Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Just over a week in!

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
I've been a Mrs for 11 days now.
How do I feel?
Still as happy as when I last wrote here - although I am not feeling the huge change everyone says you feel..
With Gareth been in the job he is we always know its unpreddictable and he can be anywhere in or out the country at any time for any length of time.
And with cracking timing - he has been away this week.
So we haven't actually spent anytime on our own together since the wedding to be able to sit down and process all of this stuff!
But I can't complain at all,I mean I feel for the couples who get married and then he is off on deployment for 6-9 months!
Same time I can't wait to have him home,
to move into our new home & enjoy married life!
But until then I shall continue to spend my time sitting around in summery dresses haha.

That said,yesterday I had the surreal experience of signing my new name.
Which I struggled with ridiculously.
My maiden name signiture literally was my name just written out - having 'created' my signiture to get a passport when I was younger haha.
I wanted my married signiture to be abit more grown up if you'd like to put it..
But I don't know if I have done that exactly!
So yeah I shall give you all another update soon once we have actually been able to experience being married.
I still can't explain how happy I feel,and refering to Gareth as my husband fills me with pride.
Life is Great!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

Friday, 25 July 2014

My go to lipsticks - Kate Moss Range by Rimmel

Hey Guys !
Hope your all okay?
Since talkingtransplants has been full of lifestyle posts recently,
I figured that I would finally upload a beauty post.
But I will start by apologising for the lack of quality in these photo's I left my camera in Birmingham - Duh.
If you have been reading my blog for a while or no me pretty well,
you will know I love Rimmels Range by Kate Moss.
The lipsticks in particular.
I won't lie I brought my first one simply for the packaging (tssk tssk I know!)
Then I wore it - and fell in love!
8 Lipsticks later & I'm obsessed.

(image from
They come in two different formulations,
In the red packaging - Matte.
In the black packaging - Lasting Finish.

First in my collection are my pink tones.
I never used to be into pink lipsticks but this range completely changed my mind! 

Top to Bottom.
20 - Fuschia Pink.This is a stunning colour,it just makes a makeup look POP!
05 - Red Toned dusky pink, This is great for people who want to start wearing reds as this has a subtle red undertone.
16 - A Beautiful coral / orange toned pink. I have to admit I haven't worn this much,but it's a fab summer shade.
33 - A Beautiful rosey pink! This is my favourite girly pink in my collection,because it isn't too 'Barbie Pink' but its super pretty.
Next are the reds.
They are truely gorgeous!
Each one is different,which sometimes you don't find in other collections but they are all beautiful.
I have three mattes & one lasting finish in these shades.
Top to Bottom.

107 - This is my go to A/W shade & one of my favourites in the collection. It is a stunning plum toned red,perfect paired with a bronze eye.
01 - This is a really deep rich red. I like to reach for this one when I want a really dramatic lip.
111 Kiss of Life - Strangely the only lipstick with a name,but this is a stunning phonebox red. A perfect classic red.
110 - A orange based red,I would say this is my summer red.
I feel it looks a lot nicer in the summer paired with a nice fresh faced look for added drama!
(image from
All of the lipsticks have a distinct scent to them which I personally love - smell like berrys I'd say?
But the smell does go once on the lips.
They're are a lot more of the collection that I'd like to get but the 8 I have really are staples,and not one shade looks at all the same which I love.
Every time I see a rimmel stand I am drawn straight in and every now and again Gareth treats me or I treat myself to a new one for the collection - The newest being 111 Kiss of Life.
I couldnt recommend the range enough - and I have a review of the eye products within the range coming soon!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Mrs Jakes.

Hey Guys!
Hope your all well? 
You may have noticed I haven't been on the blog for a few days..
And thats because I'm now...
As from Saturday the 19th of July 2014,
I am now Mrs Kate Elizabeth Jakes.
The day was beyond perfect and I am still buzzing from it all really.


