Sunday, 20 October 2013

When I FINNALY Won something...

Hey Guys
Hope your all okay?
So today is a much awaited blog post.
A while ago I had entered a competition on the beautiful Miss Sophie Rose's blog - and I won!

Was really nice as was having a crappy week as Gareth was away with flights delayed and such and just needed a pick me up.
Then the lovely Sophie sent me a DM on twitter to tell me I had won!

Sophie writes a beauty blog as has some brilliant posts so I suggest you go have a look.
Anddd shes moving to Australia so why not go see what she gets up to ? :) 

So Sophie sent a cute little package including a little card for me and the prizes of the give away...


I had to show you guys this card.
How cute is it!
Had a little recipe for cupcakes on the back (im a sucker for cute stuff like this haha)

So the first prize I got was a Benefit 'Coral my world'
This incuded two products so you could try the range.
So it had Sun Beam liquid Highlighter and Coralista face powder.

Both products were fab,
Defiantly will get more use towards the summer but I love using the Coralista powder to warm my face up on days I'm not feeling great.

Then there was the fab little Maybelline Baby Lips In Cherry Me.
I have been after this particular one for agesss but haven't been able to find it so am happy to have received it.
This really does the trick and truely moisturises your lips aswell as leaving a beautiful red tint.

And the last prize was some gorgeous ted baker false nails.
I haven't had a chance to try these out yet as my nails are currently pretty long but I look forward to using these,am actually thinking of using them as accent nails?
What do you thnk?

So that was the giveway I won.
Please do go check out sophies blog,I promise you'll love it :)

Stay Safe & Speak Soon

My Fave Lipsticks Under £6.

Hey Guys,
Hope your all well?
Sorry it's been a while but have had crazy writers block.. 
Not good ! 

So today I'm going to be writing about my favorite lipsticks which are all under £6.
I actually don't own any high end lipsticks simply because I think high street lipsticks are amazing quality so haven't really thought about changing that habit but I am pining after a YSL & MAC Lipstick for my birthday (heads up...)

I have 9 lipsticks here that are my general go to's,
but saying that I haven't been wearing red lips very much which is a surprise as usually they were the only color I would wear. 
Guess my makeup style and taste is developing - woo.

So I decided to start with neutrals / pinks.
I don't wear many of these colors as personally I don't think they don't suit my skin tone and hair color...
Pinks tend to look way to 'Barbiefied' on me,and that isn't a look im gravitated towards personally.

But two light pinks I do like to wear occasionally are. 

Pout - Avon £7.50
Now I know this is just over £6 but technically I haven't cheated as it was under that when I brought it..Eeek.
Anywho,This is a gorgeous creamy formulation.
It is your own lips but better type looking pink but it does have a peachy type color to it too.

101 - Kate Moss Matte Lipstick £5.49
I Love this shade. It is my only go to natural color.
For me this is just a tad darker then my own natural lip color when applied.
Just a heads up though,this looks a lot lighter in the tube then when it is actually applied.
I like to wear this underneath rimmel's appocalips in celestial for a extra pop.
And how could I forget these lipsticks smell sooo yummy!

MUA - Shade 14 £1
This is a gorgeous shimmery pink shade,generally way to pale for me.
But it really is pretty. 
I love these MUA £1 Lipsticks considering there price they are so creamy and long lasting.
Defiantly worth checking them out!

Continuing with the £1 MUA Lipsticks I believe this is shade 3 I could be wrong though as I have misplaced this beauty..
I am sooo annoyed as this is the most beautiful autumnal color.
So if your looking to change up your autumn winter makeup then go have a look at MUA's counter and get this one.
So creamy and long lasting,the most gorgeous plumy purple.
But it is defiantly wearable.

Intimate - Avon Color Trend. £2.50 (Usually £3.75).
I adore this purple lipstick.
This is a very daring color and pretty true to the tube.
I wouldn't suggest this lipstick if you are new to purple colored lips,but if your brave give it a shot!
This is my favorite evening lip at the minute as it looks stunning teamed with smokey eyes!

But my absolute best autumnal lip is achieved from Rimmels Sugar Plum.
It is a gorgeous plum color with a hint of pink too it.
It is so wearable but such a gorgeous bright color.
This looks a tad more pink in the above photo but in true it is a lot more plum.
It has specks of sparkle so looks stunning on the lips.
Since I brought it I have wore it everyday!

