Thursday, 28 March 2013

Miss Birmingham FINALS

So guy's I said id let you all know if I got put through to the Miss Birmingham final and guess what.... I DID!
I am one of the finalists chosen! The final will be on the 5th May.
There will be four rounds - Sports Wear,Party Wear,Evening Wear,Eco Wear.
So I'll keep you all up to date with outfits and what not
But thought I'd let you all know!
Exiting or what!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Country Walk in Coleshill.

Hey Guys,
Hope your all well!
So this week I went and stayed with my dad for a night as he went to Scotland last week so was time for a catch up.
He lives in a lovely little place called Coleshill, I love it there my Grand Parents lived there so thats where I have most of my memories. It's quite and is right by the countryside and a place called Maxstoke (which has amazing places to walk!) is down the road but its still a bus journey away from the centre of town.
We took a little walk down to the local shop and of course I took this as a perfect chance to take some photographs!
After all this is were I grew up,so the pictures would be more for self enjoyment really.

There's a long drive to my dads and has a bridge over the M42 but even here there is plenty of pretty things to photograph. Now the first time I stayed at my dad's place aside from its out of the way location the first thing I noticed was this sweet little lamp outside the house which reminded me of something that should have been in Narnia!

The views were lovely since there was still a small amount of snow covering all the fields and everywhere so made gorgeous photographs.
Once we walked down to the main road there was still plenty to take photographs of,as the detailing on the houses were lovely,beautiful big window's but I figured people wouldn't appreciate a random girl taking pictures of there houses!

After a lengthy walk - well what I see as a lengthy walk we got to the little shop.
While dad ran in I walked over the road to the park where I spent near enough half of my childhood with my grand parents. 
I hadn't been there in years,since my nan passed away and I felt quite emotional being there. You know when you go to a place that you have been so many times but then when you go back after what seems like forever all those memories come flooding back to you ? Well, thats exactly what happened.

The Bridge that leads up to Coleshill high street has so many memories for me. At the end of the road on the right is where my grand parents lived so you can imagine as a child I was constantly asking to go to the park or to go feed the ducks!
Any one the same age as me who didn't play 'Pooh Sticks' as a child did not live !
For those of you who don't know how the game goes,Winnie the Pooh used to play it in the books. He used to through a stick on one side of the bridge then you had to run to the other side and watch it float through and you'd see who's got there first. Pretty Simple but very amusing at the age of 5 and 6.
Well, this bridge was perfect for playing it! 
Endless hours I remember playing with my nan and cousin Marcus here and then when my younger cousin Frankie came along the same with her.

So to stand there years later for the first time,it was strange to say the least.

& of course we fed the ducks!

As lovely as it was too stand and remember all the good times there it was freezing so it was defiantly time to  go home,so I took one last picture before we walked back home,with  re route down my Grand Parents old road..

Walking past my grand parents house was really strange,especially the last time I had been there was not long after my second transplant when we were clearing the house for sale after my Grand-Dad sadly passed away with cancer while I was recovering in intensive care..
It's strange how one place can hold so many memories yet can change so quickly,I mean someone new had moved in and the house just didn't look the same.
After having a nosey like every one does we had our lengthy walk home…

This is the view of Coleshill Church on the drive up towards my Dad's house - Beautiful!

And right on my Dad's door step there is a little field and his land lord has two horses there,and they always make me laugh as every time somebody walks past they have to come and have a nosey and neigh at them!
For some reason I love this photo,even though there's all branches in the way! ha ha

Then we got home!

I hope you guy's liked this post as it isn't like my usual types of posts,But figured I'd show you all some photography I'd taken in the week.
My Boyfriend has got a week of so I'm sure I'll be writing plenty more posts by the weekend.

