Sunday, 3 May 2015

Photo Challenge | APRIL

Hey Guys!
In April I decided to do TWO Photo Challenges - but I did cheat a little.. oops

When I say cheat, I mean the photos weren't necessarily take on that day - For Example the Rain Showers photo of Day one? Yeah that was taken today..

But that said, Here is my month in Photos !

Day One.
Rain Showers and Something Purple.

Day Two.
Together and In my hand.
Day Three.
Favourite Colour and Shapes.

Day Four.
Light and Good Together.
Demo of lush golden egg & Fizz banger bath ballistic..

Day Five
Sweet and Not Mine
Day Six.
Letter and A Taste of Spring.
Day Seven.
Worn and Where I'd rather be.

Day Eight.
Embrace and Hobby.
Day Nine.
4 Things and Dark. 
Day Ten.
Grain and Favourite Part Of The Day
yes i love food!
Day Eleven.
A is for.. And 3 of A Kind
Day Twelve.
Tiny and On my Left.

Day Thirteen.
Warm and More Please.
Day Fourteen.
Large and Dirty. 
Day Fifteen
Someone I Love and Reading This.
Day Sixteen
Quiet and My Vice.
Day Seventeen.
Relax and Something Learnt.
Violet learnt to walk YAY!
Day Eighteen.
Change and Good.
If you ask me that penguin is feeling great about life ha!
Day Nineteen.
Left and Money.
Day Twenty.
Right and Egg.
Day Twenty One.
Bucket List and Close.
Bucket List - Start A Youtube!
 Day Twenty Two.
Weather and Four Things.
Day Twenty Three
Polka Dots and Entrance.
Day Twenty Four.
Cozy and Colour
Day Twenty Five
Rings and Remember
I thought this couple looked like they were sat reminiscing about things..
Day Twenty Six
Soft and Enjoy the little things.
Day Twenty Seven
Square and Under my feet
Day Twenty Eight
Something New and Chaotic
Day Twenty Nine.
Fuzzy and Contrast
Day Thirty.
You and Something Silly.
I hope you all had a great April & Enjoyed this post!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon!
x o x o

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