Friday, 24 October 2014

Pride of Birmingham Awards

Hi Guys
Hope your all well?
Today I FINALLY wanted to talk about The Pride of Birmingham Awards
This was on the 26th of September and I was lucky enough to be a shortlisted nominee!
The Pride of Birmingham Awards were run by the Birmingham Mail & Sponsored by Virgin Trains.
It was the first year this awards ceremony has ever been hosted to celebrate the amazing things people from Birmingham do.
Now I received a letter in early September to say someone had nominated me and I had been shortlisted into a category but I wasn't the winner of my category.
Firstly,I still don't know who nominated me & Secondly,What a achievement to even be shortlisted?!
Of course I was super excited for the evening to hear of all the amazing work people do,some of which I have come to feature here on my blog (Socks & Chocs Charity Post!).
You can imagine my shock when I opened the programme to see under the
"Award for outstanding bravery" category my name was shortlisted!
I still can't believe that I got shortlisted in this category among some amazing amazing people,and bottom line I don't think I am brave - I just got on with life and battled on..
The night was very emotional and I cried at almost every award winner,
when you've got children under 13 talking about how they have cancer but want to help others?
It's just heart breaking but heart warming all at once.
It has made me want to do even more for organ donation awareness,
as I have only recently realised my blog IS making a difference and talking on TV,radio and media all helps,but I just know there must be more I can do.

One of my lovely friends over at Birmingham Mail Chrissie had set up a meeting with me & the Phelps twins from harry potter who were attending but when my phone died I didn't have a clue where I was meeting them and when which was a shame BUT I did manage to photo bomb (well just you can see me and Gareth leaving in the top right corner haha) there instagram photo with an absolute legend from black sabbath (eeeek) and had a lovely tweet from James the day after.
That night I left full of absolute pride in the city I come from,Birmingham is full of such amazing people and just shows that the news isn't always all doom & gloom.
I had the most amazing night and was so so happy I even got shortlisted,
and I must say a HUGE congratulations to Karl Hinett who one our category and I'm so happy he did!
Please go search for him on twitter and read his story,honestly he is an amazing man - brief intro he is wounded ex-military who has run over 100 marathons since!
So I came back to Bedfordshire and was super excited to tell everyone how it went..
Then a few days ago THIS came in the post...
The Lord Mayor of Birmingham awarded me with a Highly Commended Award!
I am so so so happy with this and I honestly can not thank whoever nominated me enough.
Life can be difficult at times,and some times I just want to give up,but things like this that remind me I can help others and I DO help others - that's what keeps this blog running.
It's what keeps my campaigning going,my media involvement going and my hope going too!
I am a very lucky lady - and I have three selfless donor's to thank for it..
So this award?
This is for them. My Donors.
Stay Safe & Speak Soon

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

1 Tshirt.. Three Ways!

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
As always when Autumn hits I really get back into fashion and love playing round with all the possibilities and for that reason I decided to start a new series in which I use one item of clothing and style it three ways..
For today I am going to do this with online images,and next week I will show an example using my own clothing !
Wishlist & Outfit Post all in one :)
The First item is this Oversized Tshirt from River Island.
Anyone who has read the blog for a while now may know I love graphic tshirts,my wardrobe is 85% tshirts as I think they can be styled in so many ways!
Outfit #1.
First off is this casual look which I actually now want to recreate!
Pairing and oversized tee with black jeans instantly gives you that casual but put together look,especially with these River Island Lana Jeans (£35).
I like to cinch in the waist in 90% of my outfits so I choose to add this Checked shirt (£30) which I would use to tie around my waist - or of course wear if it gets colder,a great thing to do in the Autumn!
To complete the casual look I would pair it with some slip on plimsolls (£20) and having them in this bright white they just pull the whole look together.
Outfit #2
Next I wanted to go for something abit more dressy,an outfit perfect for drinks with the girls or a late lunch!
To dress the tee up just a little bit more I really love these leather look trousers (£40) which just add that tad more glamour by changing up the outfits textures.
Since I wanted this to be an outfit you could wear out I would pair this with some simple black open toe sandals (£24.99) to dress it up a little bit more without being over the top - I am eyeing these shoes up myself for my Birthday... Hmm.
To finish the outfit I would carry a bag like this Black & White satchel (£35) for that classic monochrome look.

