Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Maybelline's Baby Lips - 003 Mint Fresh REVIEW

Hey Guys,
So today I am going to review Maybelline's New Baby Lip's lip balm.
This product has been really hyped about on the online beauty community so when I finally found it in my local superdrug I decided I had to pick one up!

Sadly I only found the clear balms as they were at the checkout,but as I love mint balms,was attracted straight to,
003 Mint Fresh.

I absolutely LOVE the packaging,and love the way you access the product,
as I really can't stand digging into lip balm pots,as its just messy and unhygienic.

I totally forgot to take a photo wearing this product so you could see the finish of it,but
I was not all that impressed with it really.
Maybelline claim that :
"Baby Lips moisturises lips for a full 8 hours.Lips look healthier and feel baby soft."

But I'm afraid I will have to disagree after application this product didn't feel very moisturizing at all.
  Although,It did give your lips a glossy looking finish,personally,I like these kind of products but I much prefer when you know they  ARE moisturizing and doing good for your lips also!

I know sometimes,these kind of colourless products strangely are not as effective as the pigmented ones are,and from looking at reviews,I am defiantly curious to try some of the other colours like peach kiss and cherry me.

Overall for £2.99 it wasn't too bad,and I would defiantly like to try the rest of the range and hope they live up to the hype.
And as a bonus they are currently on offer in superdrug  2 for £5 - bargain.

Let me know if you have similar views or have you had a baby lips that is brilliant?
Comment below and let me know.

Stay Safe & Speak Soon

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