Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Interview with Lisa from LM Fashion Boutique.

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
So today I am enlightening you all on an amazing fashion boutique called LM Fashion .
This is run by one of my pageant friends and she has some gorgeous pieces so I wanted to share them with you with a little interview so you can all have a nosy ! 

My name is Lisa-Marie Ward. I am 21 years old and I live in North Yorkshire with my wonderful family and boyfriend.

-what made you decide to open LM Fashion Boutique?

I have always been interested in fashion since I was a little girl, experimenting with different dress styles. I always wanted the latest trends, but couldn't always afford them, so I would get old t.shirts and sew patches on them or beads to funk them up. I think throughout school I went through every dress sense from goth, hipster to being a girly girl with everything being pink!! I think the main reason I opened my boutique is because I LOVE fashion, clothes and shoes (which girl doesn't?) and I get to give girls amazing clothing at affordable prices! 

-what kind of outfits do you stock?

I stock a range of different outfits, mainly dresses, but I do tops, skirts, trousers and shoes. I try to stock different styles which will suit everyone, from body con, shift, skater and midi dresses. My favourite design at the moment has to be the black daisy skater dress, which is perfect for summer. Each time a new order comes for the boutique I get so excited its like Christmas I fight to open the boxes to see the clothes and start trying on myself !! Hehe.

-what are your plans for this year?

Well I have a few dates booked to do fashion shows which I am looking forward to. I am attending pageants with my stock. I would love to get more involved with charity events this year. I eventually would love to open my own shop- that is my big dream!

-what has been the highlight of starting your business so far? 

I must say it has been asking my closest girlfriends to model my clothes for me. We have had a couple of girly days, trying on clothes, prancing around, taking pictures and having a giggle. They'll soon get annoyed with me asking them to model and help me out (ha). My partner Nat has been amazing too! He has really thrown himself into it with giving me opinions and saying what clothes he likes/dislikes helping me at fashion show and events! Without my friends and family I don't know what I'd do! 

-who is your inspiration? 

My mum Elaine! The beginning of last year my mum got diagnosed with M.S (multiple scierosis). It is a condition of the central nervous system, which damages the nerve fibres. She is one of the most energetic people I know, and seeing her have bad days is really hard. But no matter what like throws at her she doesn't give up and keeps fighting! She owns her own shop in our village and having M.S won't stop her from getting what she wants in life!! ...and I believe that is a true inspiration! My mum and I have just started raising money for the M.S society which is a charity which researches how M.S is caused as nobody knows? We want to raise as much money as we can for this amazing charity so one day we can prevent people from getting M.S

I have a jam packed year ahead of me which I am delighted about and cannot wait to get stuck into it all! If anyone would like to work with me with fashion shows, photo shoots, having a stall at a pageant...I would love to hear from you!!!!!

LM Fashion 07772812910


Birmingham Trip.

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay ?
I guess I better explain why I have been so bad at uploading posts recently!

So me and Gareth,are in the process of moving flat - we move into our new one on Saturday!
Last week I was in Birmingham so had no access to my internet,and then I got home and we had to pack up and leave.
So here I am sat on Base while Gareth's at work with nothing to do but update you all now I finally have a little bit of internet!
And hopefully I will be regularly uploading again from next week!

I moved away from home about 7 months ago now,so every now and again I go back home to visit.

I had a lot to do this visit,we had a family party to go to,baby sitting my little sisters,catch up with friends and all that fun kind of stuff! 

So I thought I would share some photos and such with you all :)


So here's my makeup,hair and outfit for Gareth's Aunties Birthday Party!
I got to wear one of my pageant gowns / prom dress I haven't worn for a while so that was nice!


Forget Crufts! I got to have cuddles and pull duck faces with Gareths Mums Great Dane Caliph - Isn't he just the cutest?
Yes he is pretty huge too.


 Went to the Ballet with my dad to watch The Prince of Pagodas.
It was amazing - the first ballet I have ever been to but I loved it,defiantly will go again.

Had snuggles with the youngest of my little sisters!

Coo'd at belle for singing to violet!

Took belle to nursery - and then picked her up.

Coo'd at violet watching her big sister annabel and sneezing - how damn adorable??

Having lots of laughs with belle and mom.


And then dad brought me all the way back home to bedfordshire!

An eventful mini week eh!

Stay Safe & Speak Soon

Lush Easter Range - Golden Egg.

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
So you have probably noticed that I have became extremely obsessed with Lush again!

So I thought I would share with you some of my favourite products,including pictures,and a short little video of the products doing there little thing.


Today I am going to be talking about Golden Egg
This amazing little thing is a bath bomb AND a bath melt in one !
 Now I love lush's bath bombs when my skin really needs a pick me up,but I do find them pretty dull to look at...
So you can imagine my excitement when I found out this sizzles just like a bath ballistic too!

When you first pop this into the bath it begins to melt and your bath fills with the beautiful cocoa butter and three oils making your water feel silky smooth !
While it melts the gorgeous glitter begins to swirl around you bath - but don't worry it doesnt end up covering you making you look like a glitter ball when you get out (although you'll need to give the bath a good scrub!)