So stay safe and Speak Soon.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Miss Birmingham 2013

Hey Guys!
This is a Super Short Post really.
Just wanted to let you guy's in on a little secret..
Last week I applied for Miss Birmingham,and then a few days after I received a email asking me if I would be able to attend a audition this weekend!
So yesterday I went along to the auditions,and they asked me a bunch of questions and I spoke a little about why I'd be honored to be in the running for Miss Birmingham due to my medical history..
I will find out by Tuesday hopefully if I've made it to the final's so I'll keep you guys posted!

I did make a vlog and then stupidly deleted all the footage!
What a wolly!

Speak soon

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

50 Random Facts About Me!

Hey Guy's!
So I figured recently I've been uploading a lot of beauty style blog posts - which isn't the main topic of my blog really,sooo I decided to do a random '50 Facts About Me' so you guy's know a little bit more about me!

1. I Love Cats.. miaow.

2. Clowns - Petrify me..Eeek!

3. I have a obsession with Disney..

4. My Favorite colors are red and yellow

5. Peas,I HATE THEM!

6. Lipstick and Nail Varnish take over my make up drawer.

7. I have dyed my hair over 20 times..Different Colors..

8. I want a pet hedgehog..N'yawwh.

9. Pink Lemonade Lucozade is my fave drink.

10. Nutella is sooo yummy!

11.White roses are my favorite flowers.

12. I've met the Queen.

13. I played the drums for 4 years.

14. The ukulele is my favorite instrument.

15.I've owned 13 pets since I was about 5.

16. I loveee pasta!

17. My staple make up item is red lipstick.

18. I used to work at a nursery,and studied fashion.

19. I want to work in a bridal shop - my dream job.

20. Ironically I used to have a phobia of taking tablets - now I have no choice haha.

21. I get over excited about things.

22.I call my transplant scar my shark bite.

23.And I call my transplant organ livvy.. previous being oliver & olivia.. strange maybe?..

24.I really want to swim with sharks.

25. My first celebrity crush was Matt Willis from Busted haha.

26. I can't stand realllly hot weather,but love holidays!

27. I swear I was born in the wrong era..I belong in the 40's!

28. My dream career when I was younger was to be a Vet.

29. I'm mega clumsy..Oops.

30. I fan girl massively over One Direction & Loveable Rogues.

31. I hate my name! 

32. I'm not crazy about starbucks - costa all the way.

33. I've had my belly button pierced 3 times..

34. I have a weird dislike of..ears.. Yes strange I know.

35.I love France and have travelled all over the country.

36.My Girl crushes are Megan Fox & Frankie Sandford.

37.When I'm older I'd love to live in Greece.

38. I want to go on safari.

39.I want to see the northern lights.

40. When I was younger I had a huge interest in world war two for some reason.

41.So much so I actually applied to go on a CBBC programme when I was 10 to go on a WW2 inspired experience.

42. I admit to dancing around my room with my headphones in and a hairbrush..yup..

43. I want to learn to Belly Dance well!

44.I always have a plan to start the gym - never lasts!

45. My Best memory with my friends is one night in Birmingham with my friends Sarah and Lauren - was unreal.<3

46. I love to sing - and was my passion for about 3 years,when I used to record and song write..

47. I love skater skirts.

48. I can not wear heels for anything!

49. I dislike frogs - they scare me.

50.I am a tad crazy.. BOO.

So there you go guy's,50 random fact's that I hope will let you get to know me a tad better,so why not comment below one of your random facts?

Stay Safe & See You Soon !

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation Review

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay and enjoyed you weekend.

Today I'll be doing a review on Rimmel's Match Perfection - Light perfecting radiance foundation. As I mentioned in my last post I struggle with getting a high street foundation that is a correct shade. 
I have actually tried this foundation before about a year or so ago but after picking up the shade '100 - Ivory' it was still making me look like something out of charlie and the chocolate factory..

So you can imagine my interest when I saw this 'improved' product in '010 - Light Porcelain' which was a perfect match.
This foundation claims to provide 'Traceless coverage' with 'smart tone technology for perfectly flawless skin,and as a added bonus contains SPF 18.

