Thursday, 30 May 2013

Turn Back Time..

Hey guy's !
Hope your all well?
It's been a hectic week for me to say the least so this post is a litlllle late, sorry.

So,vintage clothes?
Personally I believe that some vintage items can be very overrated as vintage has had a boom the last few years,and the more people that I talk to and there like "oh yeah all my clothes are vintage" I become less interested (kind of hate 'trends')

This is strange really as I love everything vintage - from the 50's etc.
I'm not so keen on all these garish patterned jumpers you can get from like the 80's/90's but that's just personal preference really.
People that know me will know that I adore the 50's,the understated glamour women had,and there subtle sexiness using fashion was amazing. Women in the 50's proved you don't have to show lots of skin to look sexy and glamorous.
Even the pin up girls were classy!

This photo of Mara Corday is stunning!

Back on topic though,
those of you who followed my Miss Birmingham Journey,you will know my boyfriend brought me a gorgeous vintage prom dress which I reworked for my 'eco wear' round.

It was classic 50's - besides of the colour ha ha.
And I adored it,and had fun working with my tutors at my old college to help me rework it!
We put panels in the sides and repositioned the pleats to make it abit more flattering around my scar line.
We also added some more under netting to make it poof out more!

So really this post is to let you guy's know that if your sceptical about the hype of vintage there are some amazing pieces,and also it was to gorgeous not to write a post about..

So thanks to my boyfriend for making me look like something from the era I'm sure I belong in..
50's <3

(my sister being beyond cute!)

So ending this post I must mention that I've got some exciting news to announce soon so hopefully after this weekend,as I'm spending the weekend in London so will be sure to tell you how that goes!

Stay safe & Speak Soon.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Transplant after care is just as important as the surgery..

Hey Guys,
Hope your all well?
So today's post is a serious one on the topic of - Transplant After care.
This is a topic which I think can sometimes be underestimated of its severity,this doesn't just go for transplant it also goes for other major surgeries.

After having any kind of major surgery life can be very daunting afterwards.
You begin wondering the best way to care for yourself out of hospital,how slowly to pace recovery and when to get back to 'normal' and you very often take a while to sit down and process what has actually happened to you - knowing this from personal experience.

Now were all aware that the hospitals give us amazing care while in hospital and always make sure we are comfortable and happy with the care we receive but what about after discharge from the hospital? Since you only see you surgeon a few times after surgery,what do you do next?

Having personally have struggled with weight loss and social anxiety after transplant number 3 I'm quite aware of how important after care is.
For example,in my situation the after care I received was from the dieticians to help me gain weight steadily and in a healthy way and then I also had to see a member of the 'mental health' team to ensure that I was okay after transplant and help me understand my anxiety.

I'm lucky enough to have been supported well by both of these teams.
The dieticians gave me a ng tube (feeding tube) and set a food diary in place to ensure I was having enough calories every day.
 And the mental health team continued to make me understand that the anxious feelings I was getting in social situations was only natural since I'd spent close on 3 of my teenage years in hospital.
This support ensured that not only was the donor organ in good health and doing well,but so was I.

This then brings me to introduce you all to a charity I believe is so so important and needs continuous support.
For this I would send you to
This website is there to give transplant after care advice to patients from an amazing woman,
Nicola Langlands.
In 1989 Nicola received a Heart and Lung transplant which she claims to have been ' a hard but challenging physically ,mentally and spiritual journey .
This then made Nicola start Look beyond the heart to try and promote awareness of transplant after care in hospitals and to build a support group for transplant patients.

Nicola also started up 'Give with Love and Receive with Care' with her daughter Megan.
This is a campaign in which they talk to and teach young children about transplant with the use of transplant recipients and there siblings as those of us affected are all aware it isn't just the patient who is challenged by these kind of experiences.

I would ask you all so kindly to go and look at as I can not explain enough how inspiring this lady and her story is and what she is now doing under the look beyond the heart website!

