Friday, 5 June 2015

Monthly Roundup | MAY 2015

Hey Guys!
Hope your all well?
Another Month has past and I am getting closer and closer to Gareth's deployment and If I'm honest not all that much has been happening here at home.
Figures crossed it is a different story next month though since I have applied for a job - eek.
Even though It has been a quite month here is May's Roundup.
Blog & Fitness Break.
This past month has been a tad quite here on Talking Transplants. This is just because I had been feeling a tad down in the dumps the beginning of the month and just kind of fell of the fitness and blogging train - and trust me I am hating myself for it now!
That said the break seems to have done me good as I am now being super productive and hope to get back to posting three times a week for you as well as some content over on my YouTube channel (Here)
I am also jumping back into fitness and as I currently type this my abs are burning really bad.
No Pain No Gain Eh?
Family Time.
In May I was lucky enough to spend some Quality time with my little sisters!
Annabel even came to stay for 4 nights and we got up to lots of crafty stuff and every day was full of giggles and I have to say I have really missed that since I moved away from home 2 years ago..
Since I had been feeling really down in the dumps this was just what I needed!
I am sure lots of you will agree that when your not feeling great Family can ALWAYS put a smile on your face.
Socialising The Pups & Making Friends !
The past month we have really been trying to socialise the pups, and in turn have made some new friends here on base ourselves!
The boys have really enjoyed playing with other dogs, and always does them good as they are brothers they do pretty much everything together so it's always nice to see them playing with other puppies - like Denzel in the photo above our new friends dog!
Also helping picking up my mood has been meeting a new friend here on camp who comes from Stoke which isn't too far from Birmingham and really brings that sense of home back to Fairford.
Living away from your hometown can be really lonely at times, especially if you live on a camp as isolated as ours - so always helps making new friends.
What was your favourite moment of May?
Do you have any big plans this month?
Feel Free to comment below!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon
x o x o

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

LUSH Summer Skincare - Lush Luton Bloggers Event Part Two.

 Hey Guys!
Hope your all well?
Yesterday I uploaded a post about the Lush Luton Bloggers event - which you can read about here.
In that post I explained how I had a fabulous skincare consultation and ended up picking a few things up, so today I thought I would do a haul all about what I chose.
When you go into Lush you are welcomed by a huge wall of skin care and sometimes this can be really daunting.
There were so many things to choose from I didn't even know where to start.
Because of this I would highly recommend asking a Lushie (member of staff) for help-if you are unsure. Especially as some products are really quite pricey so It is best to be sure you are getting the best thing for your skin.
The consultation I had done took no more then 15 minutes and I had all my questions answered and even got to demo the products - thank you Lauren!
The First Product I got was Ultrabland.
This is a cleanser that is a absolute piece of magic at removing makeup!
With the use of Bees Wax, Almond Oil,Honey & Rose water this waxy cleanser strips away any trace of makeup and grime of your face really quickly and gently.
This was actually really affordable at £7.35 for 45g which is the small tub above, or you can get a 100g pot for £11.25 which is fab!
You simply massage this onto the face after a long day and massage away all your makeup then simply wipe away with a wet face cloth or cotton pad. Lauren did tell me though that this product sometimes takes a bit of perseverance as the rich ingredients can sometimes break you out before it makes a difference so they sway to give it a month to really give this a shot. I will be doing a more in depth review after a month of using this to let you know how I get on, but so far so good!

I then went on to tell Lauren that I really wanted something to exfoliate the skin gently as I had tried another exfoliating scrub from lush which was way too harsh for my sensitive skin.
She then showed me this yummy delight - Let The Good Times Roll.
This is another cleanser but with this one you have to mix it in your hand with a tiny bit of water and make it into a paste (and also try not to eat it as it smells like buttery popcorn yum!)
To exfoliate skin Lush have used polenta and maize flour to gently buff the skin, and although it is super gentle it is still super affective.
This cleanser will cost you £6.75 for a small tub or you can get the bigger one for £16.68 to give your sensitive skin a effective exfoliation!

The next thing to do was pick out a face mask since I had some black pots to recycle (use 5 lush pots and clean them out and take them into store and you will get a free face mask!).
I usually look for something that helps problem skin as my medication very often makes me break out. Lauren recommended two face masks but in the end I chose Catastrophic Cosmetic which smells like blueberry yogurt! It is packed full of amazing ingredients like  blueberries, calamine and chamomile, rose, and almond oils which really helps soothe and soften the skin.
After using this it made my skin really glow and felt baby soft - and can't beat something that smells THIS good. All of their fresh face masks cost £6.50. Because they are fresh they do need to be kept in the fridge but this just adds to that soothing and calming affect to the skin - great for when this summer weather arrives (which will hopefully be soon?)
And then the final thing I picked up for my new skin care routine was a toner water.
To complement the other products I chose Eau Roma Water which has rose water and lavender water in which both help soften and soothe and reduce redness on the most delicate if faces.
I have really been enjoying spraying this onto a cotton pad and sweeping across my face just before I moisturise, it really makes you face feel squeaky clean and complete!
This was really budget friendly with a small bottle coming in at £4.25.
What are your skin care favourites?
Do you have a favourite from lush? Or are you looking for something yourself?
Feel Free to Comment Below.
Stay Safe & Speak Soon
x o x o

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

LUSH Luton Summer Bloggers Event - Part One.