'010 - Light Porcelain' 
Boots - £6.99 (Currently £4.99 in Boots!)

This foundation defiantly provides a flawless appearance to your skin,and has a in between dewy and matte finish so is ideal for everyone!
I personally like a high coverage with my foundations so I applied quite a bit of this foundation with my go to concealer Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer and then Maybelline's Dream Matte Powder.

I am always swapping and changing my foundations as my skin type is every changing from dry to combination but this foundation so far has worked well for me in both circumstances!

Generally I think Rimmel is a amazing drug store brand and there products are always of a great quality,I'm stocked up on there eyeliners,foundations and have lots of the Kate Moss range of lipsticks.

So if you guys are looking for a foundation great for dry/combination skin,that has build able coverage then this is defiantly worth checking out!

Make sure to comment below and let me know what you fave drug store foundations are,and if you share my love for this foundation!
I will also be reviewing Collection 2000's concealer some time soon,as it is amazing.

Stay Safe & See You Soon!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Dainty Doll Make Up Review!

Hey Guy's!
Happy Saint Patrick's Day for those of you who have been celebrating it today - and for those of you who haven't,well I hope you've had a nice weekend.

I've been really excited to do this post for a while now and can't wait for you all to read it. This post idea came about when I saw a blog post on another bloggers page (HaySparkle). She wrote a review on the make up range Dainty Doll.

She gave a head's up to this amazing site 
They sell Beauty & Fragrance at discounted prices,and some of the price drop's are honestly amazing!

Dainty Doll is a make up range that was created by Girls Alouds Nicola Roberts for girls like herself who have very pale skin tones,and struggle to find makeup the correct shade. Those of you who know me will know I have very fair skin and I struggle generally with most drug store brands to find a foundation that is light enough as even ivory can be way too orange on my skin!

So of course when I saw this site with the range at a cut of the price (up to 80% off!) I just had to try it out. I have been using these products over about a week now,to try and give you a bit of a better review on the products.

First are these two blush's.
The one on the left was "My Girl" (002) and on the right "You are my sunshine" (004)
002 is a a rosy pink and 004 is a lilac/ light pink.

Dainty Doll Powder Blush - £1.99    
RRP £13.50   saving of £11.51

The color pay off from these are both lovely! You only need a little bit of product on your brush and it really does transfer well and is true to it's pan color.
The pink blush is gorgeous,and looks so natural on my skin tone,it adds color without looking really unnatural which I struggle with generally with cheek products. 
I haven't used the lilac shade quite as much but it is so lovely for fair skinned girls who want a very subtle blush,personally I will wear this when I make a feature with my eye makeup. Due to the color I think that people with a slightly darker skin tone could actually use this as a highlight as it really is such a soft and subtle color,but I did find it gave a slight shimmer where as I prefer matte finishes to cheek products.
I also brought a cream blush but haven't tried it out yet so I will but that in a review some point in the week.

The next product I tried was a eyeshadow base.
This was in 001 "Frankie Girl"
If I'm honest I don't use eyeshadow base normally but figured since I've started wearing a lot more eye shadow instead of eyeliner it was worth a shot.
 And,I'm happy did. It has defiantly helped my shadow last throughout the day and kept the pigment the same from when I first applied it to when I remove it! Defiantly worth buying at the steal of a price..

Dainty Doll Eyeshadow Base 001 Frankie Girl - £2.99

  RRP £10.50  saving of £7.51


Then the final product I brought was a mineral foundation.
Now,personally I like my foundations to have a high coverage,as I have fair skin when I have red patches there easy to see and I like to cover my freckles too,so I've never tried mineral foundation as I'm pretty sure I wouldn't enjoy the coverage it gave.

Yet I was so wrong..

Dainty Doll Loose Mineral Powder
Now That I've Found You (001) - £2.99  
RRP £19.50  Saving of  £16.51

I love it! This foundation will be ideal for summer as it isn't heavy.
This foundation with Collection 2000's concealer is lovely. I wouldn't personally feel comfortable though to wear this if my skin wasn't clear and blemish free though as it is a very light coverage but there's ways around that if you use different products along side it!

