Thursday, 30 May 2013

Turn Back Time..

Hey guy's !
Hope your all well?
It's been a hectic week for me to say the least so this post is a litlllle late, sorry.

So,vintage clothes?
Personally I believe that some vintage items can be very overrated as vintage has had a boom the last few years,and the more people that I talk to and there like "oh yeah all my clothes are vintage" I become less interested (kind of hate 'trends')

This is strange really as I love everything vintage - from the 50's etc.
I'm not so keen on all these garish patterned jumpers you can get from like the 80's/90's but that's just personal preference really.
People that know me will know that I adore the 50's,the understated glamour women had,and there subtle sexiness using fashion was amazing. Women in the 50's proved you don't have to show lots of skin to look sexy and glamorous.
Even the pin up girls were classy!

This photo of Mara Corday is stunning!

Back on topic though,
those of you who followed my Miss Birmingham Journey,you will know my boyfriend brought me a gorgeous vintage prom dress which I reworked for my 'eco wear' round.

It was classic 50's - besides of the colour ha ha.
And I adored it,and had fun working with my tutors at my old college to help me rework it!
We put panels in the sides and repositioned the pleats to make it abit more flattering around my scar line.
We also added some more under netting to make it poof out more!

So really this post is to let you guy's know that if your sceptical about the hype of vintage there are some amazing pieces,and also it was to gorgeous not to write a post about..

So thanks to my boyfriend for making me look like something from the era I'm sure I belong in..
50's <3

(my sister being beyond cute!)

So ending this post I must mention that I've got some exciting news to announce soon so hopefully after this weekend,as I'm spending the weekend in London so will be sure to tell you how that goes!

Stay safe & Speak Soon.

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