Monday, 29 December 2014

Monthly Round Up - DECEMBER

 Hi Guys!
Hope your all okay?
So last month I did a round up of the month and I really enjoyed doing it actually as it allowed me to reflect over the month and what I had been up too as things can get very hectic around here sometimes..
My December 2014 Recap
December is one of my favourite months as its full of festivity,family and just lots of great things but these are the moments in December that have stood out this year.
Clothes Show Live 2014.
Clothes show live is a fashion event held at the NEC in Birmingham and I have attended 2 shows in the past and last minute (literally end of November) decided I wanted to go again this year.
I was lucky enough to be given a media pass too so I could carry my camera around and take photos of everything,including the show without any issues (although I really need a more travel friendly camera instead of my hugeee one).
It was a fab show this year,and found my self singing along to all the music at the actual fashion show and I picked up some real goodies which I should be posting soon - very late but soon!
Cute Animals!
So this is a pretty random one I know but bare with me..
Since Me and Gareth moved in together last year we desperately wanted a dog but it just wasn't the right time for us due to housing circumstances and my health etc.
Well next year we are looking at getting two cocker spaniels eeek !
So as you can imagine I have just been getting super excited for that,so when we have been visiting peoples houses there has been loads of new puppies and kittens everywhere getting me excited.
PLUS Nala has been a super fussy cat as you will know if you follow me on snapchat (katejakes)
And of course it goes without saying one of my favourite moments of December was most defiantly Christmas!
I was a very lucky girl this year and had lots of beautiful gifts brought for me things like perfume,hair tools,bath products, a new pair of Dr martens & driving lessons.
I love Christmas and the fact it was my first Christmas as Mrs Jakes it was even more special especially since Gareth and I stayed down in Henlow on our own to just enjoy being together - after all Christmas is all about loved ones (and don't worry we saw family before Christmas too!)
December 2014 was Beautiful,
One of the Best.
And I can't wait to see what January has to bring,
but I can tell you it will have some exciting things involved :)
Stay Safe & Speak Soon

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