Wednesday, 30 April 2014

National Best Friend Day ?

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
Recently it feels like there has been a National Day for Everything..
(I honestly would not be suprised if National Pet Goldfish Day Came about)
Anywho,When I saw what todays 'day' was I just had to join in.
Everyone tends to have a Best Friend.
I am not one to lie - I don't have a huge group of friends,but the few I do have,I love to bits..
So this makes this day very difficult to define a 'Best Friend'
So I figured I would have way of doing this..
Into Sections!
Childhood (and still..) Bestfriend.
My Best Friend from the age of 5 we have grown up together and still manage to have A Giggle together.
As kids we were pretty inseperable and even outside of school we were always at each others houses!

Its easy to say that with Hannah I had the most carefree of my memories,at the age of 5 and upwards all you want to do is have fun!
And even when the first year of scondary school began - regardless of going to different schools we still made time to see one another.
As life does,we continued with our lives,always keep each other in the loop but sometimes as we get older things can change but as soon as I was unwell one of the first people to come and see me when I was told I would need a transplant was Hannah and Her Mom.
We laughed for hours about all our memories growing up and she kept it fresh in my mind that life is a amazing and fun thing,and I wanted to be that happy carefree person again,because at the age of 18 waiting for a transplant?
Sometimes you forget those kind of things.
She supported me when I went to my first day back at college and it was like primary school all voer again - Hannah was always the more confident of the two of us!
And now?
Well She agreed to be my Maid Of Honor so it just shows sometimes friends we make as children?
They never leave :)
Teenage Years - Now ?
As we all do as teens,Friendships groups tend to change alot,
And I made a lot of great friends (alot of which I still talk to - Hey Guys!)
And I loved them all to peices too.
But if we are talking closest friends?
The two that will always stick out?
Zainab & Irram.
These two are so loopy and its just what I need sometimes to keep fresh in my mind - HAVE FUN!
It is quite funny that when the three of us are together zainab is forever telling me and Irram to calm down.
But If im just with Zainab we are just as mad!
These two lovelys supported me through my illness and still we all try to meet as much as we can (difficult with me living miles away now..) but we talk an awful lot too!
Im not going to add photos of these two beauts because they only ever winge i have uploaded a 'bad' photo lol!
After Transplant.
So,I met Kirsty through Gareth and instantly clicked with her.
She is a mom to two beautiful little boys,and she still has all the time in the world for her friends.

She made me feel accepted back into a social enviroment straight away,which is very hard after you have spent two years in hospital.
My anxiety is never a problem to her,and she always trys to help!
I can't sing enough praises for her,because she has supported me through some pretty bad times and still kept me smiling!
For a long time I felt like I'd never fit in again because im so different but not once has Kirsty ever brought up my illness,she is probably one of the first people to treat me like a person not a health number!
Love Ya Chick!
The Cliche Best Friends..
My Fiance.
Cheese in 'ell.
My Fiance is my Bestfriend?
Yes its Cheesy BUT it's true.
Most of you know I have moved away from home and moved down to Bedfordshire to be with him,so all of my other friends above are back in Birmingham.
I only have one friend to count on then. Gareth.
He is one of the only guy's who has every accepted how much of a crazy person I am,but he doesn't make me feel like thats a bad thing!
We have a lot of laughs together,regardless of him being my fiance
Ofcourse though that is a positive he he.
My Baby Sister.
This little cutie has most defiantly had the biggest impact on my life then any other person.
She was only a few months old when I got sick,and she was my point of call when I needed motivation to keep on fightining and staying strong.
I never thought I would ever find myself loving someone as much as I love her,and I can't believe how big shes getting.
I love watching her grow and I hope as she gets older I can continue to try and Inspire her to do whatever she wants in life and to be happy.
So Thats it guys!
My Best Friends!
Who are yours?
Do you agree these National Made Up Days are getting abit over kill now?
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.



Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Tanya Burr Lipglosses - Exotic Island & Smile Dream Sparkle.