So overall I think this brand is lovely and I'm so happy I could try them at such a low price.
I think although the brand has pale skin tones in mind a lot of the products would be suitable for near enough all skin types minus the foundations and concealers really!

Be sure to check out as honestly they have a lot of high end brands with discounted prices CK,Elizabeth Arden etc. Then they have brands like Rimmel and Bourjois!
Seriously don't loose out on these discounts plus they don't sell just make up! They sell O.P.I and Essie stuff,Fragrance,Home products,Tanning - everything!

Go take a look and comment below with the great find's you get,your bound to have plenty!

As always feel free to comment below or go check out my instagram (_katiekaboom) my twitter (KateTrevener) or now my new YouTube channel ( where I hope to be uploading more videos soon!

I have a review of Rimmel's Match Perfection Foundation coming soon,so be sure to come back !

See you soon & Stay Safe.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Olly Murs - LG Arena BIrmingham.

Hey Guy's,
Hope your all well!
Well, this week has been rather exciting as last night I went to see Olly Murs live - with loveable rogues as support! Those of you who know me well will know I absolutely adore Loveable Rogues and have done since good old BGT so when I found out they were the support act a massive amount of fan girling went on! Especially since last week.. They followed me on twitter.. Yes, that amazed me..

So Olly Murs? I've always wanted to see this cheeky chap live and actually had tickets to go see him last year with my cousin Frankie but sadly when he came to Birmingham I was recovering in hospital after my third liver transplant so didn't get to go.. I was gutted but realized there was nothing that could've been done about it,then I received this cheeky little autograph and I was determined to see him on his next tour..


So my Auntie kindly got tickets again for me and my cousin this year!

As you can imagine I've been so excited to see him this year,and finding out Loveable Rogues were one of his support acts just topped it off - felt like christmas all over again!
So skipping several months ahead of all my excitement and acting like a teenager all over again,yesterday eventually came and that was it.. I think I literally reverted back to being 13 Years old again!

My Aunt had brought us tickets that came with event passes which meant we got to eat in one of the restaurant's at the LG Arena. This was rather funny as when we were walking down to it there was a huge queue of people waiting to get into the main arena,but thanks to the trusty passes,we could skip it! 
The looks we were getting from people was just hilarious,one of those "pft who do they think they are?" faces..

So we sat down to eat (the food was well yummy!) and chatted about random things,one of them being those normal "Oh my gosh imagine if they look at us??" kind of conversations..
Yes,before you ask I'm 20 years old but I'm a big kid and I don't really care haha.

After we'd stuffed ourselves with cheesecake we decided to go and check the merchandise stand out..
Now bearing in mind we had gone to see Olly Murs preform you'd presume I'd come away sporting a t-shirt with the cheeky essex chap's face on right?
I came away with this..

Yes,I came away with Loveable Rogues Merchandise.
But not only did I come away with a LR T-Shirt,it was a size XL! There was literally no other sizes left,I was so gutted that I just got the XL anyway.
Your crazy I hear you all saying ? Just a tad,but the joys of being a fashion student in the past means I know exactly how to make a belt work in my advantage,and I don't think it looked too bad.
Well that's what I thought,but all the other Olly Mur's fans did not appreciate my dedication to Loveable Rogues I Don't think..

So after a few quick pictures we ran off to go and find our seats.
Skipping past all the excitement the show started and was opened by a girl called Tich (@Iamtich) and her vocals were just amazing! She sang two of her own original songs and a cover of Taylor Swift's "I knew you were trouble" and I was seriously blown away!
I can see her going down a Jessie J type performer in future - go check her out!

Then,the time I'd been waiting for.
Loveable Rogues came on stage.
I did exactly what I thought I would do and stood still for a good two minutes just amazed by their performance haha!
Then of course once I'd stopped being a wolly I was dancing and singing away,but devastated to turn round to every one sitting down - which just wound me up!
They were looking at me like some deranged mad woman..