This is a fuschia pink which leans more towards a dark lip then again 'barbiefied' color.
This is a lovely change to a red.
I used to wear red all the time and was scared to wear such a bright pink but its such a flattering color and is actually very wearable.
Again in person this product is a lot darker then it appears in the photo above.
This is a very creamy formulation but I do like to wear Soap & Glorys 'Punch Bowl' Mother Pucker gloss over the top if I want a more 'done up' make up look (plus it smells of chocolate - yum.)

110 - Lasting Finish Kate Moss Rimmel. £5.49

The well known beauty fave 110 By Kate Moss.
Last winter this was my go to red lip.
Like I say my color preferences have changed and I find this red to be a tad to 'orangey' for my liking.
But this is a great wearable red for everybody!
I also like to wear Maybellines Baby Lips in Cherry Me underneath this as I find it can sometimes be a tad drying on the lips.

This is an absolute classic red.
For the price the quality is amazing.
Its very long lasting but I would suggest a balm underneath if you prefer a shiner finish to your lips,but this is so classic!
I like to again wear Maybelline's baby lips in Cherry Me underneath this for a subtle red glossy tint before applying Poppy love.

01 - Kate Moss Lasting Finish Rimmel £5.49

My absolute go to red lip.
This is so rich it is stunning!
I love to wear this as a statement lip with a very simple winged eyeliner and flawless skin look.
It is creamy dark and just perfect for the autumn and winter months.
Everyone needs 01 in the lipstick collections.
I do like to wear Lip Rocks Gloss In Ruby over it for a real glamorous pop of color and drama.

So those are a few of my all time fave lippys,but I am hoping to do a 'AW13' Lipstick collection for those of you who want some help with finding the prefect autumnal shade.

Hope you enjoyed this.
Any recommendations?

Stay Safe & Speak Soon

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Little Mix Makeup Looks Recreated - Jesy.

Hey Guys,
Hope your all well!
So today I am once again recreating a Little Mix members makeup look,
Today is...

I have approached Jesy's a little differently as from looking at her make up looks she generally wear the same kind of eye make up looks - Bronze or Gold and Winged Liner.
So in this look I will tell you how to create a wearable autumnal bronze eye,
and then will show you my favorite lipsticks that are very 'Jesy' type colours.


So first I started with applying Maybelline Color tattoo in Pink Gold over the whole lid which creates a beautiful base for this look.

I then carried on and applied MUA's Reveal (third from the left on bottom row) from the Undressed Too pallette across 1/3 of my eye blending into the crease.

I then took the dark brown shimmer (second from right on top row) from MUA's heaven and earth palette and blended it into the crease and outer eye.

I then finished the look by applying Rimmel Glam Eyes liner in black on my top lash line into a flick.
I applied a soap and glory brown gel liner on my top water line and another soap and glory gel liner in purple to the bottom lash line.
And Finished using Rimmel's Scandeleyes Flex on my lashes.

For cheek products I used my Coralista Blush By benefit on my cheek bones with Benefits sun beam highlight on the apples of the cheeks.
I also applied a tiny bit of my dainty doll shade 001 blusher on the apples of my cheeks too.
For lips I used Rimmel's Sugar Plum.

As I said at the beginning in this post I wanted to show you some great lipsticks that would be perfect for any of Jesy's looks...
So starting with neutral..


Jesy very often will wear a neutral light pink matte lip,and I think this lipstick is perfect.
It is by Rimmel & is part of Kate Moss's Matte Lipstick range and this is shade 101.
It is the perfect light pink and would look stunning if you want to focus more on dramatic eyes.

For a glossier finish I suggest you use Rimmels Apocalips In Celestial,
Its an amazing product as it's a lacquer so has the pigment of an lipstick but the finish of a gloss!


The second very popular lip I saw Jesy wear was a Red Lip!
Ofcourse red is such a classic colour but there are so many different tones of it that I literally have about 10 different red lipsticks - oops.

In the above photo she has opted for a much darker and richer red so for this look I choose the first lipstick above,which is Rimmel's Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in Shade 01.
It is gorgeous and so long lasting,but I would suggest blotting and reapplying this to avoid the colour bleeding.

Next is the Perfect Classic red.
Alot lighter then the first but still bright.
And for this one I chose Avon Colour Trends Rich Ruby.
It has such a creamy formula - gorgeous!