The night before and in the morning there was awful rain and storms,
but amazingly it cleared up at all the perfect timings - When I got into the car,when I got out the car,pictures,and walking to our meal.
I honestly cannot wait to share the professional photo's with you all as our photographer Dawn was brilliant - so Bubbly and Fun!
But I thought I would share a few photo's taken by friends & family on the day,
which I must thank my amazing friend Kirsty for some amazing photo's she has taken which are so natural and are just gorgeous!



I can't wait to share more with you about my Makeup artist,Florist,Photographer and Videographer.
So keep a eye open every wednesday for wedding related posts!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Goodbye Miss Trevener...

So today is the 19th July 2014 - And I'm Getting Married!
Yep at 1.15PM today I am getting married to my gorgeous fiance so I figured I would write a post ahead of today to share with you all.
I just want to say a huge thankyou to everyone who has helped us make this day acheivable and kept us calm when we have needed it - and trust me with just over three months to plan a wedding we have needed it!
We are so happy to have all our loved ones wether it be family or friends together,to celebrate this amazing milestone in our lives together.
If you had asked me last year if I'd be sat at my mom's house getting ready to get married I would have laughed at you.
As a couple we have come a very long way and grown together,and couldn't be prouder of who we have become as a couple.
And I am going to be so proud to be Gareth's Wife and a part of his Family and him part of Mine.
Sadly a few people we always invisaged would be at our wedding will not be there with us celebrating,and that's so sad but we know that all the people who love and care for us will be there sharing our first day off married life together and those who aren't attending will be sorely missed.
Then there are people who sadly never would be able to attend because they are no longer with us.
Through out the day we will be remembering our Grandparents & Friends that are watching the day from over us,knowing they would have been so proud.
Thankyou to the readers of my blog who have sent us well wishes and lots of help and suggestions with wedding plans - I can't thank you all enough...
Well as I press "Publish" on this post I am sure I am running round like a headless chicken getting my hair and makeup done..
I will soon be back to share images from the day with you..
So for the last time,
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.
Kate Trevener

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

NTW - "I'm A Transplant Patient & I was already A Donor!"

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
So yesterday I uploaded a interview with Abbie,
who is on the donor register - and so are her girls.

Which you can read here.
And today I am sharing a interview with my transplant friend Alexandra.
I met alexandra during my third transplant as she was in the bed opposite me recovering from hers while I was waiting for mine!
So here is my interview with the lovely Alex.
What transplant have you had?
I had a liver transplant.
What did you need a transplant for?
I needed it because I have a rare type of reoccurring liver disease called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis. It's when your body attacks your liver. The bile ducts start to close up and bile gets stuck in them this causes pools of infection. The trapped bile starts to eat away at the liver and cause scarring/fibrosis.
What where your first thoughts when you was told you needed a transplant?
I was completely shocked I only got diagnosed with PSC a few months before and had been told It would be years before I would need a transplant.
Where you ever a donor,or ever wanted to be a donor?
Yes I was already a donor as my dad was. He was killed in a car accident when I was 15 and after this I decided to sign up.
Do you think if you are happy to recieve an organ you should be willing to donate one?
I do agree that if you are willing to receive then you should be willing to give. I think it's a very fair way of looking at organ donation. I do believe there may be exception to the rule.
Since transplant what is your biggest achievement or that one moment that you never thought you would reach without the gift of a donor organ?
I think about my donor everyday and his family, especially when I'm doing something that I feel very thankful for. For example when I got married earlier this year he was the reason I was able to do that and I will never forget that.
So this just shows,
That being a donor?
You don't always know you will need one yourself - which happened to me too.
I hope your all enjoying these posts !
Remeber if you want to share yous story contact me at :
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Fashion Im Loving This Summer - Patterns

