Monday, 30 September 2013

The Body Shop - Chocomania.

Hey Guy's!
Hope your all well?
So today I am going to be doing a little review on The Body Shop's range 'Chocomania'
Now if you have me on twitter you will have seen a few weeks I was raving about this stuff!
Me & Gareth went into our local Body Shop and smelt it and was just like "Heaven"

Soo,You can imagine how happy I was when Gareth came home from a hair cut with a Body Shop bag with these treats in for while he was away..

So He got me the Body Scrub (Which I was SO excited to try) and the Body Lotion too in the pump bottle.
Now I wish there was like smellivision so you guy's can smell this but the body scrub literally smells like chocolate fudge cake! PLEASE go smell it trust me you won't be disappointed!

This scrub is so beautiful.
It exfoliates the skin and you don't have to use loads for it to do the job as the exfoliating grains are so small - I believe its actually Cane Sugar - Yum !
So when you apply this it IS a tad messy so I suggest you apply a small amount at a time otherwise it just falls of the area before you massage it in.
So as soon as you massage this into the skin it instantly feels soft.
After getting out the shower / bath you end up with this gorgeous oily sheen - okay so that doesn't sound gorgeous but trust me it is!

Then there is the Chocomania Body Lotion.
This isn't too thick but is still so so moisturizing.
The only downside I have with this is that It Doesn't smell exactly like the scrub - and that's only a problem as the scrub smells so yummy!
I do really like this though it doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy like some body lotions.

I defiantly want to try the Body Butter for something a bit richer since the weathers getting colder and drys your skin!

So overall I would totally recommend this range.
Don't be put off thinking your going to be walking round smelling like an easter egg because you really wont - the scent isn't long lasting but the effects are!

Give it a try & Let me know what you think!

Stay Safe & Speak Soon

Saturday, 28 September 2013

87 Day's Until Christmas - Need help getting prepared??

Hey Guy's,
Hope your all well?
So Yes,Its Christmas In 87 Days - and I can't wait!
I absolutely love Christmas, just the whole part of giving presents to people and seeing people so happy !

But on the run up to Christmas ?
Not So happy.
Thankfully for me there are lots of Birthdays from now until January So I have to plan in advance,but some people get so stressed out about present buying,that I thought I'd write a blog post to let you know the best ways to prepare for the big day.
So here are a few tip's and tricks that I use to make sure you can have a calm stress free(ish) Christmas.

Yes Start now if you haven't already as the longer you leave it the bigger the cost when your buying everybody's presents at once and if you have started buying like me then plan out when and what you are going to purchase so you don't over spend and you are more prepared! 
Also all the great Christmas deals are starting now so the longer you leave it the more deals will have been snapped up,so in the post I will try and include as many deals as I can for you so be too sure to click on the links I include and have a nosey. :)

My Fave Christmas shop for Deals is...

The best place for Christmas Deals as there gift's are almost always on 3 for 2.
And since I'm feeling super nice here's a 10% Off Code when you spend over £60 between now and the 3rd October. (UKEM60) !

The well known Soap And Glory Bundle is also back on sale wahoo - this years looks beautiful!
£60 is a absolute bargain considering what the products cost individually,I have had one of these ever year so far there perfect for any girl (heads up lads!)
OR they have a smaller bag of miniature's for £18 - BARGAIN!

Be sure to check out there Christmas shop guy's as they have 3 for 2 gifts on presents for everyone even children and children's clothes!

Struggling to find presents for someone who has 'everything' ?

Sometimes the main stress of buying for people is that they seem to have everything already so you just don't have a clue!
So how about a voucher ? Not your usual £10 at a shop they don't even go in but an experience voucher?
Virgin Experience Days are a great way to give a unique but fun gift with so many different choices
From Pamper Days and Photoshoots to Sky Diving and Sport Car Driving.
They are amazing value for money and always work out as great presents - I have already purchased three! 
As a little help I also have another 10% Off Experiences - But this only qualifies if they aren't included in another offer/sale. (EXPERIENCE10)

On the similar thing as a voucher how about trying Groupon they are a great site which offers amazing offers on experiences,goods and breaks away.
They literally have everything so there also a good one to have a look at!

Sentimental & Personal Gift?

If you want to make a more personal gift for a loved one,what better way then photography wether its put in frames or canvas or even scrapbooks.
I have a deal for Boots Photo (PENNYPRINT913) where you can get Get up to 50 6x4 standard prints for just 1p - how brilliant is that!

I love the idea of scrap booking and used to do it a lot when I was younger and I literally am a magpie and I save EVERYTHING from everything so always have mementos so why not if your the same or are just super creative create a scrapbook?
The best type i have found are Smash Folio's they include gorgeous scrapbook style paper inside and can be fully customized with some amazing stuff! 
Here's a YouTube video for you to have a look what there all about..

Now I found them at hobbycraft from £12.99 and if you spend £20 online they give you free standard delivery perfect for collecting the rest of your things to complete your smash book!

