Friday, 24 January 2014

Transform Tuesday - Bambi Eyes..

Hey Guy's,
Hope your all okay.
So my Elsa Make Up Look went down really well,I know this is a little late (should've been up on Tuesday) but any who I decided to do another disney inspired look and today I chose...



Its impossible to not fall in love with bambi !
Just the worlds cutest little deer and the first think I think about when I think of bambi is those huge eyes.

So I decided to do a pretty neutral wearable makeup look inspired by the colours of bambi to help create a wider looking eye,a look to make you look doe eyed !

I decided to use my new MUA Ever after MATTE palette to create a very natural eye.

I started by using the most natural 'skin' like colour in the palette ironically called 'Bare'.
It most defiantly is bare and I would use a tad darker colour usually but there we are..

Then I took 'Chino' a muavey brown shade and blended that into the outer V of my eye from about the centre up into the crease.
Again this was so neutral you don't need to blend very much.


Too add definition to the eye to create a wider eye look I then took 'Penny' which is true to its name in terms of colour,and blended that into my crease and took it down to the inner eye.
This gives you a 'cartoonish' looking effect to the eye instantly waking them up.
You could darken this up a little more if you want to but as you can see when the eyes are open it is very pretty and natural - very wearable.

You then want to take a black liquid liner and line the upper lash line.
I experimented around with different ways to wear liner with this look and I personally think it looks best following the natural lash line to the outer eye and then winding the line but not going to far out of the outer V!
I found winged liner seemed to somehow make the eyes look smaller with the natural makeup and after all this look is to get bambi - esque eyes.
Just thickening your liner also gives the impression of thicker lashes,something Bambi also has.

So I totally forgot to take a up close picture of the eye - duh!
Put I then took a brown gel liner and lined my water line BUT just in the outer corner as going across the whole water line closes the eye up.
Then took a white eyeliner and lined the inside and first half of the water line - again another trick to open up your peepers and make them pop!

Then I took a bronze liner and took it underneath the lash line and blended a little just to add a bit more of a sparkly look to the makeup.
I finished with Barry M's Lash Vegas masacara and a peachy toned lipgloss !


And Ta Dah !
A Bambi inspired makeup look.
Totally wearable,But totally adorable.

Stay Safe & Speak Soon

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