Tuesday, 23 September 2014

MAC's Syrup Lipstick - Review

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
I feel its been way overdue that I shared a beauty post with you all.
I am still waiting on our wedding photo's so I can share my wedding makeup properlly with you but for know here is a review of my wedding day lippy - MAC'S Syrup
When talking to Danielle my makeup artist at the trial I told her I wear bright lips all the time so I wanted to wear something natural while not giving that 'concealor lip' look.
I naturally have very pigmented lips this mixed with my pale skin super light pinks look hideous on me so I can struggle with finding a nude which is pink based and not brown.

Syrup is described by MAC as 'Cloudy Pink' but I would say it is a muted pink/plum shade.
I fell in love with it before Danielle had even applied it.
I like that Syrup is a lustre so it isn't matte but neither is it glossy,it has the finish of say a balm.
Which is perfect for wedding photos as it gives a natural finish - but we did add a little bit of gloss over the top on the day.

On the left you can see without the flash its pinky neutral tones,but when the flash hits it it has a much more plum tone to it with a beautiful lustre finish.
On the lips though it is the most perfect shade.
It isn't over the top but at the same time makes all the different to a look.
Having played around with it,I do prefer it without gloss (like in the top 2 images).
Overall this shade seems very underated,very unfairly too!
It is stunning and am on the look out for a similar matte shade if anyone can recommend one?
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

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