Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Christmasy Lush Haul

Hey guy's,
Hope your all okay?
So... Last month,lush happened!
Since they have released there Christmas stock it would be rude to not got have a look and pick up some bits.
(These were brought over two visits though I may add.)

First,one of my fave Christmas bath ballistics.
Father Christmas. £3.25
This bath bomb oozes Christmas.
With its Satsuma scent (mandarin oil and orange flower absolute) and once in the water its red and green bubbles.
I am so happy this year that they didn't but glitter in this as it was just annoying!

Snow Fairy.
Everyone raves about this product/scent but I haven't ever tried it.
But anything that smells of "Candyfloss & Pear Drops" attracts me...
After smelling it though it is super sickly sweet.
I think I'm glad I only brought this in 100g for £3.50.
It is great as its a multi use product for hair/body but it really is super sweet,so don't think I will be repurchasing this as I prefer the fruity scents.

And on the topic of Snow Fairy,
I needed a new massage bar so saw this one 
'The Snow Fairy massage bar' £4.95
This massage bar as the name shows has the snow fairy scent and also has a glitter fondant center to spread sugar.
I used this for a massage,and I broke out in a really bad rash!
So now to stop it going to waste its by the bathroom sink to moisturize hands after washing them..
I also wouldn't recommend this if your not into really sweet scents.

Bubble bars are by far one of my favorite products from lush so I was on the hunt for a different one to try so I choose ' Candy Mountain ' which was really well priced at £2.65.
I love these as you get multiple uses from them so are worth the value.
Now after I just said Im not crazy about sweet scents this is a lot more subtle with its fair trade vanilla absolute.
And who doesn't love big bubbles in there bath!

How cute is this !
This was actually chosen by the other half.
This is a truly skin softening little cutie as it includes cocoa butter and Sicilian lemon oil - Yum!
Bombardino is £2.50 fab price for this adorable looking bath bomb.

My Fave Christmas bath bomb is So White.
It smells of apples and turns your bath pink!
Its just perfect.
And that's why I haven't got a photo...
I've already used it!

And another of my best Christmas products is this bath melt,
Melting Snowman for £2.25
Sadly this is the last year for this cutie.
So get them while you can! They always sell out fast,especially in the January sales!
He has cocoa butter in and almond oil - he just smells of everything christmasy,marzipan? Just perfect!

So that was my mini lush haul.
What your favorite lush Christmas product? Or are you yet to try lush out?
Comment an let me know :)

Stay Safe & Speak Soon

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