few months ago when we visited here in the summer,
It is such a beautiful reserve but we haven't had a chance to visit again since then.
Since autumn is here I just had to go and get some photos to catch the changes of how the reserve looks from a few months ago!

How cool is this 'Bug Hotel' local children & volunters created?

I love this about the lodge,there is a little hide about 5 mintues into the reserve and as you look out you always see loads of little rabbits - adorable!

The Gardens here still look as beautiful when they aren't as green as in the summer.

We found these in the gardens so blooming cute ha ha.

What says autumn / winter more then holly?

The happy looking tree haha.

How amazing does the sun look?
I wish the photos gave it justice because honestly it looked incredible!

After a long walk when its cold though its always nice to come home,
and sit down with a cup of tea - with our cat nala ofcourse!
I hope you all liked the photos !
I know I enjoy looking at photography people have from autumn as they just look stunning.
Stay Safe & Speak Soon