Friday, 30 August 2013

MUA Lash Boom,First Thoughts.

Hey Guy's
So today I Will be reviewing MUA's Lash Boom Mascara.
I was in super drug trying to find MUA's undressed palette which is a dupe of urban decay's naked palette,but of course even in this tinyyyy superdrug store it wasn't there :(
So while I stood in pure disappointment this mascara caught my eye.

The main thing that gained my attention was the brush.
I've seen quite a few mascaras lately and been curious as to see what results they create.

The wand is quite long,except for the end.
The end is in a oval type shape,which claims to create volume in lashes.
Please try not to be too horrified by these extreme close ups (eek) but I wanted to show the effects of the mascara with one application.


Personally I didn't like this brush.
I have pretty long lashes anyway and prefer brushes that claim to curl the lash,as I generally curl the lashes before hand anyway.
The oval at the end of the wand meant the middle of my lash lifted up way to much and just looked odd!
So on first try,I don't like the wand too much and the formula is pretty flaky.
I hope after a few try's i can 'master' the best way to use this wand.

Although this product was only £3, I won't be in too much of a rush to recommend it.
Maybe it would work better on shorter lashes?...
Sorry MUA!

Stay Safe & Speak Soon

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