Saturday, 18 January 2014

Styling Skater Skirts..?

Hey Guy's!
So today I am going to be writing a post about one of my fave fashion pieces ever - Skater Skirts.

Skater Skirts are defined as being a skirt which is high waisted with a short but flowy hemline that is above the knee. Commonly it is worn sinched in at the waist with a belt.

My Favorite place for skater skirts defiantly is New Look.
And just as a heads up there basic waffle skater skirts are £10 each (with this in mind my collection has suddenly grown ha ha)

They are a stable in my wardrobe and in fact a lot of girls wardrobes I'm pretty sure.
There a super flattering style of skirt and look effortlessly amazing.
They work for all figures and are just so versatile!

Everyone who knows me well finds it pretty hilarious when I say I have brought another skater skirt as it is something I practically live in.
Now before this winter I kind of lived in jeans once the weather got cold,but was desperate to find a way to take my skirts through into the colder months and thanks to thermal and fleece lined tights I've managed to do so!

So... I thought I would share some ways in which I wear my skirts and what I tend to pair them with when the weathers colder.

I just had to mention this outfit first..
I am kind of slightly in love with sharks,and love anything shark related.
One day I was just browsing the net and spotted this awesome spoof Jaws top..
I never got round to buying it until I went to clothes show live,but as soon as I got it I paired it with my red skater skirt and black flats. I don't really wear a scarf with this as I love showing the 'Paws' writing but of course for those chilly days I'd just pop a black scarf on..
(and a jacket of course..)

I like to pair my Cat Dress Up top  (also from new look) with my red skater skirt.
As you can tell I love skater skirts with graphic t-shirts as I think it just tops of the casual look really well - and who doesn't like a cat in a top hat and bow tie?

I like to wear either my red tartan snood or a black scarf with this outfit to keep warm if I'm off out with my black leather jacket.
And I would most defiantly wear my beautiful black Serena doc martens with this!

I'm slightly in love with this shirt from H&M ! It is so gorgeous,great for the sports luxe trend but strangely enough this isn't my kind of thing usually but this baseball shirt is so flattering - low cut with a baggy fit,gorgeous.
Pair it with a nice black skater skirt with the (beyond) baggy t shirt tucked in,belt cinching you in at the waist.
Finish with some black converse - mine were studded black ones from new look,or with some simple black flats.


Another way I like to wear a black skater skirt is to wear it with a long shirt tucked in and again sinched in at the waist.
My fave shirt to do this with is my tartan shirt,I think it adds a bit more of a girly vibe to what can be a rather masculine item.

I love to wear my doc martens with this outfit on days I'm feeling a bit grungier,with my leather jacket

My Chelsea Boots.
I love these boots.. they were a bargain in sales at tesco at only £6 and I think they add something a bit different to the usual look of a chelsea boot.
Since I'm always looking for things to jazz up simple outfits these boots are perfect!

Another outfit I like wearing these with is...


A gorgeous green skater skirt with a very basic vest from H&M,but what I love about it is its super dainty straps with a caged back and floral lace across the bust - beautiful little finishes like those pull me in!
This is one example how you can really dress up a skirt like this. 
I wear this with my ankle boots but you could also wear it with some nice sandal heels maybe?

Im really exited to take my skaters into spring with some more pastel coloured hues...
So until the next upload of skater skirt styling,I hope you all enjoyed this post!

Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

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