Monday, 30 September 2013

The Body Shop - Chocomania.

Hey Guy's!
Hope your all well?
So today I am going to be doing a little review on The Body Shop's range 'Chocomania'
Now if you have me on twitter you will have seen a few weeks I was raving about this stuff!
Me & Gareth went into our local Body Shop and smelt it and was just like "Heaven"

Soo,You can imagine how happy I was when Gareth came home from a hair cut with a Body Shop bag with these treats in for while he was away..

So He got me the Body Scrub (Which I was SO excited to try) and the Body Lotion too in the pump bottle.
Now I wish there was like smellivision so you guy's can smell this but the body scrub literally smells like chocolate fudge cake! PLEASE go smell it trust me you won't be disappointed!

This scrub is so beautiful.
It exfoliates the skin and you don't have to use loads for it to do the job as the exfoliating grains are so small - I believe its actually Cane Sugar - Yum !
So when you apply this it IS a tad messy so I suggest you apply a small amount at a time otherwise it just falls of the area before you massage it in.
So as soon as you massage this into the skin it instantly feels soft.
After getting out the shower / bath you end up with this gorgeous oily sheen - okay so that doesn't sound gorgeous but trust me it is!

Then there is the Chocomania Body Lotion.
This isn't too thick but is still so so moisturizing.
The only downside I have with this is that It Doesn't smell exactly like the scrub - and that's only a problem as the scrub smells so yummy!
I do really like this though it doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy like some body lotions.

I defiantly want to try the Body Butter for something a bit richer since the weathers getting colder and drys your skin!

So overall I would totally recommend this range.
Don't be put off thinking your going to be walking round smelling like an easter egg because you really wont - the scent isn't long lasting but the effects are!

Give it a try & Let me know what you think!

Stay Safe & Speak Soon

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