Hey Guys
Hope your all well?
I'm not usually one for pattern,
yet this summer most my outfits tend to have at least one piece of pattern in them!
Whether it be a patterned piece with a block colour skirt or jeans,
or a vibrant dress in one pattern!
Yay for raised body confidence!
So I figured I would share a few images with you all of some of my favourite 'patterned' pieces with how I wear them..
Firstly ones of my favourites is this gorgeous pastel coloured playsuit from primark.
Since I am not one to get my pins out (unless its in a dress or skirt) i tuck this into a pair of blue jeans or a skirt haha.
Its a very flattering deep v neckline - flattering even on those of you with a small bust like me!
Another favourite is my black floral ramones top -
which I also have in Purple,somewhere!
I love how edgy yet feminine this can look.
I pair it with a flower hi lo skirt or skater skirt with the studded belt to give it a girly edge.
This next one is a purchase by.. hold on to your hats.
My Fiance.
While browsing in newlook he surprised me with this one.
The fuschia colour is super flattering and gives my pale skin a subtle pop!
I also love that it is paired with a dark purple too,instead of a black for a slightly girlier look!
Beautiful dress which is also available in blue and green (got my eyes on the blue!)

Another Primark Bargain!
I love this daisy duck crop top,
I got this sized up so it had a slightly baggier fit,this looks gorgeous simply styled with jeans and white vans!

While going through my images I attached this one..
But its my Fiances top!
Showing patterns great for both men & women haha.

I brought this top - again from primark (a shop i never used to shop in!!)
because Gareth is obsessed with marvel so thought he would like it too - ironically from the mens section!
I love this paired with my red skater skirt to complement the red within the top a simple black belt and my studded black converse style high tops.

But one of my all time faves?
This aztec open back skater dress I got from asda close on 3 years ago now!
It is a super flattering fit and pulls in right at the waist.
This is a dress I wear all seasons as it is so simple to style!
Overall I have now realised I have alot more patterns in my wardrobe the I first thought ha ha!
What one pattern have you been loving this summer?
Or are you more of a block colour person?
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.


NTW - "Me & My Children are Organ Donors"

 Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
Yesterday I uploaded a interview with Stacie - Who is waiting for a heart & double lung transplant which you can read here.
But today I Will be uploading an interview with one of my family members.

Being my cousin's girlfriend and my god daughters mom,at the time of my illness she was there for it all.
I was very interested to discover not only is she a donor - but so are her children.

What made you become a donor?


I have always thought i wanted to be a donor like I've always given blood and i think once i pass i don't need my organs and someone else could, also i would always accept an organ if i needed one so would feel selfish for not giving up mine if someone needed one.
What made you decide to put your children on the organ donor register?
This was a tough one as its hard to think about your children passing before you and i did think i really wouldn't want them to be cut open if they did but i then thought if i was in that situation id do anything to receive a donor for them so if anything positive could come from a terrible situation then it would be worth it.
Do you think if you or your child ever got sick and needed a transplant and they received one,You should be willing to donate your/their organs if they were needed for another person/child?
Yes i defiantly agree if your willing to receive you should be willing to give the gift of life back to someone else by donating.
Have you ever had second thoughts about being a donor ?
Personally i have never had a second thought from seeing how it has changed your life and we're so lucky to still have you and seeing how far you've come its an easy answer for me.
What about for your children?
My children i do sometimes think about then i just think how id feel put in the situation of a parent waiting for a donor for their child and my mind is made up.
What would it mean to you if you could save someones life through the gift of transplant?
It would mean the world to me i may not be a hero whilst I'm here but to save someones life and be a hero once i passed that's a pretty amazing feeling.
I know that being a donor can be controversial enough but people can get very vocal about their opinions about children been donors.
What do you think?
Would you allow your children to be donors?
Just like yesterday anyone who wants to get involved please contact me at :
Hope you all enjoyed today's interview!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

Monday, 7 July 2014

NTW - "I'm Waiting for a Transplant"

