Tuesday, 25 June 2013

London's Calling..

Hey Guys,
So yet again this is a long needed post!
I'm currently in the process of house hunting so have no access to WiFi day to day,so this was as soon as i could upload this.
Anyway,so this May was a year since me and my boyfriend have been together so we decided that we'd take a weekend break down in London!
He was treating me to go and see The Lion King stage production so we decided was easier just to stay the weekend and do the usual touristy things as I haven't really been to London and looked around properly

Before I had even got into London it was a disaster as I had a few problems with the train driver as he wouldn't allow me on the train,which meant i had to go and complain at customer service and then get the next train which made me run late - Grr.
Once I got to London my phone then died on me as did my boyfriends so I ended up walking around Euston for half a hour and all I could think was "This weekend is going to just get worse!"
I tried to relax but it just seemed to get worse,when we finally got to our hotel in Earl's Court (mentioning no names..) it was tiny and we both just looked each other and burst out laughing,it was probably the icing on the cake of a bad day so far.

We decided we'd go wonder around to try cheer ourselves up,and we went to visit the V&A Museum in Kensington,which I LOVE. I wanted to show my boyfriend the amazing jewellery display that they have there as it blew me away when I saw it when I visited with college last year,but sadly it was closed by the time we had arrived - boo.
So to satisfy my need to see "Sparkly,Pretty Things" as my Boyfriend would say,I saw a head band that I'd actually wanted since I went last so I purchased it with a smile like the Cheshire cat haha.

At this point I was a lot happier,as we were getting to catch up after what had been a crazy week for the both of us,and was quite amusing people watching around London as everyones on double speed,I thought it was bad in Birmingham!

So on our way back to the hotel we stopped off for a coffee which ended up just topping the whole crazy day off...
I was sat talking to my boyfriend about something then something caught my attention in the corner and as I looked down there was a mouse !
Now as cute as this mouse was,neither of us have ever moved so quick I don't think and easy to say we never did visit that costa again..

The next day though was a totally different experience - it was amazing from start to finish.
We got up really early as we had absolutely loads to do so we were on the tube on our way to Madame Tussaud's by 10,and those of you who know me well will know that me out and about at this time is very rare..
Madame Tussaud's was pretty busy when we were there but this didn't matter as I adore madame Tussaud's,its such a fun place to visit if you are in London. As soon as we arrived I was eager to get a photo with the waxy one direction.. and yes I did fan girl even though I was quite aware they weren't real. I can't say my boyfriend appreciated them as much as I did haha.

Most of the wax works there are so realistic it is actually really quite scary!
Infact there was a wax work of a photographer,and I actually thought it was a tourist taking photos - durh!

It was soon time for my boy friend to turn into a big kid as we approached the Marvel part of the attraction,and it was so so good.
I won't say too much incase people are planning to visit soon but theres an incredible 4D experience at the end,which everyone came out of laughing and amazed at!

We then left and met some of my boyfriends family who were also in London at covent garden for some food.
Before they arrived we had a nosey around and there was a female busker dressed in the most amazing vintage dress and was singing with a retro mic which of course I was over joyed to see haha. I was told it was part of the charm of covent garden actually by some one before so was nice to see it myself.

Once we had left it was time to go so that my boyfriend could get his anniversary treat.
I Had booked him into a barbers called Geo.F.Trumper and they specialise in traditional cut throat shaves with hot towels etc which he has always wanted to try.
We got to the Mayfair shop,and it was amazing! There were cabinets full of men's shaving stuff and the smell of the shop was gorgeous! My boyfriend was escorted downstairs where he started to have his shave while I admired all the gorgeous glass perfume decanters and then I followed.
While my boyfriend was having his shave the barber was telling us how Daniel Craig (James Bond) had not long been there to have his shave and hair cut so says enough about how amazing they were. My Boyfriend was well happy with the results and haven't seen him so chuffed haha.
So girl's if your thinking of a unique gift,I'd defiantly recommend it - they were reasonably priced to for the quality of service!

At this point I was beyond excited as were then on the tube back to the hotel to get ready as we were going to watch The Lion King!
I seriously can not begin to explain how amazing it was!
I have wanted to see the stage production of it since I was about 14,so when I knew I was going I was like a kid all over again!
The acting was amazing,the stage production was incredible and the music was just outstanding,I really can't tell you how much you must go and watch it if you get a chance too!
We were sat on the front row so could see the musicians as well as the stage,which was intresting as I have such a interest in musicians and love seeing people doing something there evidently passionate about.
I actually ended up crying half way through - just like people kept telling me I would,it really was over whelming that I was finally sat there watching it!

By the time we got back to the hotel I was absolutely shattered as it had been such a busy weekend so far,and my feet really weren't enjoying the pace I was putting them through as the box of plasters made a point of making!

The next day I was in pure agony,my ankles and feet were swollen and I really wasn't grateful of the 10am check out knowing my train wasn't until 6.45!
We spent the sunday doing all the touristy things..

Changing of the guard - Which I had a brilliant running commentary about marching since my boyfriends in the forces haha.

I Loved this,but was pretty gutted I couldn't get a picture by the palace gates as I am slightly obsessed with the royals,so I had to stick with my picture of me meeting the queen last year instead.. Hard Life meeting the Queen eh? he he.

Then we walked past downing street,and made our way to the London Eye!
Now,both me and my boyfriend don't particularly like heights so in hindsight it was mean of me to ask my boyfriend if we could go on it - Oops.
It was an amazing experience though and when at the top gave me an idea of how far I would be abseiling for a charity challenge I want to do,so that was interesting to say the least!

Afterwards we still had hour's left so we made our way back to Kensington and visited the natural history museum which is one of my fave places anywhereeeee as they have an amazing section about dinosaurs,and yes I'm obsessed with Dinosaurs,why I don't know but my boyfriend put up with my moaning and "are we there yet" type questions until we got there!
Now..we had been on our feet none stop for the last at least 5 hours so we were both tired so we ended up briefly looking at the dinosaursbut were both much happier lying outside on the grass for a hour or so as the weather was gorgeous! While my boyfriend 'rested his eyes' I took some photos of the museums architecture as this always interests me on buildings... Im a strange one aren't i! ha ha..

Then it was time to think about leaving..
Now anyone in a forces relationship will know how horrible Sunday's are,but this was like a double blow after an amazing weekend so we spent the rest of the journey back to Euston joking around and it ended the weekend so nicely.
And... I managed to get the train without problems which was a double blessing!

So yeah after a stressful few months this break was much needed,but all I can say is... Roll on Paris or some sun!

Hope you all enjoyed this post,was slightly different to normal.
Speak Soon & Stay Safe.

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