Thanks as always for reading this post,
and as ever if you have any comments at all be free to ask me!
I will be uploading a video about my transplant experiences very soon on YouTube.
But for now,
Stay Safe & Speak Soon

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Don't let your hair be a 'mare..

Hey Guys,
Hope your all well?
Today's post is all about hair care.
Those of you who know me will know that I colour and use heat on my hair - a lot. 
So I'm always looking on blog's and stuff to try and find hair products that work!
Because of that I figured that this would be a useful post for you guys.
Having short hair really limits how you can style it so I'm always blow drying and straightening it,back combing it. My hair puts up with a lot so I like to treat it once a week with a hair mask.

I use this Dove intensive repair mask once a week on my hair after washing and conditioning it.
The mask has fibre actives formulated into it to repair the protein in the hair to soften and nourish.
Not only does it restore the hair it also protects towards further damage!
Honestly this hair mask is amazing,
This can be purchased from superdrug for £3.99 
(although I did just do a price check and it's currently half price at £1.98!)

As well as using the dove mask I also use a oil on my hair to keep it soft,
but I do use this before I wash my hair AND afterwards.

The oil I currently use is got2b oil-licious by Schwazkopf.
I love it!
I have tried other oils before and they have been way to heavy on my hair - one even faded my hair colour..strange right?
So I tried this on a whim really but I know adore it,it is true to what it says on the bottle its suitable for every day use.
The oil includes argan oil which softens and tames the hair.
Like I said before this oil can be used before washing,after washing (in damp hair),and is so light that you can even use it on dry hair to create sleek styles!
I'd defiantly recommend this as it has most defiantly helped my hair,and at £4.05 its a steal.
(Like the hair mask though currently in super drug it is only £2.55)

Another product which I use to try and help me protect my hair is a thickening mist.
I used this hoping I'd no longer have to back comb my fine hair.

This Nick Chavez thickening mist was actually from a birch box I received,but full price it would cost £13.90 for 237 ml so it wasn't something I would of tried before then.
Now this mist contains collagen which obviously thickens the hair,this means the leave in mist is best used in towel dried hair before blow drying.
I can't explain how much I adore this product!
I love everything about it,the effect is gives the hair,the smell even the packaging ha ha.
When I first got this I did use it with tresemme keratin shampoo and straight away I noticed results!
After towel drying I no longer need to back comb my hair as it gives my hair so much volume!

On the topic of back combing,another product I use to give volume to my hair is Dry shampoo.
I think this is a product all girls use anyway as it is just amazing!

And ofcourse it's Batiste Dry Shampoo,
and my fave scent is this one - tropical.
For a 200ml bottle of this will cost you £2.99 from superdrug,since there's sooo many to choose from I'll pop the link here..
(it's a rather super drug orientated post here oops)
I love this stuff,it freshens your hair in literally two seconds and gives you amazing volume!
I actually want to try there XXL Volume Batiste shampoo as these general ones work amazingly.

When I have washed my hair though,as you've seen I try everything to protect my hair.
So before blow drying/straightening I spray my hair with 'Take the heat leave in spray' by Aussie.
It smells divine as it contains austrailian jojoba seed oil which not only protects the hair but makes it smooth!
I love aussie products,mostly down to there smell,and always alternate with there shampoo's and conditioners.
I can also recommend there hairspray too! (yes I love there products ha ha)
This costs £4.69 - again from superdrug ha ha.

When it comes to styling my hair I'm quite picky over the brushes I'll use and always look for brushes that will help me get volume while blow drying so for this I use barrel brushes.

I alternate between the two while styling but I generally use the bigger one for blow drying.
I do want a bigger barrel brush,but since my hair's so short these work fine!

But my absolute go to hair 'brush'?
My Tangle Teezer!

