Sunday, 20 October 2013

When I FINNALY Won something...

Hey Guys
Hope your all okay?
So today is a much awaited blog post.
A while ago I had entered a competition on the beautiful Miss Sophie Rose's blog - and I won!

Was really nice as was having a crappy week as Gareth was away with flights delayed and such and just needed a pick me up.
Then the lovely Sophie sent me a DM on twitter to tell me I had won!

Sophie writes a beauty blog as has some brilliant posts so I suggest you go have a look.
Anddd shes moving to Australia so why not go see what she gets up to ? :) 

So Sophie sent a cute little package including a little card for me and the prizes of the give away...


I had to show you guys this card.
How cute is it!
Had a little recipe for cupcakes on the back (im a sucker for cute stuff like this haha)

So the first prize I got was a Benefit 'Coral my world'
This incuded two products so you could try the range.
So it had Sun Beam liquid Highlighter and Coralista face powder.

Both products were fab,
Defiantly will get more use towards the summer but I love using the Coralista powder to warm my face up on days I'm not feeling great.

Then there was the fab little Maybelline Baby Lips In Cherry Me.
I have been after this particular one for agesss but haven't been able to find it so am happy to have received it.
This really does the trick and truely moisturises your lips aswell as leaving a beautiful red tint.

And the last prize was some gorgeous ted baker false nails.
I haven't had a chance to try these out yet as my nails are currently pretty long but I look forward to using these,am actually thinking of using them as accent nails?
What do you thnk?

So that was the giveway I won.
Please do go check out sophies blog,I promise you'll love it :)

Stay Safe & Speak Soon

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