Hey guys!
Hope your all okay?

On Friday me & Gareth jumped into the car, popped on the radio and drove 2 hours to a summer skincare bloggers event over at Lush Luton.

I was super excited for this event as I was in desperate need of new skincare as I want my skin looking a lot better with my moms wedding coming up and wanted to check out sun care with Gareth been deployed in a few months.

As soon as we arrived Rosie, Nikita & Lauren welcomed us to sit down and enjoy the snacks they had provided - and I was not going to turn down Percy pigs & pretzels!

Once all the other girls arrived we were shown the itinerary and hoped straight into it!

I started by getting a colour reading while everyone else tried out toothy tabs (they weren't something I really liked the idea of - it is basically toothpaste in a solid tablet that you chew then rinse..)

I fell in love with the colour intuitive - a apple green with gold shimmer in it and really may be picking this up soon as it really pops on blue eyes! 

I then went on to have a skincare consultation with Lauren - who was a genius if I do say so myself.
I have been looking for a new cleanser for a while now so Lauren showed me how amazing Ultrabland is on the back of my hand - I did go on to buy this but I have a skincare haul coming up tomorrow do keep your eyes peeled for that!
I explained to Lauren that I love exfoliated face scrubs but having sensitive skin some scrubs can really irritate my skin and this is when she showed me the most beautiful smelling cleanser called 'Let the good times roll" which had popcorn in which gives you a really light exfoliation, perfect if you like to scrub yourself like me but want to have skin left afterwards!!

Finishing off to skin care consultation I decided to pick out a Fresh Face mask since I had 5 pots to hand in.
If you didn't already know if you take 5 clean pots back into lush you are rewarded with a FREE face mask.

While I made my decision Gareth popped over to Nikita who helped him pick out a solid shampoo bar.

I adore these inventions and they have really helped change my hairs condition!
They lather up beautifully on the hair and leave your locks smelling so good.
They are perfect for travelling as they are very lightweight,last up to 80 washes and mean your not having to take liquid into your suitcase - you can buy tins to store these in too but I just leave mine out on the side of my shower to be honest (just remember not to get them wet!) 

Rosie then was kind enough to talk us through the sun care range.
Now they have three forms of sun care - Dusting Powder, Lotion & Sun Block WASH.
They have a range of factors from 10,15 & 30 which is fantastic.

That said though sadly the factors aren't quite high enough for me - I tend to go for a factor 50 because of my pale skin & being post transplant, but Rosie had an AMAZING idea, I could use the dusting powder as a setting powder for that extra protection.

I will defiantly be getting this in the future, so do let me know if you would like to see a separate post about this.

We also looked at the other products which would be great for pre holiday pampering - scrubs,massage bars,body sprays,toothy tab, lib scrubs & lots more.

Just like last time LUSH Luton were really generous & gave us a great summer beauty related goody bag.

These are the goodies we got..

Strawberry Feels Massage Bar which smells alot like D'fluff Shaving Cream and we all want silky smooth legs come the summer right?

A Solid Shampoo Bar I chose 'Honey I washed My Hair' which is great for giving your hair shine and a amazing toffee scent - Yum!

Sugar Scrub which is a really intense scrub which will help you buff away any dead skin,giving you perfect summer skin.

Somewhere over the Rainbow Soap this was part of the spring range and smells like yummy lemon drops ( I already have some of this in my collection so VERY happy to get some more)

Shower Jelly in 'Pot O' Gold' which was also from the spring range and smells so decadent and gorgeous. Top Tip for Shower Jelly's I have to say is pop them in your fridge and they are super refreshing on hot summer days!

The boys were really impressed to he he!

I just want to say a HUGE thank you to LUSH Luton for holding another great event, and I can't wait for the next one.
Be sure to keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for my LUSH skincare haul - there is some real beauties in there I promise.
Stay Safe & Speak Soon
x o x o

Monday, 1 June 2015

Photo Challenge | MAY

Hey Guys!
Hope your all well?
Last month I did my first ever photo challenge, and made it even more challenging by doing TWO photos each day.
You all seemed to really love that post so I decided to do it again during May!
The Challenges I used this month I again found on pintrest and were
I Am Grateful For.
So here they are..
Person  Shiny

Comfort  Action Shot
Morning  Unorganised

Excitement  Stranger

Purchase  Happy
Sunset  Flowers

Experience  Striped
Gift  Upside Down
Alone Time  A Hobby

Routine  Top

Health  Inside

Liquid  Half

Challenge  Parallel Lines

Nature Creative
Words  On my Plate


Simplicity  In the Sky

Beauty  Architecture
 My Ride


Quiet Time  Design
Sharing  Neighbourhood

Weakness  A Memory

Happiness  A loved one

If you enjoyed this and what to see Aprils you can see that HERE
I hope you have all had an amazing May!
Stay Safe & See you in June!
x o x o