Thursday, 2 May 2013


Hey Guys,
Hope your all well?
So you may have spotted me in today's Birmingham Mail,were there was a lovely article about Miss Birmingham and my intentions if I win.
If you haven't seen it then you can check it out here

Now,as you guy's know my aspirations are to work in the bridal industry and continue campaigning for awareness,but due to me entering Miss Birmingham,there's been a misunderstanding that modelling is the career I want to lead. Ofcourse there's nothing wrong with that career but I'm keen on making a point that that isnt the career for me!
I want to use the gift of life i've received in a positive way by raising awareness
Know that means taking all opportunities i get to show the benefits of donation,and the fact that Miss England's slogan is 'Beauty with a Purpose' is just proof its a great platform to raise awareness.
Not only of organ donation but to show girls that scars and things like that don't make us any less beautiful then someone seen as 'perfect' in the media..

Sorry if this post seems like a bit of a rant but this is something i feel so passionately about that it's crucial my intentions are clear..

On that point I will be on the radio tonight talking about the benefits of organ donation :)

Stay Safe And Speak Soon

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