Saturday, 14 June 2014

RSPB Reserve,The Lodge.

Hey Guys!
Hope your all well?
So as you know I haven't been writing on the blog for a while and im so sorry,
when on the motorway home from birmingham a few weeks ago I realised I left my laptop at my moms - D'oh.
Since I have had not been able to write any posts while the weather has been as nice at is has me and my fiance have been going on walks and I've been getting photos for posts like these...
I think sometimes we can all get a bit caught up in technology and forget how rewarding it is to just go walk outside!
Because of this we had been on two walks this week both at RSPB reserves.

RSPB works in conservation of wild birds,other wildlife and the places in which they live and thrive.
They are a great organisation and all of there reserves are beautiful and there is guarenteed to be one near you with 200 reserves all over the country!

The first one we went to was The Lodge.
The Lodge was opened in 1961 and all the woodland,heath and acid grassland along the Greensand ridge is actually been restored to form the largest stretch of heathland in bedfordshire - with it covering over 180 hectares.
It has 5 miles of trails for you too walk or beautiful gardens to admire aswell as observe the birds from the hide as in all RSPB Reserves.
The gardens here were so so beautiful as you can see by all these photos I took simply just in that one area..

After we had a look around the gardens we decided since it was cooling down a little we would take a walk through the woodland up to the quarry..


The walk here was pretty hard as it had lots of stairs and hills so probably not one for the kids or those with mobility issues,but once we where half way,we decided we would keep going as the views where so beautiful.
Once we got the quarry we took a breather for 5 mintues..
(along with the two times before that we stopped ha ha)
And it was so peaceful,and just beautiful.
Overall The Lodge was a beautiful reserve,
We have already spoke about going back again.
It really is heaven for someone who loves to take photo's as there is just so many varied backdrops here.
We will defiantly be going back to pay £5 parking to help with the coservation of this beautiful peice of land!
Have any of you guy's been anywhere worth a visit?
Do let me know!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

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