Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Thats it.. Im on a Spending Ban !

Hey Guy's!
Hope your all okay?

Just to let you know,Transformation Tuesday will be back soon,but I am currently in the process of moving so everything is all a bit hectic at the moment!

With me moving,I have decided to but myself on a spending ban..
Over the last month I have seem to have gathered a huge amount of makeup from fragrance direct hauls and such (with some blog posts on the way..)
I have more then enough makeup that all needs playing around with as I keep forgetting what I have recently brought.

So I have decided to put myself on a beauty spending ban for at least a month,but I would ideally want to not buy anything until the end of April!
I have got so much I need to get used that I think this will be pretty easy,although I know I will get tempted!

I am after another YSL lipstick,I want to try a MAC Lipstick and reallllly want the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette.
But I won't get them if I don't save!

So here we go.
No more Makeup until after 31st march or at a stretch until 30th April!

Wish me luck!

Stay Safe & Speak Soon

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Liebster Award #3

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
So today I am doing my third Liebster Award - I was nominated by the lovely Sally over on "A Beautiful Place." who blogs about beauty & fashion !
Go check her out..

The rules are: 

1. Link the blog that nominated you for the award in your Liebster post
2. Choose blogs with under 200 followers to nominate  
3.  Answer 11 questions given to you by the blog who nominated you
4. Let the people that you have nominated know that you have done so
5. You can't nominate the person who nominated you 
6. Create 11 questions for the people you nominated to answer
7. You must follow the blog that nominated you
8. Share eleven random facts about yourself! (Something unique that not many people who read your blog would know)

11 Random Facts About Me.

1. I have two little sisters & soon will have three step sisters,when our parents get married next August :)
2. I hate sports but love to swim.
3. I have a slight love for sharks - bizarre I know.
4. My Favorite food is probably anything containing pasta!
5. I used to do YouTube before I blogged. (I may start up again,what do you think?)
6. I only became interested in makeup over the last 2 years.
7. My Favorite Flowers are Roses & Sunflowers. In fact I have a few favourites hehe.
8. I adore pomegranate but cannot eat them because of my anti-rejection medication.
9. I also suffer with social anxiety.
10. I cried when I watched lion king at the theatre! 
11. I have had over 10 pets!

Questions from Sally 

If you could live any dream for one day, what would it be?
Hmm I'm going to be greedy here..
Either to work in a animal sancutuary over in Africa,or on a Shark conservation project or to sing in a musical in London for the day.
Very Different I know ! 

 What's your biggest fear?
Phobia? Defiantly clowns,but biggest fear? Been forgotten when I'm no longer here actually... Wow,that got deep.. 

If you had to live for the rest of your life with only one make up product, what would it be and why?
You can conceal any blemishes and done!
Im quite happy wearing no make up when I have pretty blemish free skin,so I think that would be my go to.

 What's your favourite TV show?
Hollyoaks & my guilty pleasure is The Housewives of Texas & Orange County - although I love all of them ha ha.

 What are you most excited for in spring?
Oh and all the pictures of cute little baby animals like lambs and chicks !
(And of course sweets and nice stuff for easter)

What's your favourite item of clothing that you own?

This Fishtail Gown.
My boyfriend brought it for me as a Birthday present for a Help For Heroes ball we attended November 2012.
It fits amazingly and just makes me feel like a million dollars! :)

What do you think is the most important step in a beauty routine?

Removing your makeup with a cleanser or micellar solution just helps so much!
I am not the most strict when it comes to my skin care but I do make sure I stay away from using make up remover wipes and they really do not remove all of your makeup and using cleansers and micellar waters have made a huge difference to my skin.

 If you had to go back in time, where would you go?

There is one winter I remember so well..
Me and My Best Friend Hannah must have been around 6/7 and we were playing out on the front in the snow pretending to be horses..
I don't know why but this memory remains so vivid in my head.
I always had my most care free and great memories with Hannah,and whenever I see her I just feel like a kid again.. Soppy Moment ha ha.

 What's the best shampoo/ conditioner duo in your opinion?

Tresemme's Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner!
I used this when I had my hair really short when I had my keratin bond extensions in and it really helped my hair grow,as I was trying to grow it out into a bob - which anyone with cropped hair will know is such a hard long progress!
I think may have to re buy this to be honest!

