Thursday, 27 November 2014

4 Years Post Transplant (number 2..)

Hi Guys..
Four Years ago today ?
I received my second transplant which saved me once again from the brink of death..
I am in the process of writing letters to my donor's family's if they wish to receive them but for now here are a few words I have written.. 
I am nowhere near a poet but they're a few words from the heart :)
Unseen,Unheard But Loved.

I'm not to sure how to start,
a letter that comes right from the heart.
So just for now a few simple lines,
how your life impacted mine.
Rewind four years and there I was lay,
Frail and Helpless,needing help right away.
Miles away,to me unknown,
Your soul left your body which once was its home.
By air and By Road Your Gift Arrived,
An amazing gift that meant I survived.
Once I awoke,both scared and unsure,
I couldn't believe you gave me a cure.
Both Selfless and Heroic yet you remain unknown,
But now your gift lies in my body - It's brand new home.
Every Day continues to be a Gift,
one which many choose to dismiss.
But not you, you were selfless and brave
and allowed me to life way past what could have been the end of my days.
I often wonder who you may have been,
what you had done and what you had seen.
But one thing I'll always know?
You are my unseen,unheard but forever loved Hero.
For my Donors,May You Rest Peacefully. <3
I Promise I will Continue to be your eyes while you cannot see and try and experience as much as I can as you have given me the most precious gift any of us could ever receive life - I will continue to live my life not only for me ?
But for the three amazing unsung heroes who made it possible for me to experience each and every day since I turned 18..
Stay Safe & Speak Soon Guys.

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