Sunday, 19 July 2015

I think we need an update!

                       Hey Guys!
             I hope you are all well?

      You may have noticed that talking transplants has took a very blunt and quick turn into no blog posts,so I figured I really ought to explain this.
 At the beginning of July I became ill with what we at the time thought was norovirus... we were wrong it was ecoli.

  Good old Olivia (my livers nickname)   
fought very hard to filter it out of my system,infact she fought so hard she made my blood a little to thick which caused a blood clot.

 I am now lay at the QE awaiting another transplant (so please excuse the formatting as this is written out on phone lol) because the blood clot has gone septic and is killing the rest of poor olivia..

 So yes things have took a real shocking change.. I will be doing another post about how I feel about it all but I just wanted to inform you all why it has been so very silent.

 Talking Transplants is still very much rolling though! So if you need me, I can be found in all the same places as before

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             Stay Safe & Speak Soon

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that you are sick again I hope you get better!
    Best Wishes,