Monday, 12 August 2013

One Big Transplant Family.

Hey Guys,
So here I am showing my face on my blog again,
and once again a month since I've last posted anything..
Terrible I know and I've really missed blogging but now i'm settling in a new flat I get internet back in the week...
So that means.. FREQUENT POSTS!

Aside from that this is just a little post really about the transplant community.
I love twitter,and I think it is one of the best networking sites there is at the minute.
I'm not one of these people that have thousands of followers, I have a comfortable 137 followers and today I want to talk about the few of them who are what I call the transplant family.

After I fall sick I created twitter and I was amazed by the amount of people you find if you hash tag '#transplant'.
So as time past,and I created this blog I started chatting to people who like me had transplants and not just liver transplants,but lung transplants,kidney transplants all sorts!
And in between the few recipient followers I have I also have gained quite a few Pre-Transplant friends,who want to ask about what actually happens,medication etc.
And then there's people who aren't even a transplant recipient but are donors and just like supporting those who have transplants and support organ donation!

Now,I wanted to blog about this just as a little thank you really.
As there hasnt been one person (well maybe one..) who has followed me on the basis of transplant who hasn't been friendly.
Wether it be because we have things in common but it is so so nice to see such a big community of people coming together from all over the globe chatting together and supporting each other.

Sometimes as a transplant patient,especially a multiple organ recipient,I feel that people sometimes forget that I'm still Kate and I have interest's aside from talking about hospital procedures and such,and that goes for any one suffering with a condition/illness.
And before I get people saying "well you write a blog about transplant how does that work?"
Well again my blog is a platform for transplant patients to come together and get advice and know how there feeling is most likely normal.
It's surreal to have people with something so amazing in common,but also no one of us are the same,and I find it so fascinating reading about peoples journeys and there lives.

Of course I have some great friends who supported me through the transplant process,
But this post is for all those new friends I've met along the way, for those who have all supported each other regardless if they've had a transplant,waiting for one or are just a donor.
Sadly I've lost a few dear friend's in the process,but we still supported each other through that.

So,To all my Transplant Family and Our Guardian Angels - Our Donors <3


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