Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Tuesday Transformation - Scar from Lion King.

Hey Guys!
Hope your all well?
So for today's makeup look,I have got my inspiration from...

Scar is the baddy in lion king and
since my last few transformation Tuesday's have been quite natural looking I thought I would go with a simple,wearable mysterious look! 
Off camera this look is a lot more bronzed but for some reason it hasn't picked it up too much! Grr.

I started with applying my usual foundation and concealer then began to highlight and contour.

I used a bronzer that is a little to dark for me to contour to really exaggerate my cheekbones like scar has.

I took my contour up into the temples too to create a slimmer looking face,and took my highlight over my cheeks,down the center of my nose and just above my cupids bow.

I wanted to have a very dramatic cat eye to this look.
It is down to personal preference and you could smoke this look out a lot more then I did,But I think with a dramatic flick of eyeliner its best to keep the eye shadows below the crease really.

For the look I used three colors,a brown eye shadow pencil (with glitter but you could just use a matte one as this is just a base for the other two colours),A 
rusty orange /brown shade,and then a matte black.

I took,my brown shadow pencil and placed it over the entire lid up too the crease,I then blended / smoothed it out slightly just by using my ring finger.

Then I took a rusty brown colour and packed this onto the lid - i focused mainly on the middle of the eye.
I blended it out a little with a fluffy brush (not too much though as I wanted a defined eye) then took a little bit of the rusty shade under my bottom lash line.

I then took a Matte black and worked this into my outer V,my  crease and then down towards the inner eye.
My tip for this part is just to start with a little,this way you can smoke it out gradually to avoid over doing it.
After I took this photo I did pack a bit more of the rust colour on to the middle of my eye and blended it into the inner eye to create that rusty colour Scar has.

To finish I lined the eye with a black pencil liner on the lower water line,and
then took my liquid liner and created a very dramatic cat eye flick to create that perfect feline look to finish of the eye makeup.


To finish I applied Rimmels Kate Moss Matte Lipstick In Colour Wine 107.

So that's the look I created inspired by Scar !
I hope you enjoyed it.
Stay Safe & Speak Soon

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