Wednesday, 18 June 2014

My Wedding Makeup Artist - Talking Transplants Talks Weddings.

Hey Guys!
Hope your all well?
Not so long ago I had a trial for my makeup which I will be wearing on the wedding day - Eeek.
And after a few bad experiences with makeup artists trust me I found it hard to find someone I felt comfortable to have a trial with.
I found Danielle through one of my pageant friends who had been on a shoot which Danielle was doing the makeup for.
The fact the makeup she did on the shoot was choosen to be in the June edition of vogue says it all!
Aswell as being a freelance makeup artist she also works at MAC so she knows her stuff!


(Pictures from that exact shoot! How stunning??)
As soon as I called her I instantly knew id love her,she is so lovely and straight away makes you laugh yet she is still so professional! 
So I booked in for a trial and from there got really excited to see the magic she would work on my face.

(Danielle applying makeup on my Friend who recomennded her!)

So the day came for my trial.
I knew generally what I wanted but I can be so indesicive so was worried that I would keep changing my mind and confuse poor Danielle
Once the kit was all laid out,she went on to ask the kind of look I wanted to go for.

 I told her all I was certain on was I wanted a flawless highlighted base.
With makeup artists in the past I have often come away,gone into natural light and my foundation isn't matched right and im way over bronzed which is a pet hate of mine since I'm so pale.

But not with Danielle,everytime she did something she got me to check it and see if I was happy with it - and was happy to make any adjustments to bronzer highlight,well anything really!
This meant I didn't have to be indescive because she had no problem with altering and tweaking things to achieve the perfect look.

So ofcourse I knew straight away Danielle would be the one to do my makeup for the wedding! (and my moms and maid of honours too!)
 I won't be sharing how my makeup will look on the day in this blogpost - as my fiance does read my blog sooo wouldn't be a good idea!
But Danielle has kindly said that I can share some photo's of makeup she has done in the past so you can all see how fab she is.


So if You need a makeup artist?
Go to Danielle.
I couldn't recommend her more - and It takes alot for me to recommend MUA's !

Her website is
& You can also find her on facebook at Look By Danielle Guiden
And contact her on 07812394699
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

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