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
The Beauty community went crazy when Tanya Burr realesed her Makeup Line which includes Nail Varnishes and Polishes.
They originally were only available online but then  9th April they were also Available from Superdrug.
I wanted to wait untill then because I wantd to check out the range before I purchased them,incase it was another hyped based purchase.
Oh how wrong I was.
All of the Lipglosses have Tanya's Signature acorss the tube with a sweet little heart.
On the top of the lid there is another heart !
And on the bottom of each lip gloss is a sticker with the shade name on.
I kind of wish the names were printed on the tube as something tells me that the labels might fall off..
The applicator for the Lipglosses is a dough foot applicator which applies justthe right amount of product as it hugs the lips but as I will show you now with such a sheer wash of colour I like to apply it a few times.

Exotic Island is a Fuschia Pink (in the tube leans more towards the purple side)
All the lip glosses have the most gorgeous scent - reminds me of strawberry laces Yum!
I really like this gloss but I prefer these kind of shades to be a lot more opaque so I will be trying to apply this over a lipstick but thats just personal preference.
(Ignore the some what looking swollen lip ha ha)
Next I got Smile Dream Sparkle,which is a light pink with LOTS of glitter in.
I would never normally choose this (infact Gareth choose this one ha ha)
it is very sheer but looks gorgeous over a nude lip!
I am not normally a gloss girl but these have a gorgeous formulation and are super long lasting.
I will defiantly be buying some more of these at the budget friendly price of £6.99 each.
I really want to try Champagne Toast & Picnic in the Park!

 The varnishes have also caught my eye!

 Have you tried any of tanyas range?
What do you think?
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Sleek Oh So Special Palette REVIEW

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
I was having a nosey at some High Street pallettes which I could play around with to create a few bridal makeup looks..
After a look I fall in love with Sleeks Oh So Special Palette.
I have been loving all of sleeks pallettes at the moment so decided to ive this one a whirl..
Oh so special contains some gorgeous shades,
some more 'Bridal' then others..
There are a lot of pink tones in this pallette but also some browns,so fantastic for creating a pretty but still natural looking eye.
Left - With Flash
Right - Without.

So top to bottom the first row of shadows are :
Celebrate -A Mettalic Plum Shade with Gold Flex
Glitz - Metallic Gun Metal
Gift Basket - Mettalic Gold/Bronze
Ribbon - Matte Coral.
Organza - Mettalic Light Golden Pink
Bow - An Chalky off white,leans more to the pink side


And top to bottom on the second line of shadows is :
Noir - A Super Pigmented Matte Black! The Most Pigmented Black I have in My Collection by Far.

Wrapped Up -   A Matte Taupey Brown.
Boxed  - A Matte Brown.
The Mail - A Matte Golden Brown
Gateau - Metallic Pink with Gold Flecks
Pamper - A Pale Matte Coral Pink

This is a stunning pallete - aside from Pamper and Bow being very chalky and not very pigmented.
The only downside is there are some very similar colours in this pallette and I do have to say now using it I have alot of these colours in other sleek pallettes.
But overall it is super versatile and I'm looking forward to creating a look with this pretty thing!

Stay Safe & Speak Soon

Friday, 25 April 2014

Talking Transplants Talks... Weddings?

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
So.. If you follow me over on twitter or on my facebook page,
you will know that im engaged !
And if this isn't exciting enough ?
We are hoping to get married this July.
I am beyond excited and full with happiness that I will soon be a Mrs to the most amazing man I could possibly imagine spending the rest of my life with.
I honestly couldn't be any happier then I am right now,but I promised myself I wouldn't spend this whole blog post going on about how in love I am ha ha.
I know alot of you will be wondering why so soon?
But,with my health and Gareth's job we kind of figured why hang around,one thing I have learnt the last few years if you want something? Just go for it,time is a luxury that is not guarenteed!
I just want to say a huge thankyou to everyone for all your support and lovely messages
(Below some from our friends who wrote stauses with Congratulations..)

The response from all of the blogging community has also been lovely!
So yeah I just wanted to let you all know,that for a few months 'Talking Transplants' will also be 'Talking Weddings' !
We are trying to do as much as we can ourselves for the wedding so if any of you have any companys / products you think can help us achieve a fantastic 'DIY / Budget' wedding,be sure to let us know below in the comments or over on my twitter or facebook.

Are there any posts you would like to see over the next few months ?
Let me know!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.


Thursday, 17 April 2014

Sleek Showstoppers Palette REVIEW & Romantic Coral Eye Tutorial.