Once melted it begins to fizzle out into the water,revealing a gorgeous but very understated scent (the same as honey i washed the kids!)  
And your skin begins to straight away soak in the amazing skin benefiting oils!


For £3.50 this little egg is gorgeous!
After all who wouldn't want to bathe in a golden,moisturizing,honey toffee scented bath!

I have already repurchased this one,so go give it a try!

Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

Kate Cooks : Veggie Egg Fried Rice.

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
Today I thought I would share another 'Kate Cooks' with you..
And Today Choice is Veggie Egg Fried Rice !

So if you want a healthier way to kick you craving for a take away you will need :

1 tbsp sunflower oil
1 tsp garlic purée

140 g chopped fresh or frozen peppers
Handful fresh or frozen broccoli florets
140 g cooled, cooked rice
1 egg, beaten
light soy sauce, to drizzle

And this is were I tell you I stupidly forgot to take pictures in the process of cooking..

First your going to want to heat up the oil in your pan then pop in your garlic paste and stir for a couple of seconds, the go ahead and pop in all your veg and stir fry for 3 minutes..
(I did add peas to ours too!)

Then stir in your cooled rice with your veg,and continue to stir fry for a further 3-4 minutes.

After that make a well in your rice (move all your rice to the sides,and make a little circle in the middle) and add the egg to this. You will want to cook this for a minute then stir it around your rice - Give it a good stir to make sure the egg is spread out evenly.

Go ahead and season and add soy sauce to taste.

And There you have it!
A Quick & Easy way to get your takeaway fix,cheaper and healthier!

Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

Tuesday Transformation - Ariel.


Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?

So today I thought I would base my tuesday transformation on inspiration from Ariel,after all seeing all the swimwear coming into stores ready for the summer it has had me lusting after the beach !

I started by applying my rimmel colour mousse in Mermaid (aptly named I think) to use as a base for the colours I would be applying..
Then using my Manhattan Night Sounds palette I applied a sea blue eye shadow across the entire lid.


Then using my mua mono eye shadow in this gorgeous purple shade I took this into the crease and blended out and down into the outer V of the eye.
This purple shade I think looks just like the colour of Ariel's bikini top!

Then to create the magical mermaid look with the iridescent tail included,I took  Collections Glam Crystals in Le Freak and dapped this over the entire lid.
You can build this up to be as glittery as you wish.
I highly recommend collections glam crystals when you want to get a glitzy finish to your look! 

I also took the gel glitter liner,into the inner corner.
I then lined the outer eye and water line with Soap and glory's gel liner in Grapevine.

I then used my liquid liner to line the outer eye,and extended it out into a slight cat eye.
In future I would probably line the outer eye and then top it with the le freak liner to create a even more sparkly look! 

And that's my Tuesday transformation inspired by Ariel..

Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

Febuary Favourites.

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
So today I though I would share my February Favourites with you all..
A bit of a varied bunch I must say!

Fudge Urban Iced Raspberry & Vanilla Hair Spray - £4.99

If you havent tried this stuff. Go try it now! It only smells so nice,and doesn't smell all chemically and gross like most hairsprays do. It has great hold and doesnt make your hair feel crunchy and horrid - one reason I do usually hate hairsprays.. I will defiantly be repurchasing this to keep my up do's in place this summer. 

I have been wearing my hair up in up dos near enough every day for the last 3 months as I am trying to grow my hair so trying to stop using heat styling tools.
But from all the twisting,braiding and pulling into style my hair has took a bit of a beating and often needs help to get detangled.
I love using these products together.
There both super effective and the detangling spray just smells gorgeous and reminds me of my childhood ha ha.

I have been trying to use this for a few months but this month I have fall in love with it.
I like to use this when I am having a no makeup makeup kind of day.
I curl my lashes then apply this and my eyes instantly look brighter and I look more awake!

Pink Lipsticks - Rimmel & Collection.

During autumn I have been wearing alot of berry shades on the lips yet recently I have been wearing a lot of pink shades - which is totally unlike me !
My favourite every day shade has been Collections 2000 Deluxe Lipstick in Talullah and for a brighter evening lip Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in 020.
I can't wait to start playing around with more pink shades this spring! 

Prince Charming Shower Gel - Lush

Ah Lush.
If you follow me on twitter and instagram you will know I am always in lush buying something else,and after buying a little bottle of this,I fall in love and have since repurchased it 3 times!
It was Limited Edition,so your lush may not stock it,I do know Luton has a few bottles left (and im all stocked up now!)
So if your in store have a look,it smells just like Turkish delight!
Very similar to the madame butterfly bubble bar out at the moment and the melting marshmallow moment bath melt too! 

MUA never disappoints me with there palette's so was super excited when I got this completely matte palette a few months ago.
This month I have found myself reaching for it a lot more.
The shadows are very velvety and smooth buy they aren't very pigmented but it makes it perfect for those days your not going over the top with your eye makeup - I would defiantly suggest a eye shadow primer underneath though to strengthen the colour. 

So this was one of my Valentines Gifts.
I love pusheen the cat,and I think this cushion looks adorable sat just above where I sit to blog..
Can't wait to pop him in my new office when we move - eek.

So those where my February favourites this year!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.