What advice can you give to someone who's 3 years younger than you?

Oo.. Advice to an 18 year old?
Have Fun.
I missed,out on being 18 because thats when I had my first transplant.
But it was a year full of finding myself and my beliefs.
So I would say have fun and don't take life to seriously,the next few years will be full of change,so just remember how amazing life is!

Do you have any pets? If so, what do you have ?

I sure do,I have a Mainecoon Cat Called Nala.
(Nala is occasionally said to mean 'Gift' in Swahilli & 'Beloved' from african origins)

I had always wanted a Mainecoon after falling in love with a family friends mainecoon called Murphy he was beautiful and spent the next 2 years begging my mom and dad for one!
Then I got sick,and in intensive care my dad apparently promised me if I got better he'd get me one (We all laugh about this as the next day or so I came round) and so Nala arrived..
My gorgeous cat!
I think unless you own a pet you never quite understand how much they become part of your family.

My 11 Questions for my Nominations are..

1. Do many of your friends and family know you write a blog?

2. What do you enjoy blogging about most? (hauls,tags,reviews etc.)

3. What is your most special piece of jewelry ?

4. Do you follow trends ?

5. What one blogger inspired / inspires you to write your blog and it's content?

6. What social media platform is your favourite?

7. What do you look for in a blog post to keep you interested and to follow them? 

8. What one makeup item have you used most this Winter?

9. Heels or Flats ?

10. Any Exciting plans for this Summer?

11. Where is your favourite place to go on Holiday ?

And I nominate...

This beauty blogs about makeup and beauty,hauls, notd's and such!
Go give her a look and follow.

The gorgeous Chloe blogs about all things beauty and makeup and has some amazing lifestyle blog posts too so Go check her out!

I really don't know how Lauren doesn't have more followers! 
She uploads great and informative beauty and lifestyle posts.
Go have a look !

Anita writes some fab fashion,lifestyle and beauty posts.
She writes about lifestyle and things that are relevant to us all - go have a nosey..

Helena writes beauty posts with some lifestyle posts,with a great one on anxiety..
Go have a read.

Sapna writes reviews on hair care and beauty products,
There super informative so go look!

So that was my third liebster award!
Thank you again to Sally for nominating me,these awards are great ways to find new blogs,and get more involved within the blogging community!

Stay Safe & Speak Soon

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Lush Haul - Easter & Mother's Day Products

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?

A lot of you may have noticed I have had a fair few lush hauls recently..
I am a sucker for there themed products and after valentines has just passed (which meant I had fell in love and got two re-stocks of prince charming shower gel - one which was picked up today)

(A usual weekend morning while I catch up on blog stuff..)

So when I saw this morning on my twitter feed that there Easter and mothers day products were in store,I knew I had to go and have a look.
I did pick up Easter things and two mothers day products - but I will be paying Birmingham's lush a visit next week,so you can expect another haul/review next week! 


  Bunny - £3.25

Can we please take a moment to say 'Awwh' at this little guy?
How cute!
This is a little rabbit bubble bar that smells amazing when crumbled into your bath. This bubble bar makes you feel heavenly with its mixtures of oils and butters,with one of those being extra virgin coconut oil.
What I also liked about this was it has blue cornflowers in which float around the bath unlike most bubble bars (I do add there's not loads though so they won't annoy you!)

Wonder Woohoo - £3.95

This bath bomb was inspired by wonder woman's tiara..
Now what I don't find wonderful is this fine glitter...
I have found with other lush glitter products it just gets everywhere :(
But that said this bubble bar is again full of gorgeous oils,orange oil being one of them... and I'm a sucker for silver glittery bubbles !
I do think this was a one off purchase though really.

Rose - £2.95

About this one...
If you have been reading my blog for a while you may know I am slightly obsessed with this one ! Being a Disney lover too,when the lady in the shop said this was based on the rose in beauty & the beauty heart melted a little bit more!
This is a gorgeous floral bubble bar packed with lots of oils and butters (noticing a pattern here?) and natural shimmers!
It's so pretty & so well priced for a bubble bar!
Defiantly on my repurchase list for when I go to Birmingham.


