Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Finalist Number 8 - Miss Birmingham Finals 2013!

Hey Guys,
I'm so sorry I haven't really wrote a post in a while!
As you know I was in the Miss Birmingham Finals and they just so happened to be this Sunday - 5th May.
So,I Didn't win anything which of course is a shame but I did have an amazing experience!
I met 23 amazing girls,and had an amazing night which in the process led me to find self confidence :)

I didn't get loads of photo's as when everyone got into the theatre they were told not to take photo's but then somehow they were allowed half way through - strange eh?
Therefore the only pictures I have from the night are after the party wear round!
So I will add in some photo's that I took today too so you guy's can see the other outfits I wore.

As I said the Final was such an amazing experience.
I've met some amazing girls and been able to feel comfortable in my own skin again.
Everyone was so so lovely and I am eager to do another pageant!

After these pictures I'll let you all know what has come from me being in the Miss Birmingham Final's this year :) ....

My evening wear was a beautiful dress from a shop in the bullring in Birmingham called Sonique,
They have lovely staff and an amazing selection of dresses - defiantly check them out if you've got a prom or special occasion coming up and fancy spoiling yourself!
This dress cost me £190 - Bargain!

Partywear - A stunning neon skater dress brought for me by my boyfriend from new look (£20 I believe)!
I love it,bang on the neon and monochrome trend and I'm always a sucker for a skater dress with a pretty back.

On the way out my boyfriend spotted this necklace (£7.99 New Look) and we picked this up to! 
Cute necklace which will go with absolutely everything so can't wait to style it with white tee and jeans combo.

Then there was Eco.
This had to be an outfit that was eco friendly.
So could've been borrowed,brought from a charity shop or made from recyclable materials.

My Dress was from a Vintage store on line.
Which again was purchased by my boyfriend - He's a Gem <3 
So with the help on my old tutors at college,I unpinned and reworked this dress making it look more 50's with a puffy underneath and two new black cotton panels in it!

I really enjoyed this round - more then I expected,
As I was so scared to start with about walking the catwalk alone but afterwards I loved it! 

For sportswear I wore my trusty iLIVE iGIVE t shirt (check out one of my previous posts)
Got to say though this was probably my least Favourite round as sports isn't my friend ha ha

When the singer was on stage all of the 24 finalists came on stage with Miss England & Miss North West (who I'm stood next too)

Congratulation's to Rachael who won this year's Miss Birmingham!
She totally deserved it she was absolutely lovely.
As were the runners up Charlotte and Natalie,infact I was getting ready backstage with Charlotte and was lovely to see her become a Miss England Semi Finalist as she really wasn't expecting it bless her!

Again,I can't thank you all enough for all your support.
And all the girl's in the competition ? Thank you for making me feel so comfortable and helping me feel so confident and like I finally fitted in !

I've gained what I went into the process for which was awareness.
I've been lucky enough to share my story on the radio on BBC WM  both before the Final and the day afterwards,and also been able to raise awareness again through media.
All i can say in relation to that is - this doesn't end here!

For any girl's thinking about entering a pageant ?
It's so much more then being 'Beautiful'
They celebrate everything wonderful about girls inside and out,and use it to make a positive difference..

All I can say is..
Roll on Miss Birmingham 2014...
he he.

P.s You Can Go watch my YouTube video about it all too here.. http://youtu.be/BVmMT33IgRQ xo

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