These little things are literally the best ever!
The little bristles gently remove tangles from your hair leaving it silky smooth,
I actually used to have a big one of these when I had extensions years ago so when I got them put back in a few months ago I knew this was a must to look after them.
I purchased the handbag version as there useful for me due to staying at my boyfriends and hospital visits.
If you have long hair,seriously invest in one of these there amazing.
This cost me £12.25 from Boots but go check out the tangle teezer website! 
There are so many different styles,colours and sizes,theres even ones for little girls in a flower shape - how cute?

So that's all for my general hair care,
I totally forgot to add in my shampoo & conditioner as I need to stock back up on it.
Sorry for all this superdrug referral - I am usually all about Boot's what's going on ha ha

Stay Safe & Speak Soon

Monday, 13 May 2013

Jumping on the Sleek Band Wagon..

Hey Guys!
Hope Your all okay?
I've missed blogging so much recently,haven't blogged since the 7th?
What on earth is wrong with me ha ha.
I Promise I'll be back to frequent blogging and YouTub'ing again now!

So today is a beauty related post really,sorry lads - oops.

I've been eyeing up Sleek palettes for about a year now as I have heard nothing but praise for them but if I'm honest the last few years I've been more of a 'just liquid eyeliner' type of girl so wasn't really worth me buying one but now that I'm trying to experiment a bit more with different make up styles I have finally joined the sleek band wagon.

Sleek Make Up can be purchased either  online or at super drug.
They stock a lot of different products but in the blogging world there most infamous products are probably there eyebrow kits,contour kits and there eye palettes.
And I can totally see why now!

I purchased the 'Storm' Palette in the Colour/Shade/Whatsitmabob 578.
The shades in this palette are amazing!
There are colour's to create a neutral eye as well as darker colours for the evening,defiantly a work to play kind of palette - brilliant for the office girls !

(websites image)

As you can see the colours are so diverse,I really do believe this is the go to palette in the range if your starting off and don't just want the natural palette.

I've had so much fun playing around with the shades!

From top row,left to right.

Top row,1 2 & 3.

Top row 4 5 & 6.
These three shades are by far my fave ones!
There so gorgeous blended together for a every day smokey eye.

Bottom Row 7,8 & 9.

Bottom row 10,11 &12.
Sorry this image is so blurry but number 10 the blue colour is so so lovely,it's a metallic looking blue tone a nice alternative for black or grey!

Here are three separate look's I have so far been able to achieve using this palette.

Natural Eye,using 1 in the inner corner,2 across the eyelid
and 9 to contour the corner of my eye.

A Evening Blue smoky eye,I actually used a avon palette along with my sleek one for this one.
But I used number 10 and 12 to contour the eye.

Then a smoky every day look,using number 1 in the inner eye,5 and 6 across the eye lid
then 9 to contour the eye.

So if it's not already obvious I would highly recommend you all buying this palette especially at only £7.99 as the quality seems alot more expensive!
Due to the mineral base they are long lasting and beautiful to apply.
There super pigmented - you seriously only need a little bit as a little goes along way with these.

I am eager to try out more of there palettes,I'm after the 'Sunset' one next as I adore the rusty colours in it,especially since im in the process of lightening my hair!

Although I really don't understand why they've but that garish blue in there with these beautiful colours?
Hmm have to give it a try!

Have you guys tried sleek palettes before?
What did you think?
Be sure to comment below and let me know :)

Chat Soon Guys
Take Care

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Finalist Number 8 - Miss Birmingham Finals 2013!

Hey Guys,
I'm so sorry I haven't really wrote a post in a while!
As you know I was in the Miss Birmingham Finals and they just so happened to be this Sunday - 5th May.
So,I Didn't win anything which of course is a shame but I did have an amazing experience!
I met 23 amazing girls,and had an amazing night which in the process led me to find self confidence :)

I didn't get loads of photo's as when everyone got into the theatre they were told not to take photo's but then somehow they were allowed half way through - strange eh?
Therefore the only pictures I have from the night are after the party wear round!
So I will add in some photo's that I took today too so you guy's can see the other outfits I wore.