I am currently suffering with the worlds worst breakout - which explains my lack of makeup related posts recently...
So I have been looking for some quick fixes.
My skin has got a lot better and just dealing with a few blemishes now so I thought I would give this little tea tree guy a try (poet and I didn't know it eh..)
You just pop this in a bowl / sink of hot water pop a towel over your head and lean over the basin/bowl and let it steam your face.. You can also use the water after on a cotton pad to get rid of any more impurities and tone your face!

So that's what I got from today's visit,but I will be going back next week like I say,so keep your eyes pealed for the next post featuring some of the little easter eggs and reusable bubble bars...

Friday, 21 February 2014

Kate Cooks - Salsa Turkey Peppers

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
Since moving away from home  I had to learn how to cook,which I wasn't too familiar with apart from cooking the basic pasta.
So I thought I would share some recipes / meals that I make for Me and Gareth especially while we are trying to eat a little bit healthier - after all nothing beats freshly cooked food.

So today I thought I would share a recipe that I cook quite a lot for myself when Gareth is away as it is really quick & easy.
Last night I put this to the test,and cooked it for Gareth.

Prep Time : 5 Mins.  Cooking Time : 20-25 Mins.

You Will Need :

4 Large Peppers.
140g Of Rice (although I didn't weigh ours out oops)
(You could also use uncle bens microwave mexican rice if you wanted to make it quicker..)
270g Of Salsa in Med or Hot - I used discovery's in the squeeze'y tube. 
200g of Kidney Beans.
Grated Cheddar Cheese.
20g Corriander (I missed this out due to personal taste)
Lime to serve.

1. Pop the rice on to boil.
I used the easy cook rice to make things even quicker - after all this is a quick cook recipe :)

2.While the rice is boiling,you will want to cut of the top of the pepper,and take out all the seeds. Lightly oil them and them pop them in a preheated oven on 200C / Gas mark 7 for ten mins.

3.While the rice & peppers are cooking you will now want to cook / brown your turkey.
You can use chicken for this recipe but turkey is a tad healthier so we went for that instead.

4.Once the rice is cooked (it took about 13 minutes on the hob on full) drain it & pop it into a mixing bowl.
Add in your kidney beans,salsa,cheese & coriander (if using) and mix it all together.
And you get the mixture looking like above!

5. Then take your peppers and fill them generously with the rice mixture.
You can top with a little more cheese if you want and I topped Gareth's with Cayenne pepper as he likes his food hot!

Pop the lids back on and cook for a further 10 minutes...
(you don't have to keep the lids on,just makes it look 'pretty')

Then there done! (you can top with a little bit of lime juice)..
Tasty Salsa Turkey Peppers.
A quick meal that you can have for dinner,or reduce to one pepper for lunch!

Hope you liked this post & if you give it a try be sure to tweet me a picture..

Stay Safe & Speak Soon!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

February Glossybox - Valentines Edition.

Hey Guy's !
Hope your all okay?
Well this is a blog post I haven't done in months..


I used to be subscribed to both glossybox and birchbox but after while (and all the perfume samples I was receiving) I decided to opt out..
But when I had an email with a sneak peak of the box,being a lipstick addict I just had to have this box!

Before looking at the contents I flicked through the glossy magazine,and read through an interview with Ciates Founder,and then slightly fall in love with macs mineralize blush in love joy on this double page of blush reviews!


And then I opened the some what heavy box..
(Which I was very happy about!)


I love Ciate Polishes,but have a large amount of there mini's but only one full size one so was happy to welcome this to my collection.
Play date is a gorgeous spring colour,I would say it is a orangey toned red.
I do have a lot of red polishes,all different tones and finishes but this is totally different to any others I own.

I have always wanted to try some of Sleep in Rollers products,but always kind of put it off with having such short hair,but was really happy to see this backcombing brush in there. (I apologize for the rubbish photo!)
I haven't had a chance to use it yet,but I am looking at doing a review with it soon.

When I saw this product I was pretty hesitant,I really don't enjoy using body products that have shimmer in them as usually you end up looking like you've rolled around in a bath of glitter..
But as soon as I opened this I could just smell the gorgeous scent of cherry blossom,as i put a tiny amount of my hand it had a really bizarre texture,kinda of a liquid'y gel! 
I was happy to see it only had a hint of sparkle,and it was beautiful!
Will be a much used product in the summer!