Hey Guys!
Hope your all well? 
This week is the beginning of National Transplant Week.
On my blog I speak to alot of you about my experiences of transplant but I wanted to do something slightly different this year.
I have decided that every day this National Transplant Week I will upload a different persons story and there experience with Transplant.
Wether they are a transplant patient themselves,waiting for a transplant,are a donor,have lost someone who become a donor or lost someone because they didnt get a transplant in time.
I will speaking to them here.
Today I will be sharing a interview I did with Stacie Pridden.
I 'met' Stacie through her wonderful blog - Life is worth the fight
Stacie has also been shortlisted for a cosmo blogger award so go vote.
So heres stacies story...
What transplant do you need?
So I need a Heart and Double Lung Transplant
How long have you been waiting on the transplant list?
As of today I have been waiting 2 years 2 and Half months or 808 days lol 

Would you be willing to donate an organ if you could since you are happy to accept an organ?
 I am more than willing to donate more organs should anything happen to me. I personally don't believe that should be allowed to receive an organ if you aren't willing to donate. Also I know that a few of my organs will go to research should I die or if I actually do get my transplant because quite a few of my organs can't be used due to the medication I take but it can be useful to fine out more about my condition so I would still be giving back in a way. I also have a massive phobia about not actually being dead and being buried alive so if they took out my organs at least I would definitely be dead lol. 

What is it like being on the Transplant List?
It is very difficult being on the transplant list I think it's especially difficult at the beginning because you jump at ever sound your phone makes or if your anything like me I just stared at my phone while I was going to sleep willing it to ring. I think you kind of get used to it though after a while and you're kind of lulled into a false sense of security but then for people like me I've had a few false alarms now and after each one it's kind of like starting over again jumping at every phone call, it constantly being on your mind. The there's people like me who have had to wait a very long time I've kind of stopped believing it's going to happen just so I won't be massively disappointed if it doesn't happen. It's a balancing act trying to keep yourself sane while you wait :)

What one thing would you say to any one who is thinking of becoming a donor?
I think I would say there is no greater gift you can give someone. Out of something tragic and awful, something amazing can happen. People try their whole lives to make their life mean something, by simply signing up you can do something Tremendous! 

Have you got one peice of advice for other people waiting on the transplant list right now?
Umm  I think for anyone waiting I would say talk to people don't bottle it up because that is not good for your health and can actually make it worse people want to help and want to listen so let them. And keep yourself busy not so you're physically exhausting yourself but keeping active will keep your mind busy and might even make you feel a bit better :) 
I hope that you all enjoyed this little interview with Stacie,
be sure to go check out her blog to keep up with her journey - send her lots of hugs and well wishes too :)
If you would like to be on my blog to help raise awareness feel free to email me at
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

A Day At... Cotswold Wildlife Park.

 Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
Yesterday I went to Cotswold Wildlife park,
So ofcourse I took some photos which I thought I would share with you all!
Cotswold wildlife park is a amazing zoo and has a pretty diverse range of animals - defiantly worth a visit!

How unusual is the albino peacock?
It was beautiful.


I thought this shot was adorable a baby rhino with its mom.
Although I wouldn't of liked to be any closer then I was here!

The Giraffes where rather nosey,
and came up to the viewing points - posers ha ha.


I adore these photo's of this meerkat on guard.

Me & Gareth sat for a good ten mintues by the camels as they were just hilarious.

At cotswolds they have an amazing little part of the zoo called Madagascar.
In there they have lemurs which are free to run around and do there own thing which I meant I got some of the amazing shots I have here.

How cute are the little babys?
They were bounding all over the place - crazy little things.

I also fall in love with the otters,
they were all so playful and were squeaking away!
So cute,especially some of the more chill ones above who where soaking in the rays on the stones in the enclosure.

The penguins made me giggle with their almost sycronized actions..

A young girl was "A keeper for the day"
So the giraffes had come in to eat so I got this cracking photo!
How beautiful are they?

I had a lovely day although my feet are not agreeing and neither is my sunburn but it was a lovely place to go and I would defiantly go again at some point!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.