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My Fave Lipsticks Under £6.

Hey Guys,
Hope your all well?
Sorry it's been a while but have had crazy writers block.. 
Not good ! 

So today I'm going to be writing about my favorite lipsticks which are all under £6.
I actually don't own any high end lipsticks simply because I think high street lipsticks are amazing quality so haven't really thought about changing that habit but I am pining after a YSL & MAC Lipstick for my birthday (heads up...)

I have 9 lipsticks here that are my general go to's,
but saying that I haven't been wearing red lips very much which is a surprise as usually they were the only color I would wear. 
Guess my makeup style and taste is developing - woo.

So I decided to start with neutrals / pinks.
I don't wear many of these colors as personally I don't think they don't suit my skin tone and hair color...
Pinks tend to look way to 'Barbiefied' on me,and that isn't a look im gravitated towards personally.

But two light pinks I do like to wear occasionally are. 

Pout - Avon £7.50
Now I know this is just over £6 but technically I haven't cheated as it was under that when I brought it..Eeek.
Anywho,This is a gorgeous creamy formulation.
It is your own lips but better type looking pink but it does have a peachy type color to it too.

101 - Kate Moss Matte Lipstick £5.49
I Love this shade. It is my only go to natural color.
For me this is just a tad darker then my own natural lip color when applied.
Just a heads up though,this looks a lot lighter in the tube then when it is actually applied.
I like to wear this underneath rimmel's appocalips in celestial for a extra pop.
And how could I forget these lipsticks smell sooo yummy!

MUA - Shade 14 £1
This is a gorgeous shimmery pink shade,generally way to pale for me.
But it really is pretty. 
I love these MUA £1 Lipsticks considering there price they are so creamy and long lasting.
Defiantly worth checking them out!

Continuing with the £1 MUA Lipsticks I believe this is shade 3 I could be wrong though as I have misplaced this beauty..
I am sooo annoyed as this is the most beautiful autumnal color.
So if your looking to change up your autumn winter makeup then go have a look at MUA's counter and get this one.
So creamy and long lasting,the most gorgeous plumy purple.
But it is defiantly wearable.

Intimate - Avon Color Trend. £2.50 (Usually £3.75).
I adore this purple lipstick.
This is a very daring color and pretty true to the tube.
I wouldn't suggest this lipstick if you are new to purple colored lips,but if your brave give it a shot!
This is my favorite evening lip at the minute as it looks stunning teamed with smokey eyes!

But my absolute best autumnal lip is achieved from Rimmels Sugar Plum.
It is a gorgeous plum color with a hint of pink too it.
It is so wearable but such a gorgeous bright color.
This looks a tad more pink in the above photo but in true it is a lot more plum.
It has specks of sparkle so looks stunning on the lips.
Since I brought it I have wore it everyday!

This is a fuschia pink which leans more towards a dark lip then again 'barbiefied' color.
This is a lovely change to a red.
I used to wear red all the time and was scared to wear such a bright pink but its such a flattering color and is actually very wearable.
Again in person this product is a lot darker then it appears in the photo above.
This is a very creamy formulation but I do like to wear Soap & Glorys 'Punch Bowl' Mother Pucker gloss over the top if I want a more 'done up' make up look (plus it smells of chocolate - yum.)

110 - Lasting Finish Kate Moss Rimmel. £5.49

The well known beauty fave 110 By Kate Moss.
Last winter this was my go to red lip.
Like I say my color preferences have changed and I find this red to be a tad to 'orangey' for my liking.
But this is a great wearable red for everybody!
I also like to wear Maybellines Baby Lips in Cherry Me underneath this as I find it can sometimes be a tad drying on the lips.

This is an absolute classic red.
For the price the quality is amazing.
Its very long lasting but I would suggest a balm underneath if you prefer a shiner finish to your lips,but this is so classic!
I like to again wear Maybelline's baby lips in Cherry Me underneath this for a subtle red glossy tint before applying Poppy love.

01 - Kate Moss Lasting Finish Rimmel £5.49

My absolute go to red lip.
This is so rich it is stunning!
I love to wear this as a statement lip with a very simple winged eyeliner and flawless skin look.
It is creamy dark and just perfect for the autumn and winter months.
Everyone needs 01 in the lipstick collections.
I do like to wear Lip Rocks Gloss In Ruby over it for a real glamorous pop of color and drama.

So those are a few of my all time fave lippys,but I am hoping to do a 'AW13' Lipstick collection for those of you who want some help with finding the prefect autumnal shade.

Hope you enjoyed this.
Any recommendations?

Stay Safe & Speak Soon

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