Monday, 15 December 2014

NHSBT Christmas Wishes Campaign.

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Hope your all well?
Today I wanted to chat about a Organ & Blood Donation campaign I am part of with NHSBT called Christmas Wishes.
This Christmas there will be a huge  6,891 people on the waiting list to receive a live changing transplant to save there lives,but the reality is on average three people every day die while waiting for transplant - and that doesn't change at Christmas.
401 people have died this year waiting for a transplant meaning it will be the first Christmas for many without there loved ones..
But 4,168 patients have had better fortune this year and have received there transplants thanks to there donors who ever they may be.
Having been on the waiting list Christmas 2011 I know just how difficult Christmas can be with the obvious fact of transplant being your only option hanging over your head over a period of time which should be full of Happiness.

So NHSBT are running this Campaign and are asking people to submit Three Wishes,
Two Related to Transplant and One General Wish for example mine are.

1.I wish more people didn't have to die waiting on the transplant list this year.
2. I wish more people would talk about Organ Donation.
3. I wish I could got to South Africa to swim with sharks.

All you need to do is print of this list,fill it in and share it on social media with the hashtag
So many of us will be asking for gadgets,clothes,makeup and a list of other day to day to things,
yet others want only one gift.
Life from a Organ Transplant!
One organ donor can save up to 8 people - EIGHT PEOPLE!
How Amazing?
I know I can speak on behalf of me and the rest of the transplant community we are so very proud and touched by the heroes who are our donors and the rest of the donor's that have ever saved someones live via transplant or blood donation - You are amazing.
So this Christmas why not join the Donor Register,and help give the best gift you can give.
The gift of Life.
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

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