For that eco friend?

Lush sell the most gorgeous bath products and are eco and animal friendly!
Also the great part? There gifts already come beautifully wrapped so that's one less thing to worry about and from £3.50 to £100 there's something for everyone!
But if you want to purchase some of the loose bath bombs why not buy these lovely 'Fizz Tank' for £3.50 which can store them safely until you use them AND it's made out of old returned lush containers = recycling at its best!

For Boys,Men.. Or infact anyone into quirky gifts & clothes.

Truffle Shuffle is by far one of my favorite online shops!
Everything about it I love.
They sell clothes,jewelry accessories gifts - everything,based on tv shows,movies,retro stuff.
It is just amazing and I have a lot of peoples Christmas presents coming from here.
Now if you spend £40 you get Free Delivery and If you order before 4pm Same Day Dispatch!
They currently have an up to 85% Summer Sale on with some awesome tshirts,
and for this weekend only 20% off there own label tee's (TSTREAT20) ! 
Definatly worth a look,like I say by far my fave shop online.

Handmade Gift's?

I can't explain how brilliant this site is.
Lots of talented people selling there creations online and there is everything on here so literally just go have a look!
Want something? Etsy are bound to sell it.

Everyone loves a personalized gift..

Getting Personal is a site that I actually found a few days ago but they sell amazing personalized gifts for everyone and every budget.
Again there's so much just go and have a nosey!

So there are a few sites I think are great for christmas presents and range from different prices and are affordable but theres some really personal gifts in there too without spending a fortune.
After all Christmas Isn't all about buying the most expensive gifts to impress but sharing time with family and giving gifts that will bring happiness!

Keep that in mind & Speak Soon.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Recreated Little Mix Make Up Looks - Perrie.

Hey Guy's 
Hope your all well?
So today I was browsing on super drug trying to find Little Mix's new make up range with Collection but of course - sold out.
So instead I decided I would create some little mix'esque looks using make up I already have starting with Perrie.

I adore Perrie.
I love her style and her whole image.
Out of all the Little Mix Girl's my style is most like Perries, I would say her style is Girly Grunge.
One day she's wearing a gorgeous pastel dress then the next a band tee skinny jeans and doc's..

Perrie's make up is always two different looks,
Either natural and girly OR Dark and Grungy - which is so so similar to my own make up looks.

At the launch of the Collection Little Mix range she wore a gorgeous purple lip and pretty neutral eye's compared to normal but as all the little mix always have Big Lashes!

Perrie lately has been sporting a purple lip a lot so decided to create a look using the same trademark lip..

Now I had no false eye lashes so couldn't create the entire look I wanted too But this was what I came up with..

Products I Used (aside from my base) :

Dainty Doll Cream Blush in 01 - Which Is A Beautiful pink shade which is a shade Perrie wears a lot.

MUA Lash Boom - I don't usually wear this mascara but for this look I wanted to create volume not length,as I already have lengthy lashes.

Then I used Avon Colour Trend Lipstick in Intimate which you can buy here,
I brought about 7 at the beginning of summer as they were on sale for 75p!!
But I had not been brave enough to use this colour as yet but was pleasantly surprised how it compliments my skin tone.
They have an amazing formulation so let me know if you'd like me to review the others I have?
As Perrie's Look was quite glossy I then used a tad of Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain in Crush 005 in the middle of the lips.

Then the next look is the look she wears a lot day to day which is her dark smokey eyes with a nudey pink lipstick.

I LOVE this look,and used to wear it a lot myself,but I've been wearing a lot of neutrals so was nice to play around with such a dark eye.
I Used A Matte Black shadow From my Sleek Storm Pallette all over the eyelid and then brought it down onto the bottom lash line too.
I will suggest if you are going to recreate this look / copy Perrie's look then do be sure to use a matte shade and not a shimmer..
My Collection eye liner across the top lash line to darken it a little (not that your really need it..)
For Lips I used, Baby Lips Pink Punch underneath my Lipstick as it was matte so wanted a glossier look. I then used the Gorgeous Kate Rimmel 101 Lipstick which is a taupey/baby pink.

So those are my Perrie inspired make up looks and I hope you all enjoy recreating your own,
I will be doing make up looks of all the girl's so next time will be Jade's Make up look.

Stay Safe & Speak Soon 

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Big Sis Little Sis Weekend at Chessington World Of Adventure...

Hey Guy's !
Hope your all well.
Today I will be telling You all about my recent trip to Chessington world of adventure with my little sister and boyfriend.

Having had recently moved down to Bedfordshire to be with my other half I haven't had much of a chance to see Annabel and defiantly not spend any quality time together,So we decided before my boyfriend was going away with work that we would have her over for the weekend.
We were planning on taking her to Lego Land to start with but the prices were absolutely ridiculous especially with us having to get to Windsor too so instead we choose chessington.

I booked in advance so got 10% off - meaning we all got in for £81.
You can actually get 25% off if you book even more in advance so just go online and check your dates!
The only problem was Annabel wasn't measured before I got the tickets but works out she could have gone in free - So do double check!!

