Monday, 10 November 2014

Biopsy Results Anxiety... Blah.

Hey Guy's!
Hope your all well?
Some of you may know that this Thursday (November 13th) 3 day's before my 22'nd birthday I am getting my biopsy results.
And in all honesty? I'm Scared.
This exact time 4 years ago,I was diagnosed with Auto Immune Hepatitis & End stage liver failure - I needed an urgent transplant.
I find it strange that generally people seem to not admit openly to there emotions if they are classed as 'bad' emotions ;
But why?
All of these emotions are all very valid and bottom line make us human!
With these results coming,I have openly admitted I am scared,and now I know that is okay,
in fact it would be strange if I wasn't feeling anxious about them especially with my past history.
I wanted to write this post to reinforce the fact that no matter how 'Brave' or 'Strong' a person may seem,they also feel fear and anxiety about things and that's what makes someone brave and strong when they have the ability to overcome that feeling with positivity and hope..
I just hope this post can reach out to anyone who's feeling any form of emotion which they think is 'bad' because no one should suffer or feel alone.
So if you know someone needs support right now,be there & Listen.
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

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  1. Best of luck Kate. We may be strangers but I'll be thinking of you. x