Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The Best of 2014!

 Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
Another year has passed so its time to recap over the last year,and decide my favourite moments of 2014..
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Becoming a big sister again.

So in January I became a sister for the second time when beautiful little Violet was born.
She was one of the most perfect looking baby's I have probably ever seen,and I instantly fell in love with her tiny little hands and feet.
The first time I met her I of course took my camera and got some beautiful photos of the little one,which mom & her fiance actually used on there Thank You notes!
I am so so excited at seeing her grow and can't wait to hopefully be able to guide her in the right direction as well as my other little sister Annabel.
Becoming Mrs Jakes.
As many of you know the 19th of July this year I got married!
It was a beautiful day even though it was planned in just three months - phew.
I loved that we didn't wait months or years before we got married,because it meant we could enjoy being Mr & Mrs for even longer,after all whats the point in waiting around eh?
It's amazing how much we have grown together as a couple since getting married and individually too.
You get a new found confidence when you get married,that knowing someone choose to be with you forever,well its just amazing.
I try not to be too cheesy about the whole thing,but I am so proud of Gareth,and can't help it sometimes oops..
Weekend & Evening Walks.
One of my resolutions for this year really was too start walking more and taking my camera more places with me to get more photography - and I stuck to it!
This year has been full of lots of different walks in different places and different weathers and what not,which means I have built up a huge amount of photographs of the year.
My anxiety has been slowly getting better,and this year I have been able to get out the house a lot more,and I have been really lucky to do some amazing things as well as document it with beautiful images too.
Allowed myself to SMILE more.

Now this is an odd one really.
2013 was a horrible year for me and I was VERY happy to say goodbye to it,but for a while the negativity of 2013 kind of followed me but something just clicked at some point this year which just allowed me to take a new 'Who cares what they think?' 'Ignore Them!' Attitude which in hand has just let me be 100% happy and content in everything I'm doing.
So I can really say I will be sad to see 2014 to come to an end,as you will see it has been a real year for self progression.
Beginning to find myself.

As I said previously 2014 really has been a year of self progression and just generally feeling happy and beginning to find myself.
At the beginning of the year I embraced that it is completely fine at 22 not to have found 'myself' just yet,after all the crucial teenage years most people are doing this I was fighting for my life...
But this May I sat down and thought to myself,what does it really matter if I am not sure on a few things.
And as soon as I had accepted this,I suddenly began feeling alot more self assured,I cut out a few people in my life who weren't helping me move forward as such and instantly felt relieved and happier.
As the year comes to an end I am feeling alot more content at where I'm at,I finally feel myself,I have embraced my own personal style and just feeling excited for how I can continue to grow both in myself and as a Wife.
So there it is..
There was my 2014 Recap!
What moment in 2014 really stuck out for you?
What are you looking forward to in 2015?
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

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