This is when I was gutted I couldn't take my Nikon camera as I would have been able to get some amazing pictures,but using a iPhone sucked! Especially since I was totally trying to zoom in when Sonny was smiling.. Ah Beautiful! ha ha.

This picture below was a picture that Loveable Rogues posted after they played,how amazing does it look?
The funny part it is I can see exactly where me and frankie were sat because we were the only two lights for rows and rows..

(Before I carry on i have got video footage which is in a Vlog on my YouTube channel which I will put at the end of this blog..)

Once Loveable Rogues had gone off stage it meant only one thing.. three cheeky essex lads had just walked of stage BUT the most cheekiest chap ever was then due on stage.
At this point my cousin was about to combust with excitement I think! Was so sweet and amusing since I'd been doing the same think half an hour before for LR ha ha.

Olly came on stage and I'd like to say I stayed calm and collective and just let my 12 year old cousin go crazy...But.. That would be a lie. I Screamed so loud I almost scared myself let alone the poor young lad who was sat to me and had the look of pure hate on his face..Oops!

Mr Murs went on to preform like the real showman that he is,and had the crowd laughing,cheering and even at some points close to tears with two very emotional performances.

and then.. my phone died! Grr.
So I couldn't get any more photo's but I had got lots of video clips which I was happy about.

During the whole night you could just feel the atmosphere it was seriously amazing! One of the best gig's I've been too defiantly. It was also nice to see such a mix of people there,when I say that it's because literally there was a mixtures of lads and girls,younger kids and then grand parents! Just show's how Olly appeals to almost everyone really.

I genuinely was gutted when the night was over,but even then there was a still a buzz around the whole arena and was sweet listening to everyone chatting away about how much they enjoyed there night.

So seriously,if you guy's ever get a chance to go and watch Olly live  - take it! You won't be disappointed !

I Did a Vlog about the evening on my YouTube Channel,here's a link to the video :
So go check it out for footage from the night!

While your there if you have a YouTube account please subscribe,like and comment.
Also feel free to comment below if there's anything you want me to blog about in future or tweet me at : @KateTrevener

Well I'm off to catch some shut eye for my Clinic Check Up tomorrow at the hospital.

So stay safe & I'll see you all soon!

Kate xoxo

Sunday, 10 March 2013

March Glossybox..

Hey Guys!

I'm new to the Glossy Box trend,and have got to say I can see why so many people love them! Right so if you don't know what a Glossy Box is let me explain..
Glossy Box like it says in the name is a Gorgeous box that you receive through the post with 5 Beauty Products inside - Mostly Travel/Sample Size. Each month they have products from lots of different brands and there all amazing! You pay £10 per month (plus postage + packaging) and then that month you'll recieve the cute little pink box through the post!

Like I say this month was the first time I ever received one and it felt like my birthday and christmas rolled into one! Sadly i was so excited by it that I opened it all without thinking of taking some pictures of the packaging but honestly if you get glossy boxes you will understand I'm sure!

This months Box was based on 'City Chic' which totally made my day even more as this was totally up my street! So i untied the sweet little pink bow to find some great little treats inside - all of which I'd purchase individually,honestly! The First product to catch my eye was the 'Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush' in a gorgeous red! Those of you who follow me on instagram will know I'm nearly almost always sporting a red lip so couldn't wait to try this one!

This lovely lip stain was rather pigmented and really did last all day! Me being forgetful forgot to take a picture,but take my word its amazing. I wore this while walking round Crufts all day in a hot arena and it still stayed after eating drinking and all that jazz! Ill defiantly be buying this again once this runs out as it is well priced at £12 ( who doesn't want a lip stain and Bee's Wax balm in one?

