Friday, 24 January 2014

Products I use in my Skin Care Routine.

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Today I'm having a PJ day (can I please note how adorable are these dumbo ones?!)


I have started trying a new face wash & scrub so thought I'd share my thoughts on my first week trying them both out.
So this is my updated skin care routine..

I have been using Neutogena's Visibly Clear Spot Stress Control Scrub & There Visibly Clear 2 in 1 Wash/Mask. Which are on 2 for £5 currently in boots!
Due to transplant and my medication I seem to suffer pretty bad with spots,and its very rare I have completely clear skin - boo.
But I have found ways to reduce redness and such and know products that help my skin,but I was curious to find a face wash that would maybe help my skin a little bit more.

So far after using these for a week now,there lovely! I have noticed reduced redness,and my skin is defiantly a lot softer!


So the daily scrub has little microbeads in it to gently exfoliate the skin.
Now I have in the past struggled to find a scrub that isn't too rough on the skin but still does the job well.
And I have finally found the perfect scrub for me.
It is enriched with Green tea and Cucumber so smells super fresh and it really does make my skin feel super soft!

I squeeze a small amount of the scrub into my palm and rub this onto a wet face,paying most attention to my nose where i can often suffer with dry patches.
Then rinse with warm water.


Once I have used the scrub my face is prepped ready to use this amazing 2-in-1 product.
I was pretty skeptical how this could be both a wash and mask but it is fab!
I use this morning and evening,and if using a wash just massage a small amount of product onto the face (while still wet) and work it into a lather then rinse off again with warm water OR cold water to wake myself up in the morning!
This can be used as a mask as it is a soft clay formula but still is pretty gentle on the skin. You smooth the product onto the skin and leave for 5 mins,Then rinse off.
In 5 minutes it works wonders,unclogs your pores and gives you super smooth skin! Love it!


Now DO ignore the no make up look but I wanted to show you all the look of this product as a mask. As you can see it is thick enough to do a great job. This is perfect to use once a week as I personally find some face masks very drying on my skin!

Now on the left image is a super product I received in a huge lush box I got for christmas (Review coming soon..)
It is a tad pricey at £8.25 for 20g but is is literally the best thing ever for dry skin.
It glides on so beautifully,and just moisturizes your skin amazingly.
With Portebello Mushroom & Rose it's very earthy smelling,but it does wonders.
They suggest to use this under a face mask as it will aid the means of the mask (couldn't agree more!) or as a night cream.
I use as both but also like to apply a little on any dry patches before I apply my makeup. 


After all that cleansing I then apply my Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser which is so light on the skin but so so hydrating to the skin which when you have spots sometimes you will often get a lot of dry patches so this is amazing and again this is a gorgeous base for makeup.

Also I'd like to mention I LOVE sudocrem.
I use this on my spots of an evening,since it is an antiseptic cream it does wonders for spots! So if you have a blemish,apply some sudocrem and when you wake up it will be less red and will have begun to heal - super!

Then I finish of my skin care by applying one of lush's lip scrub.. I personally would recommend Mint Julips as it is nice and minty and fresh but mine ran out so at the minute I only have the santa's lip scrub (also kind of still sad christmas has been & gone..)
This gets rid of any dead skin and means you have smooth lips for a perfect base for lipstick later on.

I also like to apply a lip balm at this stage too to ensure kissable lips!

So that's my current skin care routine (in the morning,as in the evening I use a night cream in place of the moisturizer..)
Hope you all enjoyed!
Have any of you got any recommendations for blemish prone skin? Let me know!

Stay Safe & Speak Soon

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