Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Where have I been..

Hey Guys.
Hope your all okay.
Some of you may have noticed I have been gone for a while,
and my Facebook has been full of "Uploading tonight guys" statuses but the trouble is.
I have had writers block.
While planning the wedding things have got so busy,
and when I get home from a day of planning I've got to be honest I usually fall straight asleep.
I didn't want to upload if my content was going to be rubbish - Thats in my eyes worse then not uploding at all really.

Last few weeks I have been suffering quite bad with my anxiety,
so I knew I needed to just take a few days to sit and chill (hard when planning a wedding) and try and not let the anxiety ruin what should be a very exciting time for me.
Which I'm sure you all understand now why I haven't posted?
But now Im back on a roll - and seem to have more of a handle on my anxiety!
Im so sorry I have been gone,
when I have promised lots of posts.
But I really do mean it when I say..
The next few days I will be uploading Daily!
So Stay Safe & Speak Soon.
One Stressed Wife to Be

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