Friday, 5 June 2015

Monthly Roundup | MAY 2015

Hey Guys!
Hope your all well?
Another Month has past and I am getting closer and closer to Gareth's deployment and If I'm honest not all that much has been happening here at home.
Figures crossed it is a different story next month though since I have applied for a job - eek.
Even though It has been a quite month here is May's Roundup.
Blog & Fitness Break.
This past month has been a tad quite here on Talking Transplants. This is just because I had been feeling a tad down in the dumps the beginning of the month and just kind of fell of the fitness and blogging train - and trust me I am hating myself for it now!
That said the break seems to have done me good as I am now being super productive and hope to get back to posting three times a week for you as well as some content over on my YouTube channel (Here)
I am also jumping back into fitness and as I currently type this my abs are burning really bad.
No Pain No Gain Eh?
Family Time.
In May I was lucky enough to spend some Quality time with my little sisters!
Annabel even came to stay for 4 nights and we got up to lots of crafty stuff and every day was full of giggles and I have to say I have really missed that since I moved away from home 2 years ago..
Since I had been feeling really down in the dumps this was just what I needed!
I am sure lots of you will agree that when your not feeling great Family can ALWAYS put a smile on your face.
Socialising The Pups & Making Friends !
The past month we have really been trying to socialise the pups, and in turn have made some new friends here on base ourselves!
The boys have really enjoyed playing with other dogs, and always does them good as they are brothers they do pretty much everything together so it's always nice to see them playing with other puppies - like Denzel in the photo above our new friends dog!
Also helping picking up my mood has been meeting a new friend here on camp who comes from Stoke which isn't too far from Birmingham and really brings that sense of home back to Fairford.
Living away from your hometown can be really lonely at times, especially if you live on a camp as isolated as ours - so always helps making new friends.
What was your favourite moment of May?
Do you have any big plans this month?
Feel Free to comment below!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon
x o x o

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  1. Such cute pics! Thanks for sharing them :) Hope you're September was just as good x

    Sophie Elizabeth