         Outfit #3.
This outfit is a lot more date night or occasion appropriate.
I have been seeing lots of images on Pintrest of outfits with Tulle skirts and fall in love with them.
After looking online I found the best tulle skirts are over on Etsy and can range from £20 - £150.
I love how a uber feminine piece can really compliment an oversized tucked in tee like this one.
Because the skirt is so feminine I would defiantly go for some super girly shoes like these Cream Heels (£27.99) and an understated cross body bag to bring this whole look together.
After making all these looks I am really eager to go and get them all now - if only money grew on trees though!
Which outfit would be your top choice?
Until Next Time,
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

My Ten ALL TIME Favourites.

Hey Guys!
Hope your all well?
Recently I have been really enjoying the little things in life so I figured I would share my all time favourites - after all Talking Transplants is a Lifestyle blog!

So here in no specific order are my top ten things I love.
1. Afternoon Walks

Gah I LOVE walking!
Even though I can't walk too far or for too long before I get tired,I love nothing more then going for a walk on a weekend or as me and my husband often do,go for a walk as the sun is starting to set - perfect for taking lots of Beautiful photos.
2.  Photography.
Whether that be with my Nikon or my Polaroid I LOVE taking photo's.
After my third transplant I decided that I NEEDED to document things I did more with photography and thats when I found out I'm actually pretty good at it!
I love that you can capture a memory in a short second and keep it forever - Beautiful.
3.  Being A Big Sister.
I Love being a Big Sister,and I wouldn't change the age gap either.
I love the fact that I can have a influence on two little girls,and hopefully be someone they can look up to and talk too.
I always wished I had siblings when I was younger so I just love being able to watch Annabel & Violet growing up together - its beautiful to watch something like that.
4. Roses.
I love roses so much.
I love how they look,how they smell & even how they taste!
I have become in love with roses alot more this year after I choose my wedding flowers - White O'hara Roses & Baby's Breath.
I have always loved the scent of Roses - even if some think it is a 'granny' scent I think its just timeless & feminine.
Rose truffles from Hotel Chocolat continue to be my favourite chocolates and Fentimans Rose Lemonade is my favourite drink - I LOVE Roses..
5. Autumn Fashion.
Jumpers,Scarves,Burgundy Tones,Tights - I Love it all!
I am sure I am built for this season as I always get excited when I am getting ready to go out in the autumn.
Everything outside just looks so so beautiful - and it brings in my love for photography and evening walks.
6. Doc Martens.
Ahhh Doc Martens <3
For years my mum was telling me I should buy them but being a stubborn teenager never did.
When I was little mom always but them on me and looking back on photos I looked adorable (If I do say so Myself!)
Anyway,Last Birthday Gareth Brought me these beautiful Serena's - and I ADORE them.
They are the best shoes I have ever owned and ever since it has made me want them all...
Not healthy when your not working *prays to santa*
7.  Cooking
I LOVE to cook! (Above - Often Roasted Chicken with Rattatouille - Picture doesn't give it justice..)
I don't claim to be an amazing cook but I love to cook non the less - and my hubby and family don't seem to complain at the outcome ha ha.
8. Amazing Friends!
 I am very lucky to have some of the most supportive friends and thats one thing I love.
Having friends you can rely on no matter what is great,the only thing that sucks?
They all live in Birmingham :(
9.  Popcorn.
image from pintrest.
I LOVE popcorn.
It is my favourite snack and is just perfect for every occasion.
What more can I say..
Mmm Popcorn!
(I'm thinking about uploading some popcorn recipes,what you think?)
10. Being a MRS.
Its Uber hard to try explain this without sounding super cliche.
But I love being Mrs Jakes.
There's just something about being married that makes you feel different.
Reading things addressed to me as Mrs now just makes me smile everytime I see it (Honeymoon period I guess? ha ha)
Although it does make me sad that I was the last Trevener girl in my family,so the name will not be passed on anymore that makes me feel sad but then I remember the name Trevener will always stay close to my heart <3
So those are my ten ALL TIME favourites..
What are yours?
Let me know in the comments or maybe even do your own post?
Untill next time,
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Charity | Socks & Chocs

