Monday, 13 May 2013

Jumping on the Sleek Band Wagon..

Hey Guys!
Hope Your all okay?
I've missed blogging so much recently,haven't blogged since the 7th?
What on earth is wrong with me ha ha.
I Promise I'll be back to frequent blogging and YouTub'ing again now!

So today is a beauty related post really,sorry lads - oops.

I've been eyeing up Sleek palettes for about a year now as I have heard nothing but praise for them but if I'm honest the last few years I've been more of a 'just liquid eyeliner' type of girl so wasn't really worth me buying one but now that I'm trying to experiment a bit more with different make up styles I have finally joined the sleek band wagon.

Sleek Make Up can be purchased either  online or at super drug.
They stock a lot of different products but in the blogging world there most infamous products are probably there eyebrow kits,contour kits and there eye palettes.
And I can totally see why now!

I purchased the 'Storm' Palette in the Colour/Shade/Whatsitmabob 578.
The shades in this palette are amazing!
There are colour's to create a neutral eye as well as darker colours for the evening,defiantly a work to play kind of palette - brilliant for the office girls !

(websites image)

As you can see the colours are so diverse,I really do believe this is the go to palette in the range if your starting off and don't just want the natural palette.

I've had so much fun playing around with the shades!

From top row,left to right.

Top row,1 2 & 3.

Top row 4 5 & 6.
These three shades are by far my fave ones!
There so gorgeous blended together for a every day smokey eye.

Bottom Row 7,8 & 9.

Bottom row 10,11 &12.
Sorry this image is so blurry but number 10 the blue colour is so so lovely,it's a metallic looking blue tone a nice alternative for black or grey!

Here are three separate look's I have so far been able to achieve using this palette.

Natural Eye,using 1 in the inner corner,2 across the eyelid
and 9 to contour the corner of my eye.

A Evening Blue smoky eye,I actually used a avon palette along with my sleek one for this one.
But I used number 10 and 12 to contour the eye.

Then a smoky every day look,using number 1 in the inner eye,5 and 6 across the eye lid
then 9 to contour the eye.

So if it's not already obvious I would highly recommend you all buying this palette especially at only £7.99 as the quality seems alot more expensive!
Due to the mineral base they are long lasting and beautiful to apply.
There super pigmented - you seriously only need a little bit as a little goes along way with these.

I am eager to try out more of there palettes,I'm after the 'Sunset' one next as I adore the rusty colours in it,especially since im in the process of lightening my hair!

Although I really don't understand why they've but that garish blue in there with these beautiful colours?
Hmm have to give it a try!

Have you guys tried sleek palettes before?
What did you think?
Be sure to comment below and let me know :)

Chat Soon Guys
Take Care

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