Transplant Support

Do you know someone affected by transplant who needs some support?
Maybe you are waiting for a transplant or have already had one but feeling a bit lost and want someone to talk to ?
Then look no further.
Talking Transplants is now here to support that person you have in mind!
You may even be a family member or friend of someone affected by transplant and have some questions.
Ask Away!
I am currently contactable via email at
In a few months I am also looking at having a number that is available if you would rather text / call.
Eventually if its requested I will also be able to make facetime and Skype calls and if possible face to face visits.
 Overall I am just hoping that my experiences will allow me to continue to support people who just need someone to talk to, after all doctors don't know exactly what it can feel like going through the whole process.
So if you know someone OR are someone who wants some support feel free to get in touch and I will help how ever I can.
(disclaimer - I  am not a healthcare professional and can only give support and advice from my own experiences)
Facebook Talking Transplants.
Twitter @KateJakes__

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