Friday, 30 May 2014

I Need to have a word...


Hey Guys!
 Hope your all okay?

Recently I was browsing instagram and found this image over on Zoellas page and it reminded me about something I wanted to write about for a while really..

Bitchiness. One thing I really dislike but I know it exists and if we are all honest it proberly always will wont it?

The problem is Bitchiness has gone from being a bit of back biting here and there to vile and cruel comments made by people which are completely uncessary and uncalled for..

With the use of the internet becoming so popular and a daily use for most of us it has become alot more evident that bitchiness and bullying has taken on a whole new level of cruelness..

As a blogger I can openly write my opinions in my own space,but I know that I am now open for other people to share there opinion on content on my blog - the thing I am not ready to accept is unnecassary scrutiny by certain people...

Over the last few months I have found myself being 'watched' if you'd like to put it by a few individuals who seem to be out to pull apart every little thing I do while being pretty nasty about it...

Being a lifestyle blogger I choose to share parts of my life on the internet - so that in time I can look back and remember all the great things my blog has helped me achieve and ofcourse to document the amazing things transplant does.
I have felt like I need to write this blog post just to get a few things straight really.

Like I say I know a few people will be reading this and laughing to themselves but you know what - I Don't care any more. My blog helps so many people and I know this blog post will too.

There has been several occasions I have turned down transplant related media and articles because in the past any news article thats been written,any tv appearances or any radio chats I have done have been picked apart. That puzzles me so much.

I now have social anxiety - for being unfairly prejudged, because of people trying to break every little thing I do down and for what?

For your own happiness?

Well in that case I really question what kicks you get out of making someone have to watch every little thing they do and make me feel like I can't do the amazing things I do for transplant awareness because you will take the piss out of me,but I'm done with that now..

I know there are other people out there that fall a victim of people thinking it's big and clever to bully others over the internet.

But you know what?
The people doing the pre judging,the bitching,the slagging off,the vileness?

They are not worth your time!
It has took me this long,and getting to the verge of almost stopping blogging to realise a few prejudging individuals should not rule what I do with my life!
And all this from 'adults' with familes and lifes of there own?
We are not kids back in school with tittle tattle about the latest toy...
We are all adults with lives to go life..
Life is too short to spend our time scrolling through the internet picking apart others..

So my tips for people going through the same thing :

1.This is not your fault.. You have done nothing wrong and do not deserve to be treated this way.

2. Block & Report! Any one causing you aggro? Block them! Any harrasement? Report it!

3. Be prepared. Be prepared that if you block and report them, they will use family or friends social networking and such to try and contact you... Continue to Block and Report!

4.Do not stop what you want to do! You have hobbies and intrests,you have social networking to interact with family & friends do not let internet trolls try and dictate how you live your life.

5. If all this continues?

Report it to the police.. Bottom line is it is online bullying and very often they are continuing to try and find you to do the same which is harrasment. Do not stand for it. Print Screen,Save Conversations keep it all so if the police get involved you have all the evidence there.

This was a hard blog post to type so im sorry if a lot makes little to no sense but it needed to be done..
Just by victimising and breaking a person it will not make you any happier in the long term,it won't bring any benefit to your life... It won't fix any insecurities you may have about yourself!

So Yeah..

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