Thursday, 16 May 2013

Don't let your hair be a 'mare..

Hey Guys,
Hope your all well?
Today's post is all about hair care.
Those of you who know me will know that I colour and use heat on my hair - a lot. 
So I'm always looking on blog's and stuff to try and find hair products that work!
Because of that I figured that this would be a useful post for you guys.
Having short hair really limits how you can style it so I'm always blow drying and straightening it,back combing it. My hair puts up with a lot so I like to treat it once a week with a hair mask.

I use this Dove intensive repair mask once a week on my hair after washing and conditioning it.
The mask has fibre actives formulated into it to repair the protein in the hair to soften and nourish.
Not only does it restore the hair it also protects towards further damage!
Honestly this hair mask is amazing,
This can be purchased from superdrug for £3.99 
(although I did just do a price check and it's currently half price at £1.98!)

As well as using the dove mask I also use a oil on my hair to keep it soft,
but I do use this before I wash my hair AND afterwards.

The oil I currently use is got2b oil-licious by Schwazkopf.
I love it!
I have tried other oils before and they have been way to heavy on my hair - one even faded my hair colour..strange right?
So I tried this on a whim really but I know adore it,it is true to what it says on the bottle its suitable for every day use.
The oil includes argan oil which softens and tames the hair.
Like I said before this oil can be used before washing,after washing (in damp hair),and is so light that you can even use it on dry hair to create sleek styles!
I'd defiantly recommend this as it has most defiantly helped my hair,and at £4.05 its a steal.
(Like the hair mask though currently in super drug it is only £2.55)

Another product which I use to try and help me protect my hair is a thickening mist.
I used this hoping I'd no longer have to back comb my fine hair.

This Nick Chavez thickening mist was actually from a birch box I received,but full price it would cost £13.90 for 237 ml so it wasn't something I would of tried before then.
Now this mist contains collagen which obviously thickens the hair,this means the leave in mist is best used in towel dried hair before blow drying.
I can't explain how much I adore this product!
I love everything about it,the effect is gives the hair,the smell even the packaging ha ha.
When I first got this I did use it with tresemme keratin shampoo and straight away I noticed results!
After towel drying I no longer need to back comb my hair as it gives my hair so much volume!

On the topic of back combing,another product I use to give volume to my hair is Dry shampoo.
I think this is a product all girls use anyway as it is just amazing!

And ofcourse it's Batiste Dry Shampoo,
and my fave scent is this one - tropical.
For a 200ml bottle of this will cost you £2.99 from superdrug,since there's sooo many to choose from I'll pop the link here..
(it's a rather super drug orientated post here oops)
I love this stuff,it freshens your hair in literally two seconds and gives you amazing volume!
I actually want to try there XXL Volume Batiste shampoo as these general ones work amazingly.

When I have washed my hair though,as you've seen I try everything to protect my hair.
So before blow drying/straightening I spray my hair with 'Take the heat leave in spray' by Aussie.
It smells divine as it contains austrailian jojoba seed oil which not only protects the hair but makes it smooth!
I love aussie products,mostly down to there smell,and always alternate with there shampoo's and conditioners.
I can also recommend there hairspray too! (yes I love there products ha ha)
This costs £4.69 - again from superdrug ha ha.

When it comes to styling my hair I'm quite picky over the brushes I'll use and always look for brushes that will help me get volume while blow drying so for this I use barrel brushes.

I alternate between the two while styling but I generally use the bigger one for blow drying.
I do want a bigger barrel brush,but since my hair's so short these work fine!

But my absolute go to hair 'brush'?
My Tangle Teezer!

These little things are literally the best ever!
The little bristles gently remove tangles from your hair leaving it silky smooth,
I actually used to have a big one of these when I had extensions years ago so when I got them put back in a few months ago I knew this was a must to look after them.
I purchased the handbag version as there useful for me due to staying at my boyfriends and hospital visits.
If you have long hair,seriously invest in one of these there amazing.
This cost me £12.25 from Boots but go check out the tangle teezer website! 
There are so many different styles,colours and sizes,theres even ones for little girls in a flower shape - how cute?

So that's all for my general hair care,
I totally forgot to add in my shampoo & conditioner as I need to stock back up on it.
Sorry for all this superdrug referral - I am usually all about Boot's what's going on ha ha

Stay Safe & Speak Soon

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