As I said the Final was such an amazing experience.
I've met some amazing girls and been able to feel comfortable in my own skin again.
Everyone was so so lovely and I am eager to do another pageant!

After these pictures I'll let you all know what has come from me being in the Miss Birmingham Final's this year :) ....

My evening wear was a beautiful dress from a shop in the bullring in Birmingham called Sonique,
They have lovely staff and an amazing selection of dresses - defiantly check them out if you've got a prom or special occasion coming up and fancy spoiling yourself!
This dress cost me £190 - Bargain!

Partywear - A stunning neon skater dress brought for me by my boyfriend from new look (£20 I believe)!
I love it,bang on the neon and monochrome trend and I'm always a sucker for a skater dress with a pretty back.

On the way out my boyfriend spotted this necklace (£7.99 New Look) and we picked this up to! 
Cute necklace which will go with absolutely everything so can't wait to style it with white tee and jeans combo.

Then there was Eco.
This had to be an outfit that was eco friendly.
So could've been borrowed,brought from a charity shop or made from recyclable materials.

My Dress was from a Vintage store on line.
Which again was purchased by my boyfriend - He's a Gem <3 
So with the help on my old tutors at college,I unpinned and reworked this dress making it look more 50's with a puffy underneath and two new black cotton panels in it!

I really enjoyed this round - more then I expected,
As I was so scared to start with about walking the catwalk alone but afterwards I loved it! 

For sportswear I wore my trusty iLIVE iGIVE t shirt (check out one of my previous posts)
Got to say though this was probably my least Favourite round as sports isn't my friend ha ha

When the singer was on stage all of the 24 finalists came on stage with Miss England & Miss North West (who I'm stood next too)

Congratulation's to Rachael who won this year's Miss Birmingham!
She totally deserved it she was absolutely lovely.
As were the runners up Charlotte and Natalie,infact I was getting ready backstage with Charlotte and was lovely to see her become a Miss England Semi Finalist as she really wasn't expecting it bless her!

Again,I can't thank you all enough for all your support.
And all the girl's in the competition ? Thank you for making me feel so comfortable and helping me feel so confident and like I finally fitted in !

I've gained what I went into the process for which was awareness.
I've been lucky enough to share my story on the radio on BBC WM  both before the Final and the day afterwards,and also been able to raise awareness again through media.
All i can say in relation to that is - this doesn't end here!

For any girl's thinking about entering a pageant ?
It's so much more then being 'Beautiful'
They celebrate everything wonderful about girls inside and out,and use it to make a positive difference..

All I can say is..
Roll on Miss Birmingham 2014...
he he.

P.s You Can Go watch my YouTube video about it all too here.. xo

Thursday, 2 May 2013


Hey Guys,
Hope your all well?
So you may have spotted me in today's Birmingham Mail,were there was a lovely article about Miss Birmingham and my intentions if I win.
If you haven't seen it then you can check it out here

Now,as you guy's know my aspirations are to work in the bridal industry and continue campaigning for awareness,but due to me entering Miss Birmingham,there's been a misunderstanding that modelling is the career I want to lead. Ofcourse there's nothing wrong with that career but I'm keen on making a point that that isnt the career for me!
I want to use the gift of life i've received in a positive way by raising awareness
Know that means taking all opportunities i get to show the benefits of donation,and the fact that Miss England's slogan is 'Beauty with a Purpose' is just proof its a great platform to raise awareness.
Not only of organ donation but to show girls that scars and things like that don't make us any less beautiful then someone seen as 'perfect' in the media..

Sorry if this post seems like a bit of a rant but this is something i feel so passionately about that it's crucial my intentions are clear..

On that point I will be on the radio tonight talking about the benefits of organ donation :)

Stay Safe And Speak Soon