I was super excited to try out one of these lipsticks as I don't own any Maybelline lipsticks at all.
When I opened the lipstick I was a little bit worried as it is so nude,and any one who follow's my blog knows I like my bright lips..
On the lips though it is stunning,a beautiful nude shade but sadly it does wash me out a lot.. I think I am going to have to play around with this with different eye and blush looks to make it work - I love this shade,I will make it work ha ha.

I am always looking for hair products that will help my hair,which gets damaged from colouring and funnily enough always wearing it in updo's so always want something conditioning - but I am so impatient.
I hate waiting to see the results so the fact these make a difference you will 
notice in days fills me with confidence,here's to hoping! 

Lindt Treat Bar (Milk Chocolate) - 79p.

What says Valentines Day more then chocolate!
I love Lindt too so happy Kate.

So after this month's box I'm umming and ahhing if to keep my subscription rolling,especially after I have seen bad reviews on January's box..
What do you think?

Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

Summer Wishlist #1 - Lovely Lilac !

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay ?
Today I thought I would do a little summer wishlist,and focusing this post on everything lilac.
Some of you may know that last summer I had My Little Pony'esque hair,which had pastel shades in one being lilac,and since it has made me become a little obsessed with pastels especially lilac.


I have been lusting over so many different lilac things sooo here they are..

I love this bag. I usually lean more towards a black bag but I always prefer to have a lighter coloured bag in the summer as I think it's a lot more feminine.
This is perfect as it has a long strap as well as the hand straps. This is a very feminine bag so I think I would probably end up with a pastel backpack when I'm wearing a more 'grungey' outfit but with dresses and stuff this is perfect..

Lilac Converse - Schuh £47

Me & Gareth were in Luton last weekend,and I spotted these little beauty's.
I love my pair of converse I have now,so when I saw these I fall a little bit in love.
What I also like about these converse is that they are a different style/cut to make them more feminine as they stop right on the ankle.
These would look lovely with grey jeans,shorts,skater skirts & dresses - everything.

I am a fan of raglan tops,and my other half got me a batman one the other day which had a linen blend which made me think this top would be perfect in the summer.
Its lightweight but still perfect if its a little bit chilly like out British evenings can be!
This is super easy to pair with any outfit to be dressed up or down.

As I have blogged about before I love skater skirts,and love styling them in all different ways and this is something that I know for a fact will be part of my summer wardrobe.
I don't want to go on but I have a blog post here that I have wrote before about how to style skater skirts,which shows just why skirts like this are a must in every girls wardrobe through the year. 

I have always wanted to join the girls who wear denim shorts,but having pretty thick thighs,shorts do nothing for me and that's why I tend to lean more towards skirts.
BUT this summer I really hope at some point I can get some shorts like these to join in with that denim short trend in the summer months.

And I couldn't put a skater skirt on the wish list without putting a Skater Dress on the list either.
This is a gorgeous dress that would look lovely with either converse or flip flops - again something that I am pretty sure will end up in my wardrobe nearer summer.

I wish I had found this bracelet sooner,it is perfect for me being a transplant recipient.
The message "wear it as a reminder that every moment is a gift" is very apt.
But transplant patient or not,this cord bracelet has the most adorable little silver angel wings charm on it.
Its so dainty & gorgeous.. 
May have to save for this one!

So what would you all add onto your Summer Wishlist?
I will be uploading a summer wishlist #2 next week so keep your eyes peeled!

Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Monday Mumbling - Emotional Abuse.

Hey Guys!
Hope Your all Okay?
This is my Fourth Monday Mumbling - and they have gone down really well so far.
I feel like it has been nice to be able to chat about 'taboo' subjects that will affect a lot of us so that we can see that we aren't the only ones and maybe sometimes even get some advice,especially when I have had other people involved on the post.
But today I felt like this was a post I was better of writing alone.
Emotional Abuse.

Emotional Abuse is a form Of Domestic Abuse,that some people don't even realize.
With Valentines Day just gone,it's hard to think such things happen but we are not all so lucky to be in loving and safe relationships.

I decided to go onto Womens Aid Website to get some statistics to share with you all - the only problem here is though,not all domestic abuse,whatever form is not always reported.
But here are the statistics I got. (Statistics from May 2013)

In 2011/12, 7.3% women (1.2 million) and 5% men (800,000) report
having experienced domestic abuse.

