Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Recreated Little Mix Makeup Looks - Jade.

Hey Guy's 
Hope your all okay?
So today I will be continuing to recreate the little mix make up looks.
Today's Little Mix Girl is....
Jade Thirlwall.

So Jade like all the Little Mix girl's wears a bold lip,
but Jade does like to mix it up by partnering her neutral eyes with nude or pink lips.
Jade like all the other girl's loves big lashes BUT in this look just like Perrie's I have not used false lashes as I know not everyone has them all the time and I want to make these looks as wearable as possible..

So to start is the look she wears quite a lot...

A light brown eye,with lengthy and voluminous lashes.
Defined eyebrows with a dark purple lip that's almost ombre to a dark pink in the middle. 

Because I wanted to make this look a lot more wearable I used a lighter lip (but if you want a similar purple lip look on my perrie recreations for my top purple lipstick !).
Also before I continue these pictures ARE edited to make my skin smoother as I have broke out really bad!
So for cheeks I wanted to keep it quite subtle as jade doesn't seem to be wearing lots of cheek product in this picture,so I applied Rimmel's Misty Rose to the apples of my cheeks.
I then went on to apply MUA's undressed palette to the eyes using shade number 3 And A little bit of shade 8 in the outer corner.
As all of the girls like to have wide looking eyes I applied a white eye liner to my water line as this helps opens your eyes right up! 
This look involved a lot of eyeliner as I then added the signature  flick in collections liquid liner and then just under the bottom lash line used a Purple Inkwell waterproof gel liner as I have seen Jade wear this quite alot.
For Lips I used MUA's infamous £1 Lipstick in Shade 2 or you could use Rimmel's 086 Sugar Plum.



So next is the classic red lips and neutral eye look.

So for this recreation I kept the eye makeup as I figured without the big lashes the flick gave a little more to the look as overall this look Jade wears is very simple and doesn't have much going on.
She has a flawless base so again just kept a light blush on the cheeks and a tiny amount of highlight on the cheek bones.
Looking at the comparisons now I wish I had used more of a orange toned red lip but in my look I wore the holy grail lipstick of mine which is Kate Moss By Rimmel In 110.
I could also suggest a more orange toned lip using avon's colour trend lipstick in Passion and Flirt 

I hope you all liked those looks,
These are perfect looks for those of you who are just getting experimental with color in your makeup with the purple lip and purple eyeliner!
Jade does wear very simple makeup so next up is...
I feel Jesy has quite a bold makeup look like Perrie so I look forward to recreating some looks for you all!

Stay safe & Speak Soon

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