"Lots of people doing a bit is better than a few doing a lot"
Socks & Chocs.
Hi Guys!
Hope your all well?
Today I have decided to bring you a blog post about an amazing charity that was brought to my attention at the Pride of Birmingham Awards (don't worry folks that post is coming soon!).
One thing I have a weird obsession with buying and have a somewhat huge collection of is socks..
Gareth & Mom are always telling me "You have enough socks!"
And Deep Down I know I do,but every other shopping trip tends to end up like this...
And as the weather gets colder this obsession seems tends to hit its peak as I hate having cold feet.
Don't we all?
So Imagine if you were homeless,out in this cold and wet weather without anything - even the basics like socks?
That's what made Ian Northcott set up Socks & Chocs which is a inititave that provides the homeless with basic home comforts at christmas.
Socks & Chocs currently sends out donations of socks chocolate sleeping bags to homeless charity's in Birmingham,Coventry,Worcester & Wolverhampton.
And last year they donated approx 8500 pairs of socks and 3500 pieces of chocolate in addition to 229 sleeping bags
This Year?
They have a target of 10000 socks !
I remember being younger and my Mom & Dad would also try and help the homeless by giving them sleeping bags,hot drinks and food and things so when Ian started talking about Socks & Chocs at Pride of Brum it made me think... Why did I stop?
So here it is.
All of us bloggers are forever uploading reviews of beautiful things we own,but how about we give back ?
I would love for as many of you who can to take part in this project and try and help homeless people in your local area too!
For more information look on Socks & Chocs social media :
Please take part in this however you can!
 Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

LUSH | Luxury Lush Pud,Snow Fairy & First Snow!

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
Today I am going to share a colourful post with you as it is pretty gloomy outside here in Bedfordshire!
On my recent trip to Lush Luton I picked up a pretty large haul which included

Lush Pud is this absolutely gorgeous neon bathbomb which reminds me of the appearance of Granny Takes A Dip (both out & in the bath).
Except this bath bomb is misleadingly a relaxing night time bath bomb!
As soon as Lush Pud hits the water you are instantly hit with its sweet fragrance given off by the ylang ylang & tonka absolute while it begins to fizz out a beautiful muted neon pink colour into the bath.

Within minutes the bath is full of all these beautiful pastel colours and the bathroom is full of a heavenly scent.
It really is perfect for those of you who prefer sweeter scents instead of the sometimes overwhelming lavender scented baths.

This has become one of my faves as the show it puts on is just beautiful.
Although looking at it you would think it is a scent that would wake you up it really isn't.
The lavender oil inside lush pud makes you feel calm and helps you unwind after a long day in a beautiful multicoloured bath!

I did end up adding in some Wizard bubble bar as I love my baths to be bubbly and it complemented the scents in lush pud pretty well.

The use of the sweet scented bright pink lush christmas favourite... SNOW FAIRY shower gel really topped this super girly bath!
Since I was in a real pampering mood I decided to use some of the sample of First Snow Dusting Powder the Lovely Rosie at Lush Luton gave me to try out.
I ADORE the lush dusting powder I already have which I brought for on my wedding day which was silky underwear so was curious to try another.
First Snow is an ultimate Christmas product!

This is a super sparkly dusting powder which smells just like christmas with its orange and lime oil and even some cognac oil - yum!
As this collects I really would pair it with maybe a body lotion - I would recommend Lush's Celebrate body lotion whhich has the same ingredients in (perfect match) to catch it a little better!

(I was giggling for ages at the fact my scar was super sparkly as all the glitter collected in it he he)
What is your favourite lush product?
Stay Safe & Speak Soon

Saturday, 11 October 2014

LUSH | So White Bath Bomb AND Shower Gel

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay? 
I wanted to chat today about the release from the lush Christmas range that I was most excited for...
This scent is just perfect,its a crisp,sharp scent of apples which is just super refreshing and a nice break from the usual 'warm' scents that fill the shelves at Christmas.
So White Bath Bomb £3.50 - Shower Gel £4.50 / 100g
That is the problem though,so white is only released at Christmas - Boo
Which means I have to stock up - Yay.
And this year? They have created the fragrance in a shower gel *squeals*
So white is very often over looked because of its plain white appearence - but this year you seem to be able to see specks of colour in it a tad better hinting at its beautiful interior.
Because bath bombs don't create bubbles I decided to pop some of the So White shower gel under the running water to create bubbles - and it smells JUST like the bath bomb.

As soon as it hits the water,the bath lets out a beautiful apple scent which is simply refreshing.

Then slowly a rosey pink / red colour begins to seep out from so white,
realeasing the rosey scent with it.

It isn't a suprise really a suprise when I read through so whites ingreidients as to why I love it so much when it includes ingredients like Rose absolute,Orange Flower absolute & bergamot oil to name just a few.

Overall so white is the prefect delicate yet crisp fragrance which still remains to smell like a perfect winter scent.
I think this would be perfect with the First Snow dusting powder - which is super sparkly and beautiful.
So next time your in your local Lush be sure not to overlook the very plain looking so white,
as it surely is the fairest of them all...
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.