Then last but not least the very popular Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in shade 110.
This is a very popular lip product and it's no surprise.
Its a gorgeous red but it's alot brighter then the others in the fact I think it verges more towards a orange tone then the others.
Also long lasting but again blot to prevent the colour bleeding.

So thats my look for jesy & my selection of 'perfect' Jesy lipsticks.
Hope you all enjoyed.
Next is...
Leigh Anne!

Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Acorn's Lantern Walk.

Hey Guy's 
Hope your all well?
So some of you will know I'm Currently Miss Birmingham Inspiration 2013.
And I am walking the Acorns Hospice Lantern walk on the 12th October.

Acorn's is a registered charity which offers care to children  and young people who's lives are limited or threatened.
Sadly the children and young people in this care are not expected to reach adulthood and require 24/7 care.
Acorn's provide tailored care for each child whether that be short breaks,emergency and end of life care.
The unique thing about Acorn's is that they also support the families of these young children at every stage of the child care even through to bereavement.

They have three hospices :
Acorns In Birmingham - based at Sellyoak
Acorns in the Black Country - based at Walsall
Acorns for the Three Countries - based at Worcester 

So like I say I am doing this lantern walk,but I'm doing it Sashed & Crowned!
I can't wait to take part in such a amazing event for such an incredible cause.
So the walk involves a 12km Walk (5km for a wheelchair friendly route) with orange paper lanterns.

The walk is celebrating 25 years of amazing care!
So we need as many people to get involved as possible.
So if you are interested in joining in why not register for just £5 
If you can't make the walk for one reason or another why not sponsor me to do the walk instead?

If I could raise even just £32 overall that would be one hours specialist care for a child at the hospice !
So please if you can donate - every little helps it really does.

Having had a friend who sadly required palitive care and passed away this year I really support this cause and want to do the best I can to raise funds for Acorns.

Thankyou for all your Support!
Your all superstars & it all helps.
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Recreated Little Mix Makeup Looks - Jade.

Hey Guy's 
Hope your all okay?
So today I will be continuing to recreate the little mix make up looks.
Today's Little Mix Girl is....
Jade Thirlwall.

So Jade like all the Little Mix girl's wears a bold lip,
but Jade does like to mix it up by partnering her neutral eyes with nude or pink lips.
Jade like all the other girl's loves big lashes BUT in this look just like Perrie's I have not used false lashes as I know not everyone has them all the time and I want to make these looks as wearable as possible..

So to start is the look she wears quite a lot...

A light brown eye,with lengthy and voluminous lashes.
Defined eyebrows with a dark purple lip that's almost ombre to a dark pink in the middle. 

Because I wanted to make this look a lot more wearable I used a lighter lip (but if you want a similar purple lip look on my perrie recreations for my top purple lipstick !).
Also before I continue these pictures ARE edited to make my skin smoother as I have broke out really bad!
So for cheeks I wanted to keep it quite subtle as jade doesn't seem to be wearing lots of cheek product in this picture,so I applied Rimmel's Misty Rose to the apples of my cheeks.
I then went on to apply MUA's undressed palette to the eyes using shade number 3 And A little bit of shade 8 in the outer corner.
As all of the girls like to have wide looking eyes I applied a white eye liner to my water line as this helps opens your eyes right up! 
This look involved a lot of eyeliner as I then added the signature  flick in collections liquid liner and then just under the bottom lash line used a Purple Inkwell waterproof gel liner as I have seen Jade wear this quite alot.
For Lips I used MUA's infamous £1 Lipstick in Shade 2 or you could use Rimmel's 086 Sugar Plum.



So next is the classic red lips and neutral eye look.

So for this recreation I kept the eye makeup as I figured without the big lashes the flick gave a little more to the look as overall this look Jade wears is very simple and doesn't have much going on.
She has a flawless base so again just kept a light blush on the cheeks and a tiny amount of highlight on the cheek bones.
Looking at the comparisons now I wish I had used more of a orange toned red lip but in my look I wore the holy grail lipstick of mine which is Kate Moss By Rimmel In 110.
I could also suggest a more orange toned lip using avon's colour trend lipstick in Passion and Flirt 

I hope you all liked those looks,
These are perfect looks for those of you who are just getting experimental with color in your makeup with the purple lip and purple eyeliner!
Jade does wear very simple makeup so next up is...
I feel Jesy has quite a bold makeup look like Perrie so I look forward to recreating some looks for you all!

Stay safe & Speak Soon