Wednesday, 18 June 2014

What its REALLY like having no immune system...

Hey Guy's
Hope your all well?
I saw some people chatting on twitter this evening as was shocked by someones response to a person who was trying to explain they have a low immune system while waiting for a transplant sooo figured I'd write about it.
I have a pretty none excistent immune system, and people often ask
"So how does a low immune system affect you then ?"
And People often reply with:
'Oh so you get colds all the time? Gah that's like me'
Now anyone who has a lacking immune system will know that this can often grate on you,as it's not as simple as 'getting colds all the time' it's so much more then that.
Talking from personal experience you are currently on edge whenever somebody gets sick and are always on the edge of caution to see someone if there ill.
I can't even count the amount of times I have caught colds, ear infections, chest infections, vomiting bugs and the symptoms are evident literally the day after.
Sadly with my immune system and my medication they kind of come on very quickly,so I usually end up at the local a&e getting treatment.
The second problem being that with the condition I have mixed with my medications,my body can often disguise what the actual problem is,so I could show all the symptoms of a chest infection but my bloods would not confirm that fact or the other way round. I could have no symptoms at all but I have blood tests which say I have a chest infection - something that happens quite regualry.
My doctors are currently trying to balance my medications so that my immune system can grow a little but as soon as they do that my liver grumbles meaning my medication stays just how it is to prevent rejection.
It's not fun.
So in future?
When someone say's to you they have a lowered immune system,
you now know it doesn't just mean they get the old cold from time to time!
I really don't want this post to sound like a rant, I just find it difficult to try and explain to people the difference between getting colds every now and again and having a lack of an immune system and what that intails.
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

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