Wednesday, 18 June 2014

What its REALLY like having no immune system...

Hey Guy's
Hope your all well?
I saw some people chatting on twitter this evening as was shocked by someones response to a person who was trying to explain they have a low immune system while waiting for a transplant sooo figured I'd write about it.
I have a pretty none excistent immune system, and people often ask
"So how does a low immune system affect you then ?"
And People often reply with:
'Oh so you get colds all the time? Gah that's like me'
Now anyone who has a lacking immune system will know that this can often grate on you,as it's not as simple as 'getting colds all the time' it's so much more then that.
Talking from personal experience you are currently on edge whenever somebody gets sick and are always on the edge of caution to see someone if there ill.
I can't even count the amount of times I have caught colds, ear infections, chest infections, vomiting bugs and the symptoms are evident literally the day after.
Sadly with my immune system and my medication they kind of come on very quickly,so I usually end up at the local a&e getting treatment.
The second problem being that with the condition I have mixed with my medications,my body can often disguise what the actual problem is,so I could show all the symptoms of a chest infection but my bloods would not confirm that fact or the other way round. I could have no symptoms at all but I have blood tests which say I have a chest infection - something that happens quite regualry.
My doctors are currently trying to balance my medications so that my immune system can grow a little but as soon as they do that my liver grumbles meaning my medication stays just how it is to prevent rejection.
It's not fun.
So in future?
When someone say's to you they have a lowered immune system,
you now know it doesn't just mean they get the old cold from time to time!
I really don't want this post to sound like a rant, I just find it difficult to try and explain to people the difference between getting colds every now and again and having a lack of an immune system and what that intails.
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

My Wedding Makeup Artist - Talking Transplants Talks Weddings.

Hey Guys!
Hope your all well?
Not so long ago I had a trial for my makeup which I will be wearing on the wedding day - Eeek.
And after a few bad experiences with makeup artists trust me I found it hard to find someone I felt comfortable to have a trial with.
I found Danielle through one of my pageant friends who had been on a shoot which Danielle was doing the makeup for.
The fact the makeup she did on the shoot was choosen to be in the June edition of vogue says it all!
Aswell as being a freelance makeup artist she also works at MAC so she knows her stuff!


(Pictures from that exact shoot! How stunning??)
As soon as I called her I instantly knew id love her,she is so lovely and straight away makes you laugh yet she is still so professional! 
So I booked in for a trial and from there got really excited to see the magic she would work on my face.

(Danielle applying makeup on my Friend who recomennded her!)

So the day came for my trial.
I knew generally what I wanted but I can be so indesicive so was worried that I would keep changing my mind and confuse poor Danielle
Once the kit was all laid out,she went on to ask the kind of look I wanted to go for.

 I told her all I was certain on was I wanted a flawless highlighted base.
With makeup artists in the past I have often come away,gone into natural light and my foundation isn't matched right and im way over bronzed which is a pet hate of mine since I'm so pale.

But not with Danielle,everytime she did something she got me to check it and see if I was happy with it - and was happy to make any adjustments to bronzer highlight,well anything really!
This meant I didn't have to be indescive because she had no problem with altering and tweaking things to achieve the perfect look.

So ofcourse I knew straight away Danielle would be the one to do my makeup for the wedding! (and my moms and maid of honours too!)
 I won't be sharing how my makeup will look on the day in this blogpost - as my fiance does read my blog sooo wouldn't be a good idea!
But Danielle has kindly said that I can share some photo's of makeup she has done in the past so you can all see how fab she is.


So if You need a makeup artist?
Go to Danielle.
I couldn't recommend her more - and It takes alot for me to recommend MUA's !

Her website is
& You can also find her on facebook at Look By Danielle Guiden
And contact her on 07812394699
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

Wedding Invites - Talking Transplants Talks Weddings

 Hey Guys!
Hope your all well?
Today I thought I'd share with you all,
Our Wedding Invites are from a company called Ginger Ray,which specialise in party supplies.
The invites we decided to go for were the Vintage Affair Invites in Brown Kraft which we got from Hobbycraft.
For ten invites it was £3.99 !
The cheapest invites around we could find that fitted the kind of look we were going for!
They have a very vintage look to them and they're perfect!
I am kind of gutted though from checking back on Ginger Ray's website they also have invites solely for the evening reception - Kind of what we could have done with but there we are..

When I saw this heart confetti I couldn't stop giggling.
When it was gareth's birthday in January he decided it was a great idea to through this kind of confetti everywhere, and even now we are still finding little gold stars all over his moms house!
Because of that we really wanted to put confetti in our invites haha!
I think it add'd a little something to the invite,and ofcourse makes people go "awww" or "aaah not confetti" !
We are really happy with the invites we choose,and I would defiantly use Ginger Ray again in the future as there stuff is such great quality and well priced!
Well it's not long at all now untill the wedding - still got some invites to hand out,but im sure the confetti will make it worth the wait ha ha.
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Hair Update.

