Saturday, 25 January 2014

Valetine's themed Lush Haul.

Hey guy's !
Hope your all well?
So today me & my other half took a trip into Luton,he needed to get a haircut so we decided we'd go get that done then we made a 'quick' visit into Lush (if you life in Luton be sure to check there lush out,the staff are lovely and beyond helpful!) 

Some of these products I have used before but some are also new additions to my 'collection' so once I have used them I could do a review along side with my huge lush box I got for Christmas maybe ? Let me know !


Ickle Baby Bot - £1.95 Each
"A gentle lavender bath bomb to relax children before bedtime."

Lush claim that this bath bomb is designed for little ones delicate skin and packed with aromatherapy oils can aid a great sleep.
I used to buy this all the time for my little sister ( She's 3 ) and she adores these little guys. They smell gorgeous and the lavender scent is so relaxing.
Moms face would often light up when I brought one home as she knew it would mean my baby sister would sleep well that.
So with that in mind I picked one up for me & Gareth as we both struggle to sleep sometimes (I say both of us - mainly me) and thought this would be a great one to try,plus I'm really curious to see if the chamomile blue oils properties do what they should (said to have antiseptic and antiflamatory properties)

One for the children and the big kids alike !
A gentle lavender bath bomb to relax children before bedtim

"A true rose fragrance, delicate and full of love. Amber and vetivert leave a touch of baby powder but little else complicates this romantic and exquisite love letter to rose."

I have always had a nosey now and again at lush's perfumes,as lets face it who wouldn't want to smell like a lush shop?
The few I smelt though were either to sickly sweet or wayyyy to strong,but today I discovered - Imogen Rose.

This is a Kate Scent for sure.
Its Floral Yet Fresh and just gorgeous.
I love the smell of roses and lately I have been using loads of rose based products so was rather excited to smell this.

It has a beautiful floral rose scent alongside with a faint what I can only explain like a baby powder scent - so so clean crisp and fresh. Ideal for me!

I would suggest though if your thinking of buying one of the 'gorilla perfumes' to go and smell them in store be sure you like the scent!


Rose Queen - £2.75
"A playful rose-scented bath bomb filled with pretty flowers that cheers the soul."
This is the first time I have ever got this one.
If I am honest it has always seemed pretty dull looking to me,but this little beauty was on the pile with a little sparkle of glitter on and flower petals poking through and with my current rose scent obsession popped it straight into my basket.
I can't wait to use this one,as apparently rose oil is meant to help with sadness - which with Gareth away next week I may need some help with he he.

Dragons Egg - £3.25
"A spectacular bath bomb that’s a treat for all the senses as it fizzes and dissolves in the water."
Ah what to say about this Bath Ballistic..
The other kind of bath products I like aside from floral type sorts are most defiantly citrus smelling ones.Now this is a awesome one,it smells just like refresher bars! You know those lemon sherbet chews? Yummy!
It has popping candy in it,and multicolored rice paper confetti.
If that doesn't make you want one then I don't know what will,one of my absolute favorites defiantly!


Prince Charming 100g - £4.65

This is an addition to the new 2014 Valentines range.
Now I will be totally honest,I had to sniff this product a few times to decide if I really liked it.
It has a sweet fruity scent but the more you smell it you can tell it has a lot of depth and this smells just like turkish delight but the same time smells a bit choclatey! Pretty hard to explain the scent really.

What drew me too it was that it contains pomegranate and I LOVE pomegranate but sadly its one food your banned from eating after transplant (boo - it messes with our medication) so I thought what better then showering with a scent like it ha ha.

This is lovely,I'm just hoping this likes my sensitive skin as snow fairy broke me out into a rash :(


Love Locket - £6.95
"The Love Locket was inspired by the kind of heart-shaped locket you wear as a necklace, perhaps with a secret photograph of a loved one inside. In the same way, you have to unlock (crack open) this Love Locket bath bomb to reveal the secrets hidden within…"

Firstly the price. Now this is beyond expensive for one bath bomb BUT this can be split into about three,to make more baths if you do want to create more value for money (don't worry I did ask the lady at the till if this was true)
My other half got me this as I didn't get to try Santa's shop at christmas which I was pretty gutted at as that was similar in size but there we are.

I have heard people say in reviews that this smells like love heart sweets in the bath so I just had to have it,after all how adorable is this?

But I don't think I will be saving this for three baths.

After all it's valentines day and we only live once eh'? ha ha.

So that's what I picked up at Lush in Luton today.
I will be uploading a review on the huge christmas box I got once I have used up all the products ( pretty close don't worry guy's! )

Are you after an of these products or have you tryed them too?
Let me know below!

Stay Safe & Speak Soon

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