31% women and 18% men have experienced domestic abuse since
the age of 16 years. This amounts to 5 million women and 2.9 million

In 2011/12, the police reported nearly 800,000 incidents of domestic

Women are much more likely than men to be the victim of multiple
incidents of abuse, of different types of domestic abuse (partner
abuse, family abuse, sexual assault and stalking) and in particular of
sexual violence.

These statistics shocked me.
I didn't realize just how many people domestic abuse affects and of course these statistics focus on all forms of abuse,but I want to talk about Emotional Abuse today.

Many people do not realize they are a victim of emotional abuse because they don't actually know what signs to look out for,so I though I would share to you the usual signs of a Emotional Abusive Relationship.


A Emotionally Abusive Partner will usually want you to themselves.
This will cause them to try and isolate you from a normal life,and will lack understanding of why you would want a normal social life with you friends and sometimes family away from the relationship. 
This mean's they will usually try and prevent you going out and doing things with anyone other then them.
But this is not right - it is healthy and normal for you to want to spend time with others.

Verbal Abuse.

Your Partner may use hurtful names and whether they say there joking or not this is not acceptable.
Usually you are made to feel stupid,unattractive,and any positives that happen are usually made to look not important or unsuccessful by your partner. 
Sometimes if you tell them this they may blame you, saying that you need to lighten up or that you are too sensitive. 
Again this is not true - it is not okay to be called hurtful names if this makes you uncomfortable. 


Sometimes your partner may try to control your views and what you do through emotionally controlling you.
For example, They May Sulk,Threaten to End The Relationship Or Emotionally punish you if you make a suggestion they do not agree with.
The most common way of doing this is to make you feel guilty for feeling the way you do,which then prevents you doing something.
Then after the person may appear loving and apologetic,or even continue to make out its your fault but its fine so then once you have forgiven them - then the abuse begins again.


Jealousy is a very natural emotion,but the problem arises when the jealousy becomes irrational.
Your partner may be jealous of You,Other People,And Even your Dreams And Goals.
Sadly again this jealousy means they may expect you to stop doing certain things like stop seeing a certain person - or even stop studying or doing a hobby you enjoy because of their jealousy and the fact they want to be the person who controls you and what you do - even to the lengths of controlling your future.

Instills Fear.

If you have a emotionally abusive partner it is very common that they will use power tactics,dominance and violence to intimidate you.
The bottom line is - You should never feel scared of your partner,your partner is the one person you should always feel safe with.

Blames Others.

The person may never take responsibility for there actions for example saying things like "It's not my fault,You made me do it" "I didn't want you to stop talking to them but the way they act isn't right I don't want you talking to them" 
50% of the time they will find somebody else to blame for there own actions and a lot of the time,it will be made out to be your fault - But it Isn't.

High Expectations.

Your Partner may expect you do do everything for them but you get nothing in return.
This is not a healthy relationship,in a relationship you should be working together - it should never be one way.
This can become obvious in every way,your home life,your social life.
They may even expect gifts or money all the time - with nothing for you in return,or if you do get something it will never seem good enough.
And even sexually,you may be made to feel like,you have to want to have sex and things all the time - even when you don't want to.
None of this is okay,You can say No.


Its most likely that over time being in an emotionally abusive relationship your partner may become violent.
It may start of by pushing or pulling you,pulling your hair,or even grabbing you so hard it leaves you with bruises - again these are signs that things may progress further into physical abuse.

Emotional Abuse Affects Men & Women.

Emotional Abuse,does not only happen to women.
It also affects men,so if you are a male? Don't feel like you are not a victim of emotional abuse just because your a man.
Emotional abuse can also happen in any relationship,Wether it be A Male / Female relationship or a Same Sex Relationship.
Abuse can affect anybody.

Those are just a few examples of things that go on within a emotionally abusive relationship, if you notice any of these signs no matter how small or severe - speak to someone.
There is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about to admit you are in a Abusive Relationship and you can get the help.

You can get more advice on the Women's Aid website,or
call the Free Phone 24 hr National Domestic Violence Helpline on,
0808 2000 247.

I hope this blog post may be able to help people,even if it just be raise awareness of abusive relationships.

(Next Week I will Again have people answering some questions so if you have any suggestions of topic do comment below !)

Stay Safe & Speak Soon.