Friday, 24 July 2015

Transplant Update : Sleepy Sleepy...

                       Hi Guys!
             I hope you are all Okay?

         I thought since I am awake
   Which isn't very often at the mintue...
    I would give you all a quick update!

         Earlier this week I recordered a 
bit of media for ITV West Midlands about organ donation - and it MUST have gone well since I have had quite a few people say that they have joined up after seeing it - And thats what its all about woo!

        I have been really aneamic at
the moment so sadly i am bed ridden,
equalling alot of jeremy kyle and bad TV!

       I have been having transfusions,
    so hopefully I will be feeling better for           the physio team on monday - gym time!
         But I just had to share these
hilarious selfies of me washing my hair
     in bed today using a wash cap..

               What an invention eh! 
  Got to keep smiling at times like these.

   Remember guys keep spreading the word - together we can help save lifes!

             Stay Safe & Speak Soon
                      Kate & Olivia :P
                        x o x o x



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