Hey Guys!
Hope your all well?
A few weeks ago I decied while in birmingham I despreatly needed my hair cutting but with the wedding coming up I wanted something different doing with it.
Those of you who have read my blog from the beginning will know that I have always been someone who gets bored with hair very easily and since last summer I have managed to stay Blonde - with a temporary light brown stage..
I have been getting pretty stressed about the fact my eyebrows are naturally quite dark so I hated not having eyebrows that matched my hair,but I didn't want to get them tinted as I was petrified they'd drop of or something haha.
So I knew for the wedding I wanted to look as natural as possible...
So I decided... To go Brunette.
The more I thought about it though,If I had just brunette hair I know for a fact I would get bored so quickly!
So I decided after speaking to the hairdresser that I would have ombre ends and highlights throught.
The great thing wwas this wouldn't be damaging for my hair as I was already blonde,sooo what they did was they left the ends of my hair without any colour on and then just smudged the transitions in to make it look blended.

I am super happy with how it turned out,
I like the fact I am generally brunette and the roots and top of my hair matches my eyebrows - hurrah haha.

Now I just need to decide on how I want my hair for the wedding!
Wish I had time to get extensions fitted,but sadly there wasnt time or budget!
Do let me know if you guys have any ideas :)
Stay Safe & Speak Soon

Saturday, 14 June 2014

RSPB Reserve, Fowlmere.

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
A few days ago I posted some photo's from a walk I went on in a RSPB reserve called The Lodge.
Today I thought I would share photos from another trip I made - also last week.
But at a different reserve called Fowlmere.
Fowlmere was defiantly nothing like The Lodge.
Fowlmere has pools,reed beds,chalk springs and streams so there was a lot of different animals here.
The other difference was there was 3 different hides here - so perfect for anyone who is into actually observing the nature unlike Me & Gareth who just like to walk !

Fowlmere is alot more wheelchair and pushchair accesible with its wood nature trial which I thought was good.
At first we where pretty under whelmed as it didn't seem like I would get many pictures..
We were wrong!

Walking another 10 mintues brings you to another hide,one which looks over a huge pool,where all the birds tend seem to go to!
It was so picturesque and super quite - as you would expect I guess.

We were also lucky enough to get some really nice pictures of a swan which I was pretty shocked was paddling in the water and wasn't bothered at all by us!
Usually you want to be running away from them haha.
But then another ten mintues in the walk way getting pretty un accesible for wheelchairs and prams which is such a shame as it got so pretty there on out!

The chalk stream was gorgeous!
We stood for a good 15 mintues questioning wether the water was fresh or man made and pumped because it was so clear unlike the water we had saw back at the hides.
Obviously now reading up a bit more it was infact all natural!



Again I loved Fowlmere!
But I don't think we will be going here again..
This reserve was defiantly more for people with intrests in birds instead of people like me who basically just wants to get pretty pictures haha.
Still regardless of that we had a lovely afternoon,and again when we left we where already planning where to go next..
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

RSPB Reserve,The Lodge.

Hey Guys!
Hope your all well?
So as you know I haven't been writing on the blog for a while and im so sorry,
when on the motorway home from birmingham a few weeks ago I realised I left my laptop at my moms - D'oh.
Since I have had not been able to write any posts while the weather has been as nice at is has me and my fiance have been going on walks and I've been getting photos for posts like these...
I think sometimes we can all get a bit caught up in technology and forget how rewarding it is to just go walk outside!
Because of this we had been on two walks this week both at RSPB reserves.

RSPB works in conservation of wild birds,other wildlife and the places in which they live and thrive.
They are a great organisation and all of there reserves are beautiful and there is guarenteed to be one near you with 200 reserves all over the country!

The first one we went to was The Lodge.
The Lodge was opened in 1961 and all the woodland,heath and acid grassland along the Greensand ridge is actually been restored to form the largest stretch of heathland in bedfordshire - with it covering over 180 hectares.
It has 5 miles of trails for you too walk or beautiful gardens to admire aswell as observe the birds from the hide as in all RSPB Reserves.
The gardens here were so so beautiful as you can see by all these photos I took simply just in that one area..

After we had a look around the gardens we decided since it was cooling down a little we would take a walk through the woodland up to the quarry..


The walk here was pretty hard as it had lots of stairs and hills so probably not one for the kids or those with mobility issues,but once we where half way,we decided we would keep going as the views where so beautiful.
Once we got the quarry we took a breather for 5 mintues..
(along with the two times before that we stopped ha ha)
And it was so peaceful,and just beautiful.
Overall The Lodge was a beautiful reserve,
We have already spoke about going back again.
It really is heaven for someone who loves to take photo's as there is just so many varied backdrops here.
We will defiantly be going back to pay £5 parking to help with the coservation of this beautiful peice of land!
Have any of you guy's been anywhere worth a visit?
Do let me know!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.