The second think i couldn't help notice with its cute packaging was a little Nails Inc Nail Varnish in a beautiful taupe/pink color. Personally i struggle with getting a pink varnish that doesn't look ridiculous on my pale skin tone so was hoping this color would do the trick. I haven't used this for a full manicure yet but painted some on my ring finger just to check it out and fell in love straight away! It is amazing color and look so flattering against my skin tone,didn't make me look like a barbie!

Seriously the picture doesn't give the color of this polish (Bruton St.)  justice but I will defiantly be buying this in full size once this little beauty has run out. I do find Nails Inc products quite expensive generally and haven't liked pink shades of there brand I've tried before but I'd happily spend £11 on this! The colors true to the bottle and only took one coat. I think I may have just found my Spring/Summer nail color!

After my excitement of the nail in product I then fall upon a can of Tresemme Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray. This didn't really excite me,after the first too things I found myself having that feeling of finding a pair of socks of your granny at christmas ,But just like that kind of present it was useful as I had ran out of hairspray so I guess wasn't too bad.

Yeah cant complain to much as this made my hair stay all day when i plaited it as i suffer with a lot of fly away's because of my extensions so this was a handy little thing to have in there.

Juicy Couture perfume is just gorgeous and as you can imagine I was thrilled to find a sample of Couture La La in this months Glossy Box! This perfume is very feminine,yet it includes sensual woods and musk but with all the floral scents in there it is lovely. I've had a sample of this before and I forgot how much I loved it !

After using this sample again I think ill defiantly me saving up for a full size bottle of this but I will defiantly have to save at £63 for 100ml.. It's a perfect summer fragrance and my boyfriend kept saying how nice I smelt while wearing this so its a must buy I think !

The next product was ideal as it was something that I wouldn't usually try or really think to try either if I'm honest. It was the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Skin Protectant - Fragrance Free. 
I have sensitive skin so I tend to stick to my 'go to' creams as I know they work and have had no need to change them really but after reading that this was Fragrance Free I thought I'd give this sample a go.
Its a intensive moisturizer which is very thick - reminded me more of a serum actually so a little goes a long way. It is a multi purpose product and it can be used on dry skin,can shape your brows with it,use on chapped lips and to smooth cuticles and nails! It really is a all round product.

Personally I tend to use Drug Store products like Soap And Glory so this is quite expensive for what i would purchase at £25 for 50ml but saying that for its multi purpose use I guess its worth the price as you wouldnt have to buy other products really. I'll defiantly need to use the rest of this sample up before I decide if I'd buy  this full size really.

The thing that made me want to get a glossy box in the first place was the cute packaging and the quirky little extra's you get with the box. Like a little leaflet explaining the products in detail along with there prices etc to little magazines. This month the little extra was a Sweet little Book : 'My Little Traveling Book'
Inside there's 28 double pages of things to do in different cities. It was adorable and found this brilliant since I'm of to Paris this year. Inside was a double page including 9 Travel associated stickers!

Two of these I've already used and put them on some of my make - up pots!

Overall? This months glossy box for me was a win!
Ill be putting my order in for April's for sure.
So go on Girl's go check it out - also a little heads up if you recommend five friends and they all get Glossy Box's you will receive your next Glossy Box free!

Hope you've all had a lovely Mothers Day.
Stay Safe and See you soon.

Hello Blogger..

Hey Guys!

I've finally made the move over from Tumblr to good old Blogger. Those of your have read my blog before will obviously no I have a tumblr account (talkingtransplants) which I used to blog on but I figured it was time I got myself on a 'proper' blogging site..

Keeping it short and sweet for those of you who may not of read any of my blog posts before. Im a 20 year old,Liver transplant recipient - three liver transplants in less than two years. I know that seems a bit crazy so if you want to know more hit up trusty google with Kate Trevener and it will save me boring you..
Saying that if there's anything you guys want to know just comment below or check me out on my social networking sites (I'll link those at the end of this post)

So yeah thats my first blog up on Blogger and hopefully many more to come so on that note,
Stay Safe & Speak soon

P.s My Social Networking Stuff.. Just click on the links !

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