Tuesday, 2 December 2014

This Years Christmas Tree.

Hey Guys!
Hope your all well?
Now we are finally in December I figured I would share a few photos of our Christmas Tree this year!
(Do ignore the fact we need lights up the top we ran out oops..)
It is the first ever real tree I have ever had,and actually our first ever Christmas Tree while living together,in the past we just haven't had the space before in our flats so now we're in our house we couldn't wait to get out tree!

We went to get our tree from The Olde Watermill in Bedfordshire.
It was so cute,we went with our friends who recommended here as it has cute little shops throughout with loads of little christmasy shops - so sweet!

In the end we ended up going back later that day to pick out a tree as they were so well priced and great trees - I really do recommend it.
We choose our tree at a steal at £32.99 - Amazing for a real tree and its size.
Our decorations have come from a range of places including Tesco,The Olde Watermill & A Little shop in Hitchin called Vinegar Hill. 
Heart Woodland Scene Decoration - £1.50 Each (Buy 2 get One Free)
40 Mixed Red Baubles - £5

Hanging Merry Christmas Sign - £2
The Olde Watermill.

Red Frosted Baubles.
The Olde Watermilll

Deer Decoration - £1.50 Each.
Vinegar Hill.

Mixed Gold,Brown & Black Baubles - £3
Frosted Glitter Woodland Bauble.
The Olde Watermill

Candy Canes - £1 per pack of 6.

Musical Note Stag Decoration - £2 each
Vinger Hill.

Overall I love all the decorations we have this year,and even though we're on a budget we still managed to create a really festive space in the living room!
Along with the scent of the tree I have been burning Bomb Cosmetics Secret Santa which smeels INCREDIBLE.

I hope you have all enjoyed this post,I know I love reading through everyone elses posts with pictures of there trees and such!
Have you got your tree up yet?
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

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