Friday, 28 November 2014

Monthly Roundup - NOVEMBER

Hey Guys!
Hope your all well?
This month I decided to do a Monthly Roundup,and chat about the things this month that I have enjoyed the most.
Novemeber is one of my favourite months,it's my Birthday and the weather starts to get colder and this November was no different..
My First Family Wedding as Mrs Jakes.

So at the start of the Month Gareth's Cousin and Lovely other half got married!
It was a beautiful day and ofcourse the vows made me cry ha ha.
The bride and groom looked fantastic,and I was lucky enough to get some photos for them on my camera to capture the day for them too.
This was also my first wedding as Mrs Jakes - and when I come to think of it,the first wedding I've been to since I was 5 !
Family Time & Biopsy Results.
In the middle of the month I ended up back in Birmingham with my Family for a few days while I went to get my biopsy results (don't worry guys I have a blog post coming up after this one to tell you how it went).
It was lovely after such a stressful few weeks to just hang out with some of my family back in brum and feel alot more carefree for the first time in months!
Feeling Content.
So with positive(ish) biopsy results I have felt alot more relaxed and calm about the future and I am starting to get better help for my anxiety and mental health as a whole which knock on this month has just left me feeling 100% content with life!
I'm generally a happy go lucky person as it is but just having a positive looking future medical wise has helped me millions!
What have you enjoyed this month?
Comment below and be sure to let me know your blog links so I can get reading :)
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.


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