Thursday, 3 October 2013

Acorn's Lantern Walk.

Hey Guy's 
Hope your all well?
So some of you will know I'm Currently Miss Birmingham Inspiration 2013.
And I am walking the Acorns Hospice Lantern walk on the 12th October.

Acorn's is a registered charity which offers care to children  and young people who's lives are limited or threatened.
Sadly the children and young people in this care are not expected to reach adulthood and require 24/7 care.
Acorn's provide tailored care for each child whether that be short breaks,emergency and end of life care.
The unique thing about Acorn's is that they also support the families of these young children at every stage of the child care even through to bereavement.

They have three hospices :
Acorns In Birmingham - based at Sellyoak
Acorns in the Black Country - based at Walsall
Acorns for the Three Countries - based at Worcester 

So like I say I am doing this lantern walk,but I'm doing it Sashed & Crowned!
I can't wait to take part in such a amazing event for such an incredible cause.
So the walk involves a 12km Walk (5km for a wheelchair friendly route) with orange paper lanterns.

The walk is celebrating 25 years of amazing care!
So we need as many people to get involved as possible.
So if you are interested in joining in why not register for just £5 
If you can't make the walk for one reason or another why not sponsor me to do the walk instead?

If I could raise even just £32 overall that would be one hours specialist care for a child at the hospice !
So please if you can donate - every little helps it really does.

Having had a friend who sadly required palitive care and passed away this year I really support this cause and want to do the best I can to raise funds for Acorns.

Thankyou for all your Support!
Your all superstars & it all helps.
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

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