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
As some of you may know Superdrug are celebrating there 50th Birthday!
Over the last year or so I have found myself buying my products from Superdrug so ofcourse I wanted to get a peice of the Birthday Celebration.
This packaging of the this sleek limited edition pallette just drew me in.
It is gorgeous and will look lovely next to my Garden Of Eden Palette!

Having had a look on the net,I have seen that showstoppers was put on the shelves last year too as a Limited Edition Pallete,so I'm not too sure if this is going to become a fixed pallete eventualy ?
But I would defiantly pick this up just incase!
The pallette's colours are very varied,maybe the most varied of all my palettes but there all so easy to work with to create a look.

Each shade is named after the other much loved pallettes,and each shade symbolises each palletes colours - a great way to get a peice of every palette sleek do! 
(Left Withot Flash,Right With Flash)
Top To Bottom :
Ultra Mattes V2
Bad Girl
Me,Myself & Eye

Top to Bottom :
Au Natural
Oh so special
This Palette is stunning,easy to work with,very pigmented AND buildable !
I can see I will be using some of these shades alot this summer.
So much so I created this easy Romantic Coral Eye.
I started by applying me myself and eye across the entire lid and highlighted the dear duct.
I also took a tiny amount of Paraguaya and applied it into the outer v and slightly in the crease.

Then I took Bohemian into the outer crease and blended it out and into the centre of the eye. 

I then lined my top lash line with liquid liner into a flick.
I also took bohemian with a defining brush underneath my bottom lash line to bring the look together.

I then finished the look with Kate Rimmels Lasting Finish Lipstick in Shade 16 - A beatiful coral color.
And thats the look!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Little Yellow Duck Project.

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
Today I was browsing through facebook when I fall upon a project called - The Little Yellow Duck Project.
And for those who know me well,I have always loved ducks so this project  caught my attention..
(Yep this is a lush bath with my 'pilot' rubber duck I got for christmas hehe)
The Little Yellow Duck Project is highlighting acts of random kindness in the form of Blood,Bone Marrow,Organ and Tissue Donations.
The project is showing that all acts of kindness have the ability to bring happines but certain forms of kidness also have the ability to save lifes - as I know all too well.
This is a worldwide project which urges people to create cute little handmade ducks and leave them in public places for a gift for the public to find.
            Lisa van Klaveren 

The ducks are left with a tag attached which directs them to The Little Yellow Duck Project's website and informs them of the reasoning behind the cute little duck!

As a donor recipient I think this is a lovely idea and I can only imagine peoples faces when finding these adorable little ducks.
I thought I would share this with you all as you all know I am a 3 x Liver Transplant recipient and I'm always looking for ways to promote organ donation and amazingly you all always ask how you can help..
I follow a great range of people here on Talking Transplants, From all over the world and all of us are creative!
So why not join in with this amazing project and bring happiness to others while targeting a very important topic.
Clare and ducksmall
The story of how the project was set up is one that is all too close to home after knowing so many people pass away while waiting for a transplant.
The project was inspired by a lady called Clare was born with cystic fibrosis,  and by the age of 24, her lungs were so damaged that a transplant was her only hope.Sadly a matching donor was never found and despite a long fight, she passed away on April 15th 2013 aged 26.
So come on my lovelies!
Your all very crafty and creative so lets help out this amazing project and try and make a difference.
Do comment bellow if you join in or tweet me over at @TransplantKate_ and be sure to go and check out the projects website too
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Lush Review - The Comforter Bubble Bar.

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
Yesterday the sun was shining and as it got later I thought it was time to unwind with a nice bath.
As summer is here I tend to lean more towards floral and fruity scents,so I picked up one of my old favourites up from lush last sunday.

The Comforter is a monster bubble bar and a very appealing price of £4.50 !
The Comforter smells just like blackcurrants and is very uplifting and super softening on the skin.

For these huge bubble bars you don't need much at all (I wouldn't follow Lush's advice of half a bubble bar,you will be scooping bubbles of the bathroom floor!)
I recently used the comforters sister - Brightside. And by using this amount each time,sometimes less It lasted my over 4 weeks !

You then crumble it underneath running water and your left with fragrant bubbles (and not as much crumbled product on the top of your bath like I have here - oops.)

And Voila !
You Have a super fruity summery bath.
Stay Safe & Speak Soon