So On Friday Me And Gareth went to collect 'Belle from my mum's house and she was of course a big ball of energy especially since it had been her first day at nursery so she was extremely talkative - all the way home haha.

When Saturday came around she just wanted to get going so we set of early to try and get there for when the park opened (10am) ..
So it was time for us all to grab a big breakfast and leave for the fun ahead..


Once we got there thankfully we didn't have to queue long as we were just collecting tickets - which I would suggest as the queue to buy on the day was pretty long!


We got to the park a tad later then we planned as we wanted to catch the meet and greet at the Children's Zoo as Annabel really wanted to hold a guinea pig but it turned out that once we got into the park that the park was still open but sadly belle couldn't hold the animals BUT there were goats,pigs and chickens roaming around..

After that belle was eager to get on the little skyline they have going around the park where you get a view of the whole zoo.
Thankfully she was big enough to get on it!
We found this a great way to work out the best way to walk around the zoo and to the parts you wanted to go.

Sadly belle is so dinky that she wasn't able to go on many rides...
Literally she was limited to the zoo,sea life centre and the carousel.
This of course didn't bother her tooo much but I would suggest not taking children younger then 4/5 if they do love rides! (or maybe belle's just really short?..)

So the rest of the day literally consisted of the carousel and the zoo!

We then popped into the Sea Life centre on site as the octonaughts feauture throughout but sadly belle was not impressed and wanted to get out straight away! I was gutted as I love sea life centres so much,still being a big sister had to make sure she was happy ha ha.

She did love the sea life centre shop though & brought these adorable turtles for her backpack.
And I may have walked out with a teddy shark - as I sport a huge obsession for them..

Annabel also loves penguins so after we had gone to quickly see them we decided it was time to pop to the sweet shop and grab some ice cream!

After we had sat to eat ice cream we were all so so tired as it was like half 3 and we had been there all day so once belle said "Kate? My feet hurt now." It was obvious that it was time to go home..
Making a few stops on the way back to the car of course to play with remote control boats and pick up some 'souvenirs' ha ha.

 Then soon enough we were home bound..
And within 15 minutes Annabel was fast asleep and when we got home after playing with her new lego (which she's clinging onto here in this photo..) and eating here 'Bubbleworks' Lollipop she was ready for bed ready for going to play with kites the next day..

So thanks Chessington for such a fun day!
I would DEFIANTLY recommend it but if you are only going for the rides be sure the children going to are the correct height to get on rides as we had a lot of tears when belle wasn't big enough,
other than that there's nothing I could complain about.
The Staff were brilliant and helpful and when inside the park everything was well priced!

Stay Safe and Speak Soon

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

MUA Undressed TOO Pallete - Hurrah. (Review + Make Up Look)

Hi Guy's,
Hope your all well?
So those of you who know me well will know that I am a tad obsessed with eye products,particularly eye palettes.

If you are someone who reads up on beauty blog's you will have already known about MUA's Dupes for Urban Decays Naked palettes - Undressed & Undressed Too.
I have read several posts on both pallets and instantly wanted them,I adored the idea of them,
Great Price,Great Pigmentation and Great Dupe - GREAT!

Every superdrug (where MUA is stocked) I went into they had every palette but both of these.
I looked online both on the superdrug and MUA websites - SOLD OUT.
So you can imagine my excitement when I found the Undressed Too palette in my local superdrug!
I jumped straight to my laptop to write you lovelies a review and do a quick look / tutorial using the palette.

These are the most gorgeous colours and are so pigmented and long lasting.
I adore the colours Exposed,Obsessed,Lavish and Reveal.

So on the back of the palette MUA give you a recommended look to create which I recreated below...

Load 'Lavish' onto your brush and sweep over your entire lid.
I loved Lavish,In the pan it looked quite dark put on the eyelid looks gorgeous and creates a lovely natural base.

Then take 'Obsessed' and pat across the outer part of the lid blend this out into the eye socket and out.
Just a little warning Obsessed is a gorgeous Brown/Silver metallic shade and is very pigmented so depending on the look you want to achieve I suggest you build the colour up gradually.

Then pick up 'Corrupt' on you brush and blend this into your crease of your eye and your outer corner,blend this out for a smokey eye look,again depending on the look you want to achieve build the colour up.
Also a tip for those of you new to creating a smokey eye,for a more subtle look which doesn't blend out too much I advise you to place some shadow just above your lash line and smudge upwards and out. You are less likely to apply too much 'smokeyness' this way.

I then but a small amount of Corrupt on my bottom lash line and smudged it slightly,
after applying liquid liner and some black gel liner to my eyes.

These three colours together create a quick and simple smokey eye, which you can make more natural or smokier depending on the occasion or how you prefer you eye make up.

I Love this product and can not wait to try MUA's First Undressed Palette.
At £4? Complete Steal.

Stay Safe & Speak Soon